Merry Christmas!

"I don't hear any arguments, so may I say forthwith-
I wish that every day could be December the 25th!"

Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Eve

I ask you, is anything better than the eve of Christmas? I LOVE it, love love. Cody schedule fell on Christmas Eve and Christmas which is sort of a downer, but since we live in the City and he works for the best Department ever he was able to come up and spend a lot of time with us.

Cody's family has a big dinner every Christmas eve, but since our kitchen is done we decided to host it here. I spent the afternoon running some errands and I braved the grocery store. Obviously, it was packed and totally insane but everyone was very gracious and kind because it's Christmas. I came home and rushed to get the house ready and clean and festive.

Our awesome (slightly ghetto) tree.
We have been so busy with the kitchen that we didn't get our tree until a week before Christmas. We put lights on it...and sort of left it at that. This afternoon I made a paper chain with my boys and we draped it around the tree to give it some sort of decoration. Later Cody added some tinsel...it is what it is!

The Fire crew came up with Cody for dinner and when the Jolley's arrived we had a full house! And I loved every minute of it. I loved having my kitchen full...oooh! And here are some pics of my kitchen!
Some of the kids sitting where our railing used to be. Safety first!

One of my favorite things about our remodel is being able to see our tree from the dining room.
This was Christmas for me! Our house was full of music, food, people we love...it was just perfect. We stuffed ourselves silly and had a complete ball. I'm so grateful everyone was able to come...and I'm totally fine hosting this party every year!

Once the kitchen was cleaned up and everyone left, Cody and I helped the boys decorate cookies for Santa. Cole, of course, was topless.

Cody was very proud of his gingerbread ninja.
We took the boys outside so they could spread some 'Reindeer Food' out on the lawn. Cache was very careful in making a little trail of food, while Cole just dumped his bag out in one spot.

Cody built a big fire and we settled in to watch 'The Santa Claus'. The boys finally went up to bed and Cody and I got to wrapping. He had to get back to the station, so I watched 'White Christmas' while I wrapped and got everything in the living room ready for the next morning...

I always stay up way too late on Christmas Eve, but I sort of love it. My house is all quiet and there's this excitement that never settles down. It's warm and festive...I just can't describe it, I love it. Even though we put out 1/16th of our decorations and there's still signs of construction, the feeling of home was there and that's the most important thing.
I better get some sleep...tomorrow is Christmas day!!


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

It SNOWED! Again! For reals! This is what it's supposed to look like in December, I am loving the snow (sorry, Dad). Isn't it so pretty?

Ahhh, this was the exact shot in the arm that I needed. I was feeling a little grumpy the past few days because it's been rainy and lame and rainy. My house is a total disaster due to...well, just the craziness that is December. When I woke up this morning and saw all the beautiful snow it renewed my Christmas spirit. Yay!

I'm sending out my Christmas cards today (hope they arrive in time - bah) and might get some last minute shopping in. I am determined to get my house in order so that I can relax and enjoy the last few days before Christmas. I also have to clean up my kitchen. You see, I made breakfast. This morning. In a kitchen. MY KITCHEN. Stay tuned, merry merries!!


A few more photos...

Bravest men on the planet.

Historic Loss

The Provo Tabernacle caught fire early this morning.

Ugh, my heart is just breaking. Breaking!! This beautiful, historic, gorgeous building...just gone. At 4:30am Cody woke up and said, "Jewels...the Provo Tabernacle is on fire". I sat up and said, "What? What?!". Cody's Dad was there and his Mom and sister drove over and took some pictures. Steph sent Cody some pics to his phone and he showed them to me. It's unreal.

We just sat there in the dark looking at these horrible pictures, just quiet. SO sad! My Dad has given so many talks in that building, we've attended Stake Conferences there, my Mom and brother were in 'Oliver!' that performed there...I just can't wrap my head around it. I can't believe it's gone. A huge part of history, one of the oldest building's in the state and it's gone.

It was a huge fire. It completely engulfed the building and smoke was pouring out of every window. The roof caved in around 6:00am. They're saying that it's most likely an accident and hopefully they can salvage a few pieces from it. My heart just aches, such a tragic loss.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

Welcome to the 'Christmas Edition' WILW! So...what am I loving?


It's not much, but it's snow. It's been really temperate and not too chilly, but nobody wants temperate in December!! I want frosted windowpanes and snowmen and icicles. Hopefully it sticks around until Christmas!

My new sink and faucet!!

The Jolley family has a kitchen sink, disposal and running water, friends. We don't have to get water from the well anymore! We no longer need to fill our buckets at the canal!...that never happened, but living without a kitchen sink for 7 months is not the best idea, I don't recommend it. Cody is a master genius and put it all together...the moment he turned the faucet on and we heard running water? It was like Mozart's greatest symphony.

You may have noticed our messy window in the background...that small surface is the one place we have not cleaned ONCE since we started this remodel. I'm not sure why it was so neglected, but it's covered with outlet plates and sheet rock dust and probably a myriad of missed screws. It's like Dante's Peak up there...
AND you may have noticed some gorgeous countertops as well, yes? That's right! The countertops are IN! My brother and his wife came down last weekend and helped us install cabinets and doors ALL DAY. They are troopers and we got so, so much done.
Ohmygoodness, the boxes.

Thank you forever, R&R! I can't show you our progress...I think I'm going to wait until our kitchen it totally done, but that's right around the corner! We're talking just a matter of days...and it will blow your mind.

Finally? I'm loving the Christmas season. I love the week before Christmas! There's all those cheesy Holiday specials on TV (they are ridiculous, but I sort of have to have them on), there's Christmas music on everywhere you go, it's crazy and hectic and I love it. Speaking of, I have some serious shopping that needs to get done. Maybe I'll run into you!


BK Update


Oh my word, it's been AGES since I've given you a peek at our progress. Maybe that's because progress has been a bit slow. But this week we took a ginormous leap and there is a big, bright light at the end of the remodeling tunnel!...I hate that tunnel.

Check it-
Nothing quite like the smell of sanding. Not pleasant. It took these guys the morning and part of the afternoon just to get that honey-colored finish off. Good riddance!
Then we get to the STAIN! We chose a Black Walnut color. It was so cool watching it go on the floors, I stood on the stairs and watched the whole process. The guys said they didn't mind, but I'm not sure they meant it.
Look at that grain!! I had no idea, the stain really brought it out. It looks amazing.

Aren't they gorgeous? The color is so rich and deep...it's like hickory smoked beef or something, I just love it. It looks great with our paint colors (oh yes! We've been painting! Something other than the green! More on that later...). We just love them...love love love. And now they're DONE! That means we can put everything back and install appliances and get this kitchen done. And how pretty are these? Pantries!
It's actually happening, BC fans. We're actually getting our kitchen. It's a Christmas miracle!


Happy December!!

Here we are! In the most festive month of the year! I love me some December...I love the snow and the over-played Christmas music and the shopping crazies...I soak it all in. The only downer about December is how quickly it goes by - is anyone NOT super busy in December? It is filled with parties and activities and all kinds of craziness (the good Holiday kind...but craziness nonetheless).

This past weekend was our Ward Christmas Breakfast. I helped set up the night before and it was fun listening to Christmas music and hanging out with the marvelous women in my ward. The place looked great! The next morning Cody got up early to drive down and get the fire truck. Our ward tradition is to have Santa ride around the neighborhood on a fire truck with the sirens blaring so all the kids can run out and see Santa drive by. Once he's finished his route he's dropped off at the Church so kid's can sit on his knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. This tradition is double-awesome since Cody is the guy who drives the truck and because that means my kids get to ride on the fire truck with Santa. Win! So After Cody left and I got ready, I sneaked upstairs and started to see "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (how cheesy am I?). The boys were SO excited and quickly got dressed and insisted on waiting for Santa on the porch.
When the truck pulled up, Santa came around the side and my kids faced just LIT up and they ran over and gave him a hug. I melted.

The party was a smash - delicious food and tons of people, it was so fun. My friend Celine, her husband David and I sang the Bing Crosby/Andrew's Sisters version of "Jingle Bells" for the talent show. No pictures of that, but lets just say that we looked fantastic and the number was a hit.

It's only the 6th and yet I feel like the month is almost gone! Due to remodeling, we have yet to purchase our tree (right??). This is the week! I won't be able to deck my halls in their usual merriment, but my house will be as festive as it can be. And you know what? I just might be able to bake some cookies in my new kitchen this weekend...