What a week I'm having!

What a wonderful week! The Girls Trip is just 4 days away and I am so stoked, I can hardly wait! Cody and I just got back from Lake Powell last night and it was soooo fabulous. It felt like we were gone forever, lots of relaxing and napping and surfing and...ahhh, it was Heaven. My whole family was there and we parked the boat at a beach we used to go to when we were little! My brother Rich found the tiniest little lizard, isn't it cute? As soon as I took this picture, the lizard ran up into Rich's hair and buried himself.

He peeked out a few times, but Rich's hair is so thick it was hard to find him!

We also spent a windy afternoon flying some kites...I probably won't make it back to the Lake again this year. So sad! I'll just have to go lots next year.

Before I left for Powell I sent out the Diva Packets for the 3rd Annual Soiree that is this weekend. They turned out so great! The theme this year was "Diva University". We are having the trip here in Utah because this is where we all met - either in High School or College. Here is what the packets looked like-

Inside I had a Diva U Spirit t-shirt, a red pom-pom, an Orientation Packet that had an acceptance letter from the Dean of the University (me), a syllabus (trip itinerary) and a packing list. There was also an activity card for each girl, a pennant flag, a DVD full of pictures from last years' trip and a CD of songs for this year.

I had a t-shirt made for each girl

I also created a Sorority for us - Psi Omega Diva!

Here is the front of the DVD. It's a slideshow with all the pictures from last years' trip. There's also a slideshow of pictures of the girls from the last 12 years that we've been friends- it was great

...the back cover.

The front of the Orientation Packet

The acceptance letter

I was so happy with how they turned out! There are usually 8 of us each year, but sadly our friend Emily couldn't make it - she will be missed. I still can't believe that the trip starts this Thursday...it will be such a blast!


Heather said...

Jewels...I'm so glad that you had a great time in Powell! I can't believe you made it okay in that heat...I think I'd die!

Your packets turned out really cute! You went to a ton of work...and I'm sure it will be a great trip!

Kateastrophe said...

PENANT FLAG! I couldn't remember what the crap those things were called! HAHAH.

OK, cutest lizard ever. I love that he went into Rich's hair and hid.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow night! Thanks again for all of your hard work! You're amazing!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Kelly said...

That lizard picture was a trip! Hope you are having a fun girl get-together!!!