I'm ready for my closeup...

Today I was filmed for an advertising video for a Real Estate Firm. Woo-Hoo! Not super fancy, but who cares? I got a call from the guy who directed a play I was in last Fall and he needed someone to film this afternoon. I didn't really have any lines, just the fake stuff where it looks like I'm talking on the phone to someone when really I'm saying, "Ok, is that good? Do you want to do another take or should we go to the next shot?" I played a woman who is looking for a home and I call the info line on a For Sale sign in front of a house I like. Then they filmed the Realtor and I shaking hands before he leads me into the house to show it to me. Ta-Da! It only took one hour, but I made some cash and it was fun. How famous am I? Please, please - no more questions. I'll sign autographs on my way out...

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Amplify Hair Products!

Oh, how I adore this lovely brand. My sister introduced me to this stuff a few years ago and I LOVED it. I'm a Pantene girl, myself - and probably will be until the day I die. I love Pantene and it does wonders for my hair, but every now and then I like to indulge and use this marvelous stuff. It smells Heavenly and it gives my hair a little "oomph". It's such great stuff and I think you can get it at the grocery store. If not, little beauty supply stores or even salons should carry it. It's a bit more spensy than regular stuff, but it's totally worth it!


Victoria's Secret

Her secret? To make me depressed. I love VS as much as the next girl. I admit that I get excited when the glossy pink pages of the latest VS catalog arrive in my mailbox. Such cute things! So sassy! So 'meow'! However, when one is pregnant? Those glossy pink pages are the last thing I want to flip through.

This happened to me on Saturday. Cody, Cache and I had come home after an evening drive and decided to spend some time in the yard. While Cody watered the plants, I went through the mail and saw the new VS catalog. "Maybe they'll have some empire-waisted shirts that I could wear while I'm pregnant?" I told myself. Big mistake.

I proceeded to turn page after page looking at the tan, flawless models. *sigh*. And yes, we all know they are air-brushed and all that crap, but I've got to be honest - I'm not thinking that when I'm looking at them. I'm thinking, "Whoa...I should probably stop eating all together and take up residence in a gym." It's the same thing with scary movies. I'm not watching the movie thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder how they got that shot to look like her head is getting chopped off". No, no. I'm thinking, "AAHHHHH! Her head just got chopped off!!"

Needless to say I finished the magazine with a sad little laugh. It's a silly thing, I admit! I will still buy fashion mags (have I mentioned that I'm addicted to those?) and flip through the occasional VS swimsuit issue. Besides, when it comes down to it I don't know that I would even attempt to wear half of the things that are in the VS catalogs anyway. Then again, who knows when I'll need a sexy ruffled bikini to wear while I shop for fresh flowers?


Shopping Trip

What a successful day! To my surprise, the Grand Opening Day at Ikea was not as crazy as I had anticipated. We were able to park really close, we walked right in and got down to business! It was a little busy, but really not bad at all. I went crazy looking at all their lovely bookcases and sinks and bedding. I had to exercise restraint - I had to keep telling myself that I could come back for things. All my past Ikea trips have involved spending way too much money because I knew I wouldn't be back for some time. Now I can go up tomorrow if I want! I did score some great finds - I bought a little art easel for Cache that he can draw on with chalk, paint or dry-erase markers. Bought a baby blanket, a comforter and some pillows for our bed, some random kitchen stuff and some toys...it was fabulous! My only concern is that I will now insist on going there for everything. I mean, they have everything, so why go anywhere else, right? We were quite sleepy after a long day of shopping - we were there for 5 hours and I still feel like I need to go back and look around some more. Like I said, there's always tomorrow!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hat Box Luggage!

I love these little carry-on cases. They are so classy. Impractical? A little, which is probably why I'm drawn to them. They're a great size, but not a lot of compartments to house perishables. But what better way to carry some lip-gloss, a nightie, perfume and some heels with feathers on the toes? It's the only way to travel...

Celtic Concert

Last night I took my Mom to see 'Celtic Woman; A New Journey' in concert. Have you heard of these ladies? People. They are incredible. I heard them about 6 months ago and instantly fell in love with them. Most of the girls are from Ireland and they all sing traditional Irish and Gaelic songs, along with some modern tunes (Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Beyond the Sea, etc.). Their voices are so clear and beautiful, I can't even explain it. Sometimes they sing solos or sing together in harmonies...gorgeous. My Mom and I were on the 11th row (sweet!) and there were times that my arm hairs were vibrating - it was so rad! They are backed by these drums and singers and instruments, it's so overwhelming. My Mom got quite teary during most of the songs, she was a complete mess during 'Danny Boy', bless her heart. I tell you what, it was the coolest thing ever - we had such a blast!

There is a member of the group who doesn't sing, but she plays the violin like a banshee. She leaps around the stage like a pixie playing her heart out on this little fiddle! Amazing, I've never heard anything like it.

You have to check this music out. Some of my favorite songs are:
The Last Rose of Summer
At The Ceili
Spanish Lady
Vivaldi's Rain
Go have a listen!!


Ikea opens today!! I am so giddy. For some crazy reason, I have decided to brave the crowds with my Mom and my brother's girlfriend. My Mom and I drove through the parking lot of Ikea last night (to see all the people waiting outside and also to be sure we knew how to get there). There were tents. TENTS! Everywhere! Tons of people, sleeping in their cars or right on the sidewalk. Now, I love Ikea as much as the next person, but seriously? I've heard that they always get people waiting outside for the Grand Opening, but I had no idea it would be that insane. It was like a rock concert or something! So wish me luck, I'm hoping I don't have to get feisty with the other customers. We're going this afternoon so maybe by that time all the die-hards that were waiting up all night will be sleeping in a corner somewhere - more shopping for me!


Flashback Tuesday

I have mentioned before that every Summer I plan a big trip for me and my friends from High School/College. Our next trip is coming up fast - only two months away! I have been doing lots of planning and since I'm surrounded by things from trips gone by (and will be until July), I thought I would post some pics from our first trip a couple of years ago. We all went to Vegas for the weekend and had a total blast! The first night we were there, a few of us were feeling a bit restless and got the brilliant idea of going to Wal-Mart...at 2:00am. We went in our PJ's and actually ended up staying there for about an hour shopping and goofing off. Here we are sporting some glamorous hats we found.

We decided we could live without the hats, but what we couldn't live without were these sassy shiny shorts! I actually think I still have mine...
This is Carla, Me, Emily and Rhonda

Pretty fantastic, no?
Can't wait to see what little gems we come home with this year!


Hug a Little Tighter

Like most Moms, I think my son is the smartest kid ever. He talks all the time, he puts together full sentences, he figures things out and has a great sense of humor. On top of that, he's so polite! He is constantly saying, "Thank you" and "You're welcome". Sometimes if he trips or something, he'll say "sorry!" like he's done something wrong. He also loves to talk on the phone, so whenever I'm talking to someone he'll ask, "Say hi?" and want to talk to the person on the line. When I was talking to Cody yesterday, Cache wanted to say 'hi' so I handed him the phone. Cache took the phone and started walking around the room (which is what I do) and he said, "Hi Daddy, how are you?"...pause...."What are you doing?"....pause..."uh huh....uh huh....I love you, bye!". He's so funny - even though he can make me crazy, little things like that are why I love him so much.

While I am proud that he is clever and smart, is able to learn new things all the time, something super scary happened today. A few weeks ago, Cache learned to open the doors in our house. He loves opening the door to the pantry in the kitchen (probably because he knows that's where I keep the snacks) and is eager to help me close a door once I have opened it. This evening, Cody and I were downstairs with Cache watching a show that Cody and I had recorded. Cache is playing with some of his toys in the Family Room, then he would run upstairs to his room and we could hear him in there singing or playing around...then he would come back down. This went on for about 45 minutes. At one point, he went upstairs and I heard him open a door. I looked up to the kitchen and saw that the pantry door was open. "Caaaaaache" I said, "Close the door, please". I heard him shut the door and then go up to his room. About 5 minutes went by...maybe 10. I realized that I hadn't heard him for a little bit, so I called out to him. He didn't answer. I listened. Nothing. I went upstairs still calling for him, he wasn't in his room or our room or the study. I started to panic and called down to Cody, "Where is he?". That's when I went to check the front door which hadn't been locked. "...Oh, no". I ran down the stairs and opened the door, bolted outside and called for him. My little blonde, barefoot son was walking towards our house on the sidewalk. I ran over and picked him up and held him so tight. I completely lost it - I bawled. I'm sure my reaction scared him, he had watery eyes and kept saying, "Don't play in the road". I took him in and Cody met us at the door. We both washed his little feet in the sink (they were pretty dirty from being outside) and Cache quickly recovered - he went back downstairs to play with his toys. I on the other hand will never forget that. I was so mad at myself for not checking on him sooner, or being more aware that I couldn't hear him. It terrifies me to think of what could have happened.

So tonight when he said to Cody and I, "Excuse me, mommy daddy? Go to bed?", I actually was more than willing to put on his pajamas and lay him down. I'm sure I hugged him a little tighter before I said goodnight...


Random Friday

Is it crazy to anyone else that May is almost over? Where did this month go? That means that Summer is getting closer (yay!) and it's getting hotter (...ok) and I'm not super excited about getting bigger (ugh.). I went to my Dr. appt this morning and everything looks great. I'm a wee bit over 6 months, this pregnancy has gone by so fast! They said that the baby looks really healthy and I'm getting fatter - they're very happy for me.

Cody and I are planning to go to Powell in 3 weeks. I'm so excited! It's crazy that it's coming up so fast, I haven't even been getting ready for it. It will be nice to get away and have some time with Cody and some of our friends. Since I can't Wakesurf this year I'll be a great flag girl! I'm sure I'll be spending lots of time in the water to keep cool. OH! I'm so excited! Everybody pack your bags, lets all go!

Cache and I are about to go grab some lunch - the weather has been so gorgeous, it's hard to stay inside. I think I may lay in the sun a little this afternoon....ahhhh. To be honest, I find that laying out can be pretty boring, especially when you don't have a pool (which I don't). However, I must admit that lying in the sun really relaxes me! I have no desire to lay out for hours and get really dark (skin cancer, anyone?), but just the lovely feeling of being outside, listening to my iPod and enjoying the day...ahhh, bliss! I actually make a playlist to listen to while I am laying out - anyone have any favorite Summer tunes? Here are a few of mine:

Wish I - Jem
Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin
So Nice (Summer Samba) - Astrud Gilberto
T-shirt Weather - The Lucksmiths
Summertime Girlfriend - A.M. Sixty

There are so much more, maybe I'll post some more later. Hope you all enjoy a balmy weekend, go soak up some sunshine!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving this week? Retro bathing suits - see? I can't even say 'swimming suit', if it's got the retro look it is officially a 'bathing suit'.

You instantly turn into a 50's movie star when you make your entrance in one of these saucy little numbers. These are the bathing suits where you actually dressed up to go to the pool - so if you wear one, be sure to have on your diamonds, heels and red lipstick! Meow! Naturally, being pregnant I wont be able to sport one of these this Summer, but next year? You can bet that I'll be sporting this poolside.


Flashback Tuesday

I decided to write a little bit about a boy I once knew. His name is J.R. Peterson and we met when we were 4 or 5. His family lived just a few houses away from my family, so most of our Summer afternoons were spent playing together. He was 1 year old than I was and had a little brother named Aaron, who was the same age as my little brother, Rich. The 4 of us were always together - playing He-Man or Thundercats (you heard me, Thundercats). At the time, J.R. and I were sweethearts! I was soooo in love with this little boy. Sadly, his family moved when I was maybe 5 or 6 and that was kind of it - I never thought I would see him again. I did think of him from time to time and I think our parents sort of stayed in touch, but we never saw each other.

Years later in High School, a Teacher approached me and asked if I remembered him. "Um...I don't think so" I answered. He laughed and said, "I'm Jim Peterson, I'm J.R. and Aaron's Dad". NO WAY!! I totally freaked out! We talked for a minute or two - I learned that they now lived about 10 minutes away and J.R. went to a local High School not far from mine. A few weeks later I was in a talent show at my school and J.R. came! We talked and caught up, it was so fun to see him. I was rather taken with him - I thought he was quite dashing! We kept in touch, called every now and then, wrote letters, etc. After I graduated High School he was getting ready to serve a two year mission for our Church. He was called to serve in Brazil and we had agreed to go on a final date before he headed off to the MTC. We went to dinner, hung out, and ended up kissing before the night was over. I was SO smitten! I thought, "Oh my gosh, we are so meant to be - childhood sweethearts, we're totally going to get married". I have to laugh about it now, I was just so young.
As soon as he left for his mission, we wrote to each other constantly during those two years. I moved to Vegas during that time, but we still kept in touch. I thought about him all the time and was certain that when he got home we would date and get married.
I moved back to Utah just after he got home and he came over - I was SO excited to see him! We hugged and talked all afternoon. Except...well, I didn't really feel anything for him. I didn't feel what I thought you were supposed to feel when you were falling for someone. He was still so handsome and we had stuff in common, but I couldn't help feel that we were just too different. His family now lived about an hour away, so that made hanging out a little difficult. Before he left that night he told me that he wanted to date me and see where this would go. We hugged and said we'd get together really soon...that was the last time I saw him. He tried to call me, I tried to call him - but we never reached each other and we eventually lost touch. I received a wedding invitation from him about a year later and was so happy for him! I thought about calling, but I didn't. I was out of town for the reception so I couldn't go. Ahhh, I just thought "Well! No worries, it was a fun romance"

Now, fast-forward about 7 years. I'm getting my hair done by a girl named Crystal for the first time (the stylist I normally went to had moved), so we're chatting and getting to know each other. She tells me that she had been engaged before she had met her husband. "Me too!" I say. We swap stories, and as she's telling me her story she mentions that her ex-fiance's name is Aaron. "Aaron what?" I ask. "Aaron Peterson". "Ahhh, the name sounds familiar but.." this is where I start to connect the dots and freak out. "Wait - Aaron Peterson?!!? Does he have an older brother?" "Yeah, his name is J.R." NO. FREAKING. WAY!!!!! I literally came out of my chair - are you kidding me?!?! What a small world! She told me that J.R. and his wife have two kids and they are very happy. I still couldn't believe it! The craziest part? He lives about 30 seconds away from me. YEAH. Are you kidding me? Man, it was so random. I mean, I found all of this out about 3 months ago and it's still so crazy to me. Part of me has toyed with the idea of tracking him down or sending him a letter...but I don't know, it's been so long and I doubt we have anything in common anymore. It's probably best to keep things in the past - sweet and rosy!

I didn't mean for this post to be so long - sorry! Although I must say, it was fun going down memory lane. It was a fun little time in my life!


Mothers Day

Ahhh, Mothers Day. It's still a little strange for me to realize that I am a Mom - I've been a Mom for over two years and I still don't think I'm used to it! I love this picture - Cody took this when I decided to take a little nap alongside Cache when he was just a few months old. Being a Mom is the hardest thing ever and I definitely struggle, but Cache is such an awesome kid - he's very patient with me! He makes me love being a Mom. Naturally, I have to give notice to the other women in my life who are the greatest Mothers I know:

My sister, Andrea. This was taken when we went to New York a few years ago - it's one of the only pictures I have of her! She is truly one of my best and closest friends. I tell her everything and I have always looked up to her. She always seems so balanced and always has it together - SUCH an amazing, beautiful woman. I love her more than I can say, I'm super lucky to have her as my sister.

My Mother, Tayva. Is she a dish, or what? She'll probably kill me for using her TMG picture...Of course I think I have the best Mom in the world - she is incredible. I only hope I can be as good of a Mother as she is. My Mom and I are extremely close and I love that I still learn things from her every day. Not to mention that she and my sister are my biggest supporters when it comes to my love for Halloween - the three of us together are unstoppable when it comes to the spooky Holiday! I LOVE HER and am so proud that I am her daughter.

To all my friends that are Mom's (or soon to be mommies!), I hope you have a fabulous Mothers Day!


Empty Handed

Nothing is more depressing than a day at the Mall with nothing to show for it. Today I went up to The Gateway to do some shopping. I also went up there so I could meet my sister at the Discovery Museum so our kids could run around and play. Sadly? A total wash! I was looking for something to wear at my cousin's wedding reception tonight, but couldn't find a thing - that usually happens when I go shopping with something in mind...I tend to only score great finds when I'm simply browsing. I still hadn't heard from my sister and after walking around The Gateway for about 1 1/2 hours, I decide to leave. I loaded up Cache in the car and as soon as we were pulling out of the parking lot, my sister calls. *sigh*. We agree to just meet up before the reception. No playing with cousins today!

I start the hour-long drive back home when I realize, "Hey! I could stop at University Mall and check some stores really quick!" So I stop there, walk around for an hour with Cache in tow. Did I find anything you ask? No sir, not a thing. It wouldn't have mattered if I did - I realized that when I got back to the car I had left my wallet on the front seat. Niiiiiice. So now I have to shower and get ready, find SOMETHING to wear that won't make me feel like a beached whale and head up to this reception. Ugh....


What a difference...

Today is so gorgeous! Clear blue skies, nice and warm, lots of sunshine, the birds are chirping. Last week? The weather was miserable, but more about that in a minute. Last Thursday was the first day of Women's Conference and I went with my friends Brittany and Heather. We had a total blast! We went to some great classes and were able to catch up. We had a lovely lunch, walked through the museum and bought some sugary treats.

Luckily, we brought our umbrella's! We had to walk between buildings to catch different classes and it rained and hailed ALL DAY LONG. It was crazy! It was so cold, quite the adventure! Here we are braving the elements. Look at the slush!

Friday was still pretty cold, but it didn't rain as hard and there wasn't a sign of hail - yay! Heather wasn't able to join us, so Britt and I went it alone. We missed her, but we still had a great time.

There were devotionals at the end of each day and we decided to sit at the very, very top of the Marriott Center. Here's an idea of just how high up we were.

"Can you see anything, Britt?"
"No, I can't see a thing..."

We were able to lean against the wall which was nice after a long day! Aside from battling the Nor-Eastern, it was a fabulous two days. I can't wait to go next year!


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have decided that each Wednesday I'm going to post about something that I am loving at the moment! Today?

~Embellished Heels~

I bought these little beauties not too long ago and I LOVE THEM! I can't get enough of the gingham print and the little rhinestone buckle. These are called "Darcie" and they're made by Chinese Laundry. They also come in Turquoise gingham (soooo cute), but I didn't see that color on their website. Not to fear! You can find them at www.victoriassecret.com. Aren't they dreamy? It totally reminds me of 40's and 50's glam. Mmmm, perfect for Summer!

Here are some other shoes that I love - I would feel like Ginger Rogers in these babies. The brand is BCBGirls and I found them here: www.zappos.com


Flashback Tuesday

Firefighter Cody

This was taken a few years ago. Cody was on a controlled fire and Cache and I were able to stop by and see him in action! He took a break from the flames to let me take this picture. Such handsome boys...

Another fire wife stopped by and while her little boy waited for his Dad to come over, Cody gave him the run-down on the Fire Truck.



Difficult day. Sometimes being Mom gets to me and I simply collapse because I can't seem to handle it. The worst part is - I feel totally guilty that I have those days. I mean, I have one child. One. How can I possibly not be able to raise one child? Not to mention that he is the sweetest kid in the world and was the easiest baby ever - he is so gentle and smart and funny, he's my little pal and I love him more than words can say. Early this morning, I got really scared about the fact that I am going to have another son in just a few months...what am I going to do?

Cache is 2 and a few weeks ago we took away his binky. He only used it when he went down for his nap and at bedtime, so I really didn't think it would take him forever to get used to going to bed without it. Most afternoons I'll lay him down and he'll just cry for 30 minutes, an hour. Same thing happens when we put him to bed at night. Because of this, his schedule is totally messed up. Last night he fell asleep on Cody over at my parents house while we were watching a movie. When we put him in his car seat, he started to whine a little...then he started crying and cried all the way home. We got home and tried to lay him down (it's about 11:00), and he just kept crying. He was crying SO HARD. After going into his room and laying him down a few times, I finally had to go in and hold him until he fell asleep. He was so wiped out, he sacked out about 30 seconds after I picked him up. I laid him back down, went to bed and turned off the lamp - it was now 12:30.

At 5:00am, Cache woke up and started to cry. Cody had to get up at 6:00 to go to work, so I went in there and tried to calm Cache down. Nothing worked. Not me holding him, or laying him down and giving him his blanket, nothing. Sometimes I would get him relaxed enough so that he was quiet, I would sneak out but as soon as I closed the door, he would start crying again. This went on for an hour. I sat on the stairs outside his bedroom and just started to cry. No...bawl. I held my hands over my ears so that I couldn't hear him crying and just broke down. I got scared by how upset I was about Cache, scared that I can't handle another baby, scared that I'm going to be a bad mother - all those hopeless thoughts one gets while having a breakdown at 6:00am. I prayed so hard that Cache would feel comfort, that I would be patient with him and be more understanding. Cody got up a few minutes later and sat next to me on the stairs. He put his arms around me while I tried to pull myself together. He said some really sweet things to me, he's so great. I'm sure it wasn't easy hearing his son crying in one room and having his wife crying in a ball on the stairs. Cody took me back to bed and told me to just relax and let Cache cry it out. He got ready for work and told me to call him if I needed anything. Cache kept crying...and crying...maybe for another hour or so. The next thing I know it's after 9:00. I feel a little better this morning, I'm hoping that I'll be able to get over this and keep my head up. Breakdowns are never easy, but I think they help. Being a mother is hard, no matter how many kids you have. It's the hardest job ever and it tests me every single day. I didn't mean to post a downer of a story today, but it's nice to know that I have this little outlet when I need it! So to all the mom's out there who have had a breakdown, hang in there - we all have them!



I have been tagged by Brillig to post 10 interesting things about myself, then tag 10 other people. Not sure I have anything interesting about me (also because I just posted 100 things a month ago), but I shall humor Brillig and comply!

1 - I am the only child in my family that has blonde hair and green eyes - my sister and two brothers have gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes
2 - I love being married to a Firefighter...it's the uniform
3 - I still have my cello from High School. It sits in my living room, but I haven't played it since High School Graduation. To this day, Cody will not let me sell it
4 - I already know what my family is going to be for Halloween
5 - My sister is the most amazing person I know - I will always, always look up to her
6 - I never went to college
7 - I can totally see myself living in some small town in Iowa
8 - When I lived in Vegas, I wanted to buy a super cute string bikini. I had owned bikini's before, but never a string bikini. Even though I was 19 and living on my own, I still called my Dad to ask if it was OK. He actually laughed and told me to just buy it!
9 - We're thinking of naming our baby boy Owen
10 - I am drawn to anything sparkly or glittery - I'm just like a fish

There it is! Short and sweet. I don't know if I even know 10 people who have blogs that I can tag, so I will just tag everyone on here. Thanks for the challenge, Brillig!

The Flashback of all Flashbacks

I didn't post a 'Flashback Tuesday' last week, so I decided to post a few this week. Originally, I was just going to post two pictures - or as I like to call them, 'dualies'. However, going through some old pictures I found some extras that were too hilarious to leave out.

This was taken my Freshman year in High School (which, as you can see from previous flashback posts, proves that it was a glamorous year for me). My friend Hannah was moving away, so our friends got together and surprised her early one morning before school and took her to Winchell's for donuts. I have NO idea why we didn't just do something after school or take her to dinner or something. Nope - donuts and dawn was a much better plan! This is Katy, Me and Angie.

Sara's wedding!

I believe this was taken in...2001. This is a picture of me, Sara, Kate and Rhonda and Sara's reception. I loved Sara's dress, it was so classy - she looked beautiful.

I am literally shaking my head right now...

I remember begging my Mom to take me to 'Shooting Stars' in the Mall and have some glamour shots taken. I wish I could tell you that I was around 7 years old or something, but no - I was 13. I actually picked out that pink and green mess!

The sequined jacket was not my idea...I look like a guest star on 'Dynasty' or something. Aside from the fact that I was a snaggletooth and in some serious need of orthodontic attention...

I think I have a problem...

This lovely pile of stuff is what I removed from my closet last night.

There are 3 (count them, 3) garbage bags FULL of clothes. I added a few more pairs of shoes to that pile after this picture was taken - guess I'll have to go buy some more to replace them! I'm so bad at hanging on to clothes - I always think I'll wear them again and they just sit there...not being worn...for years. It's quite sad, really. It felt SO good to clean out my closet and drop the bags off at D.I. I had to make some space for *gasp* maternity wear. Yes, the time has come where I have needed to purchase and bust out the bigger shirts and stretchy pants. Don't get me wrong, stretchy pants are the greatest things ever. It's the shirts that resemble a 4-man tent that's hard to cope with.

In other news, I got bangs! My hair's so 'now'.

I got the blunt bangs a few years ago and loved them, but they sort of grew out and I've been sporting the side bangs for a while, so I decided to re-visit the blunt choppy look and I rather like it!

Tomorrow I am going to Women's Conference with a few friends. I'm super excited! My sister went last year and really liked it, so I'm looking forward to going. I have lots to do to get ready and I need to go run some errands, so I better dash! Ugh...errands...