10 years ago today, this handsome man asked me if I would marry him.  

And I said yes.

Best decision I ever made!


Pink and Red and Gold

Valentine's Day should probably be my favorite Holiday.  It isn't, but it seems like it should be. It celebrates my favorite things - love, romance, pink...and I really got into it this year.  Maybe it was because it was something to focus on after Christmas or whatever, but I filled my picture wall with Vday art, I made ribbons and bought candy - love was everywhere and I LOVED it.  

My pillas!  These were actually the last things I made and while I am in love with them, once I put them  out I thought, "I've gone overboard.  I need to stop." 
Oh, and how great is my window seat.
These lovely, glittery pieces bring me such joy.

Oh, dude. I am obsessed with these jars.  This picture doesn't do them justice, those labels were sparkly and so cute.  Ugh, love them.
 My picture wall!  My favorite since Halloween, I didn't love my Christmas pictures this year...probably have to change it up for next year.  Again.

All my ribbons.
These were on my desk and that jar used to be full of heart candies, but I have kids.
 I love this heart.  It's a super bright, neon-ish red.
And WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAA that was my house.  Good laws.  It looks like it's my favorite Holiday, right?  I fully went overboard.  I was sad to take it down, but I must since Easter is in like 20 minutes.  Oh, and don't worry...Halloween will always be my favorite.