9 Months

This little Spider Monkey is 9 months old today.  So cliche', but it goes by so fast!  I can't believe it - he's such an active little man.  I love, love this baby.  He is my little Prince and I cannot kiss his cheeks enough. 

Cache has been the best big brother to little Cole and they get along so well!  I love that Cache goes into Cole's room first thing in the morning and climbs in his crib.  They sit there and giggle together until I go in and get them both. 

He's always so involved when we go to the gym.

Cole really keeps me busy - he is crawling everywhere and recently decided to scale the stairs. 

He is so quick, I have to keep my eyes on him at all times!  Especially the time that I forgot to buckle him in his car seat (please don't report me) and he nearly crawled out of it while we were on the freeway.  Awesome. 

Cache also keeps me in check when it comes to Cole - he finds it necessary to tell me when Cole is sad or when he has 'bonked' his head and needs me to kiss it better.  Once when I got overwhelmed I said out loud, "I'm a bad mother".  Cache quickly said to me, "No, you're not a bad mother, mommy - you're a nice mommy".  

I love my boys - they are so, so cute and such good kids...hopefully I'll still feel that way 9 months from now.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

At long last!  WILW has returned!  So - what am I loving?  The J.Crew bubble necklace in Sweet Papaya.

This snappy little piece caught my eye while I was flipping through my Lucky Mag this week.  It's huge - but I SO love it.  What is the price, you ask?  $150.00.  Spensy.  And yet this lovely gem rests comfortably in my jewelry box as we speak.   Yesterday I was at DownEast and as I was purchasing my goods, I spotted the necklace on a mannequin behind the counter.  As I mentioned, the thing is pretty big - it's like a chest plate.  But it's so cool!  Plus orange is one of my favorite colors, so I had to have it.  The price?  $19.00.  So I guess along with this necklace, another thing I'm loving this week is a sweet deal!   


Deep in Thought

Here I sit.  At my wee little desk.  Surrounded by projects and pencils.  Listening to my iTunes.  Have I mentioned I would be lost without my music?  Yes, well.  We may be on the brink of my being lost.  I have so many things looming...so, so much to blog about.  Will I do it now?  Hmm, I think not.  Not tonight.  I have to finish getting the Diva Packets together so that I can mail them to the girls this week for our Annual Soiree which is NEXT WEEKEND.  Did that come up fast?  Is it just me?  It's a lot of work, but I am a supa genius - this year's packets are going to be so freaking radical.  Of course I will post my brilliance, but I must wait until all is revealed to the girls - the theme for each trip is a surprise until they receive their packets.  Soon, my dears - soon!

As soon as I get the Girls Trip goodness done, I have another large project on the horizon;  The Grand Opening of Viking Cross Fit!  You all know how I love to throw a ginormous party.  The Utah Cross Fit Games were on Saturday and all the trainers went up to catch the action.  Am I a trainer, you ask?  Check out my fitness blog to find that out.  I have many pictures to post about that fun event, but alas...the energy escapes me at the moment.  Soon, my dears - soon.

Don't you love how I just assume you want to take part in all of this information?  Like you're all on the edge of your seats to see what lovely festivities I have been up to?  I guess you wouldn't be visiting my blog unless you were, right?  

Alright, enough typing my inner monologue - I must get to work.  What deep thoughts are swimming around in that pretty little head of yours?


Crazy Crafty

I want an Art Room.  In my parents old house, there was an entire room dedicated to creating.  There was a huge table, a concrete floor and all the tricks of the trade - fabric, paper, ribbon, markers, glue, sequins, etc.  The best part?  We didn't have to clean up after ourselves.  The room was free to mess up.  I mean, naturally, we did clean it from time to time, we weren't savages.  There's something very rewarding about looking over a craft surface and seeing scars from the past - dried paint and scissor dents.  Ahhh, the beauty of creativity.    

Where do I create now, you ask?  Here.  Right here at my desk.  Those who have seen this desk know of it's impressive size.  Cody built it and it is, I must admit, ginormous.  But when I litter it with my sewing machine, crafts for the girls trip, paper and trim, it suddenly becomes a soup bowl of chaos.  In which I always lose my scissors.  I have so many ideas in my head that it's overwhelming.  Remember the sewing of onesies?  Yes well, I'm still doing that, just not as often as I'd like.  And I need to get on it.  Of course, that's not the only project I have swimming in my mind pool.  I have Holiday crafts, ideas for event invites, party ideas, card ideas...I need a place were I can spread everything out and get to work!  

Can I still create masterpieces on my wee little desk?  Of course I can, I'm Julia Jolley! (Tosses hair over shoulder).  But until I can have a little craft place of my own, I'll blame my lack of productivity on the absence of a coveted Art Room.


Thank you!

How great is my new blog lay out?  Props are due indeed to my dearest friend, Heather.  Check out her link on the left - you will most definitely be impressed by her savvy blog designs!  She is fabulous, I adore her.  Thank you SO much, Heather!...you nimble little minx, you.

PS!  Sadly, during the make-over, all of my links were lost.  I believe I have restored all of them, but if I have missed you or if you would like to be added PLEASE comment and leave your info, peeps.


B. Lessed

Yesterday we blessed baby Cole!...finally.  Not sure why it took us so long - he's old enough to be driving, he could  have blessed himself.  It was awesome - we did it yesterday evening at our home and it was so great to have our friends and family here!  Thank you to everyone who came and participated - Dad, Bishop, Marty, Rich, Tom, Jim, Jon and Adam.  Cody did a beautiful Job, I was so proud of him!  Cole was so good during the blessing - I wasn't sure if he would be freaking out, but he was quiet and happy.  Afterwards we had some treats and mingled.  

Here are the girls dishing in the kitchen - I love these ladies so much!  Heather, Ann and Britt.  Isn't Ann's expression priceless?

Rich, Marty and Tom discussing....I don't know what.  Isn't Rich so handsome?  He's available, ladies!

My Mom, Jess and Kathy (Cody's Mom) in deep conversation while my Dad messes with Cache.
Gary (Cody's Dad) was working and sadly missed the blessing, but he was able to come by and spend some time with us before he was whisked away on call.

After everyone left, both of our boys fell asleep within 20 minutes - they were OUT!  We put them to bed early and didn't hear a thing until this morning - poor little dudes were plum tuckered.

It was a beautiful evening - thanks again to everyone who came down.  We love you all so much and you mean the world to our family.  We have loved having baby Cole in our lives and I can't wait to see what an amazing young man he will grow into!


Sir Grump

I have been absent from blogging.  Why?  I'm in grump mode.  I don't know what it is, but the past few days have been gloomy in the land of Jolley.  Ironic, no?  I mean, the rest of my family seems to be as happy as crickets - but not me.  Not Mommy Jolley.  Ugh.  I want to shake it, but my grumpiness will not allow it.  So I spend all day in my cloud of gloom - getting my hopes up for certain things and then watch as those hopes are dashed.  

I think, "Maybe we could do this!"  
to which Sir Grump answers, "No...not today."  
"Or what if we do this instead?  That would be fun!" 
"Yes, it would be fun, but fun is out of the question."
"Ok...what if"
"Not even..."
"Yes, sulking would be fine.  Do that.  Sulk".

I guess that means I'll be spending another downer evening in sweats eating lots of ice cream.  Oh yeah, we're out of ice cream.  Figures.


The month of calm

Do you hear that?  The month of May slipping away?  Summer getting closer?  Hmmm?  I can't believe that May is halfway over - what happened?  I was actually looking forward to the month of May because it's the calmest month of my Summer.  And yes, May doesn't really count as Summer in this State since we're still having days that are 50 degrees.  However, turns out that my hopes of having a relaxing month have been dashed - lots of things have come up that are taking my time.  Most things aren't the greatest - grocery shopping, keeping the house clean, random errands.  Others are a smokin' good time - like getting stuff together for the Girls Trip (which is in 3 weeks...) and Thrillionaires!  Last night at Thrillionaires was so much fun - even if I were to try and explain what went on, it wouldn't be as funny as it was last night.   Lets just say that Jaclyn and I are brilliant on stage together.  

Amongst the craziness, I love the feeling that is in the air right now - school is almost out and with the days warming up it's hard to stay indoors.  I would love to stay and chat about the pandemonious puffery that is my life, but alas - errands await.

OH!  It's been forever since I have done an official "What I'm Loving Wednesday" post, so...lets see.....what am I loving?  Beach gear at Target.  Well, anywhere, really.  When I see those bright water coolers and beach balls it makes me want to throw a pool party and serve lemonade in pink plastic cups!  Now if only I could install a pool by June...


Blue Skies!

I am feeling MUCH better - all is well.  This weekend's weather is supposed to be lovely, so you can bet I'll spending much time outdoors taking pictures of the gorgeousness that is Spring.  I went to grab some lunch with the boys today and snapped some pictures of the budding blossom trees downtown.

Most of you know that I grew up in Provo, so I drove by my old house and neighborhood.  I got a little choked up when I stopped in front of the house I grew up in - 

I just sat there for a few minutes thinking about my family...memories...

I drove around the corner passing houses of my childhood friends and crushes.  Then I got to my old Elementary School - and I lost it.  I got a bit teary.
I was overwhelmed...I'm not sure what it was that touched me about that old building, just remembering childhood, I guess.  The School is over 100 years old and was recently converted into apartments.  The playground is gone and there are new houses being built in it's place.  The old neighborhood looks very much the same - big sycamores grow over the road so it's all shaded and green.

Once I got home the boys and I had our lunch on the front porch in the Sun.  It inspired me to create a playlist entitled , "Porch Music".  Any favorite Summer tune requests?  As we were basking, Cache impressed me with his bird calls - which basically consisted of him putting his hand to his mouth and yelling, "Here, birdie birdie birdie!"

Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, I should mention that it's quite possible that I have the greatest, strongest, most beautiful mother on the planet.  Yes, it's true.  She's a legend.  Maybe that's a reason I was so emotional driving around my old haunt today - my Mom (ok...and Dad - but this is Mother's Day, he'll get his credit next month) gave me and my siblings the best childhood any kid could ask for.  She threw the greatest Birthday parties, let us have sleepovers, made Holidays so memorable and made sure we were always happy.  She is so creative - our house was a piece of art.  It was an old home, but she made it modern and cool - our friends envied our rooms and the Patch House was always the place to be.  My sister commented a few weeks ago about how great Mom's are - saying that not only does the laundry get done and the floors get vacuumed, but they add whipped cream and sprinkles to the special times in their families lives.  They are truly the embellishers of childhood - they make everything sweeter.  So Mom, thank you for giving me the greatest childhood a girl could ask for - thank you for letting Andrea and I play barbies for hours in our room, thanks for the baking party you threw for me when I was 8 and sewing all of my friends their own apron, thanks for teaching me how to bake on Sunday afternoons, and especially - thank you for teaching me to tie a bonnet's bow at the side of my face, "...it's much more flattering!".  I love you, Happy Mother's Day!



That might be what I have. Remember when I went to the hospital a few months back? I was having sever stomach cramps? I talked to my wise sister-in-law, Jessica and she thought I might have Diversticulitus - where your bowels cramp up sporatically and make you double over in pain. Hmm. Not sure if that's what it is, but she has a nursing degree and I don't, so I'm inclined to believe her. I feel like I'm having all of the symptoms she described...

That's right - I am blogging from bed. Bed Blogging. The cramps are back and I am hating life. Last night I did the 'Thrillionaires' show (which was a hit! A GREAT night, in my opinion...but more on that later) and being the royal idiot that I am, I forgot to eat anything before we started. The show ran really long, so we didn't finish until about 10:25 - whoa. Brett, Matt, Hannah and I stayed after and chatted a bit in the parking lot and then Hannah and I decided to go grab something to eat fast. My stomach hurt so badly, I could hardly think. Hunger pains? Am I pregnant? I ate a little, but it wasn't helping. Hannah dropped me at my car and I hardly had the strength to climb inside. I barely made it home - I was thisclose to calling Cody to come pick me up. I came home and curled up in a ball next to Cody on the couch. Eventually I went upstairs and crawled into bed - fully clothed. Which means I woke up in the middle of the night with that awesome feeling of sleeping in denim. I didn't sleep well - I kept waking up in pain...stupid diversticulitus. Today has been a bit better, but as soon as I think I'm coming out of it, the pain comes back. Ugh. It's also a nice, sunny day out. What I am doing? Blogging from bed.

Well...it was sunny when I first wrote this - now it's storming something fierce. Just like my tummy.


Blossom Time

How great is this weather?  It seems that I have mentioned the weather quite the much on my blog, lately.  I am just craving Summer SO badly that I can hardly think of anything else!  You all know how I obsess over blossom trees this time of year.  They are just so pretty - the big pink and white blossoms all over.  A little glimpse of what is to come!  It will be really weird not to throw a sweater on before leaving the house, or being able to roll the windows down when I get in the car.  Turning the AC on in the house, BBQ's outside, lemonade, popcicles...

Can you tell I'm hungry for warmth?   Super news - the next few days are supposed to be BALMY!  Guess that means I need to go buy a lawn chair and lounge in the sun.  


Are you sure?

Guess what just happened to me!  I just received an email from the amazing Hailey (one of the Founders of the 'Thrillionaires') and she asked if I would be in the show with the original cast tomorrow night!!!

Word.  This is huge.  I hope I don't fail - I have sweaty palms and massive waves of nausea, but I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!  You know what this means, right?  This means that you need to cancel any and all plans you may or may not have for tomorrow night, come down to the Covey Center for the Arts and see the show!  I mean, regardless if I'm in it, the shows are pretty fantastic.  C'mon, make a night of it!!  You won't be let down, I can guarantee that.  Let me know if you can make it!  Wish me luck!

Friday Frenzy

I've said it before and I'll say it again - there's something about sunshine that drives the soul to accomplish.  It's not really that warm outside - I mean, it's finally May, but it stills feels like March outside.  Ugh.  But the sun is out, the sprinklers are on, the birds are chirping...Spring might actually be here!

I am off to Ikea this morning, Target and the fabric store.  Errands that I'm sure my boys would be less enthused about were they a bit older.  But since they don't know how boring these trips are, I shall take advantage!  Hopefully I'll be back in time to feed Cole and lay him down for his afternoon nap, then I can finish up some onesies and burp cloths I'm making for my friend Hannah.  After that?   I need to work on the goodies for the "Fourth Annual Ladies Soiree" that I plan each year for my friends (if you click on that link, scroll down a bit to see what I did last year).  Our trip is just a month away - one month!!  I'm so excited, but also stretched pretty thin - I have lots of things to do before I can mail out their Diva Packet in a few weeks.  Man, I have to finish that soon...

Add those things on top of cleaning up my house and keeping my kids entertained - I have a full day.  Maybe tomorrow will bring some rest and some time outside - weather permitting!  I'm off to a day full of tasks, Happy Weekend!