Call Me Maybe

Best Girls Trip Ever!  Do I say that every year?  Probably.  Because it's TRUE.  The weather was gorgeous, we laughed at ate way too much and my girlfriends are the bomb shizzle.  Here's what awaited the ladies - trip goodness!  Trip hoodie, CD's, treats, nail polish, sunglasses and a rose ring.  Onward!

I picked up Kate Thursday morning and we headed up to my parents house where we were staying for the weekend.  Lest you think my parents house is a 'parents house', it's no secret that my parents have incredible style and their home belongs in Architectural Digest.  I LOVE their home, therefore - we had to stay there.  Had to.

See that?  The glorious International Scout we drove around all weekend.  All my siblings own one (this one is my Dads), but Cody is turning ours in to an off-road vehicle.  Don't worry, I've made him promise that some day soon I'll have  my own City cruising Scout.  In blue.  Athankyou.

We lunched at Communal before meeting up with Rhonda!  We drove around the City, grabbed some bevs before grabbing Sheila.  We drove around, enjoying the weather and discussing handsome celebs (you do this too, don't deny it).  We had cake at 'The Chocolate'

We were showcasing our lip gloss, so I thought that meant 'pucker'.
I'm the only one that thought that.
and shopped at Target.

We only get carts to hold our bags.

We got ready and went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, then headed home to meet up with Sara!  We put on our stretchy pants, went downstairs and proceeded to talk until 3:00am.

The next morning before heading out, Sara discovered that she had received a parking ticket.  Lamesauce.  Those sin city girls...

We got ready and headed to Los Hermanos for lunch.  It's a must.  
Then we drove up to City Creek for some shopping!  It was so fun and we got some great finds (and some sun, love that place).  
The PHENOMENAL shoes Rhonda bought.  Delish.
We drove back to Provo, grabbed dinner at The Pizza Factory and headed to the movie theater for "Snow White and the Huntsman".  Have you seen it?  It was a bit...darker than I thought, and Kristen Stewart wasn't nearly as annoying and everyone let on.  I liked it!

Mmmm, previews...
The drive home was hilarious.  I don't remember all that went down...but I do remember laughing too hard.

The next morning Kate made german pancakes and we ate outside by the stream.  Perfect!  Rhonda had a family reunion and Kate and Sheila needed to get to a baby blessing, so Sara and I drove out to The Planted Earth to peruse some vintage wares.  Rhonda joined us...

and the three of us headed up to Salt Lake to hit some of my favorite stops - Decades, 
(The Russian and the Pilgrim)
Hip & Humble and Emily Jayne.
We stopped at Big Rock Clothing where Sara found this classy number.
We came home and got ready for dinner and went out to PF Chang's.  Can I just say how much I love sitting around the table with my friends eating dinner?  Or any meal for that matter?  It's the best.
We sat and ate and chatted for two hours.  We stopped by WalMart to grab a movie and model some of the latest swim fashions.
Once we got home, however, we were tooooo sleepy for a movie.  Kate and Sheila left early in the morning, Sara left a few hours later and after Rhonda and I cleaned and packed, it was time for the trip to end.  I'm SO sad it's over!!  These trips are so fun and I always feel so refreshed and recharged after each one. 

So, best Girls Trip ever?  Yes.  I know my truth.


Dad's Day

Getting this in just under the wire, wouldn't you say?  I'm a lucky woman.  I was raised by a wonderful, wonderful man.  He taught us how to work hard (a lesson I dodged, apparently) and be honest (dodged again) and enjoy life (now that I took to heart.  Perhaps a bit too much).  He is a strong, wise and hilarious man who I am fortunate enough to call Dad.  Or wodlops, if you're a Patch.

Then there is Gary, my father-in-law.  A solid man, genuine and true.  He is selfless and giving and sarcastic, which is one of the many reasons why I love him.  He is patient with me (like when he has to keep reminding me how to drive the 4-wheeler) and has come to my rescue more than once (he came over and killed a spider in my family room that was the size of the Pacific).  Most importantly?  He raised a stellar son named Cody.

My sweet, handsome husband.  I love that man.  He also makes me crazy, furious, and there's no one else on Earth I'd rather have.  He takes care of me and loves me (because I make him crazy and furious, too.  Hard to believe, I know), I mean - the man built me a kitchen.  We eat cookie dough together, we watch silly shows together, I tell him everything, he makes me laugh harder than anyone and comes to see every one of my plays.  We couldn't be more different but we are so perfect for each other.  He is the best Dad to our three little boys who look up to him and want to be just like him.  I've said before that parenting isn't scary because I get to it with him.  Well...that's a lie.  I think parenting just IS scary.   I mean, do any of us know what we're doing?  But it's a scary thing we get to do together, and there's nobody else who I'd rather do that with.

Happy Father's Day to you, love.  And thanks for making us the luckiest family in the world.




So it's here!  Summer is here!  How about May is the craziest month ever?  Well...I say that about almost every month.  But truly, there were SO many things going on - so much school stuff and all that jazz.  Cache had something every day: western day, marble day, field day, pirate day...is there a reason they cram those all in the last month of school?  I mean, really?  Cache does make a handsome cowboy, however.

And speaking of Cache, homeboy finally got himeself some glasses!  Poor dude can't see a thing.  He LOVES his glasses - I actually wanted him to get some that looked like Buddy Holly glasses, but these are flexible and look great on him.  Doesn't he look so handsome?

Cole had a little Preschool graduation which is always so darling.  He took his 'graduation walk' very seriously, he walked very slow and with purpose.  He also kept his hands in his pockets, looking smooth. Miss Melva always announcing what each child want to be when they grow up, and Cole wants to be a Baker.  What?  I have never heard him mention that.  It wasn't until his crush Kate was called up and we heard that she wanted to be a Baker that I understood why he chose that profession.  My son the romantic.  Here he is with his bestie,  Jack.

Memorial Day brought the Leavers and it's always so fun when they're here.  We went to see 'Men in Black III' (super great) and on Sunday they came to our ward and joined us for lunch afterwards.  It was fun having them over and just hanging out.  Can't wait for them to come back for the 4th of July!

I love driving past the cemetery on Memorial Day because there are so many flowers...it's so pretty.  I tried to capture it, not sure I succeeded, but it's one of my favorite sites.

The biggest thing happening this week is the GIRLS TRIP!!!  (panicked scream) Friends, I'm freaking out.  The trip is here and I'm super excited about everything, but you know the rad packets I create?  Yeah, they are FULLY lacking.  Ugh, and I hate that.  I have some fun stuff, but gone are the years when I seriously had to curb my spending because they would be filled with so much wonder.  I haven't done a 'themed' year in like...ever and apparently I don't operate well if there's no theme to guide me.  Any ideas for next year?

All is not lost - I have some great playlists and our sweatshirts are cute.  And goodness knows we always have a total blast!  I never posted pics from last year, but rather than clog this post up with photos, here's our little slideshow:

Man, that trip was super fun.  I hope this year is up to snuff!

With Summer officially here our schedules are filling up super fast...I do hope August takes it's time!