Our trip to Lake Powell was SO much fun!  It was nice not to have a schedule, we got to do whatever we wanted.  One day we went into Page for lunch and stopped at some view points, we napped and took the boat out for a ride every afternoon - it was a great couple of days.  

Cody looking at the Channel
Gunsight Canyon - one of my favorites

Cody BBQing at sunset
The shortcut is open!  This shortcut leads to Gunsight and Padre Bay and hasn't been open for years because the water level has been too low.  Cody and I drove through it - so much faster to get around when it's open!

We were so excited to come home and see the boys!  Cache is as talkative as ever, he's such a clever little guy - we're pretty sure he's going to out-wit us before too long.  Cole is getting SO close to walking, I can't believe it.  At Church Cody was holding one of Cole's hands and the little guy was just cruising along like it's no big deal.  Can you believe he'll be 1 a the end of August?  Yeah, neither can I.  Once we got home we took the boys out to Barnes and Noble to get some Home Plan magazines (we're thinking of building).  Cache loved the kids section and was quick to pick out a book he wanted (he LOVES books).  Lucky for me, the book has a button you can push to make noise...love that.

So yes, now we are home and back to routine - we took the kids to the Dentist this morning and Cache handled it like a champion.  Now I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on essentials - I have lots to get to...nothing like a few days on vacation to create chaos build up at home!


Powell Bound!

Cody and I are on our way out the door to spend a few glorious days at Lake Powell - and I am SO looking forward to it!  Sadly, our friends can't make it so it will just be the two of us.  I'm really looking forward to swimming, surfing and lounging...and perhaps reading some books...some vampire books...



This baffles me.  There is a home down the street that is replacing siding with stucco.  A swell upgrade, to be sure.  However, this house still has it's Christmas lights up.  Not on the entire house, just above the garage.  Which means at some point they took most of their lights down...just not the last strand.  I guess they are leaving them up seeing that we're more than halfway to Christmas, but I what I don't understand is why they are leaving them up while they are putting stucco on their house!  They have to work around this one strand of lights to get the stucco up.  Hello??

So here is my solution - I will dress as a ninja.  Under the cover of night, I will swiftly venture to their home while they are deep in slumber.  I am able to move quickly by the light of the moon.  Once I am silently perched upon their roof, I will identify the estranged strand of lights, effortlessly swipe them while doing 3 flips in the air and disappear into the darkness.  



This morning we, being the classy people that we are, drove our cars on our front lawn for a wash.  The boys were content playing in their swim trunks while Cody and I scrubbed away in the hot sun. 

You may remember that Cache isn't a huge fan of water, so while he was excited to help us spray the cars and scrubs the wheels, he would frequently drop the hose and run for cover.

It's been nice to have Cody home the past few days - we have some errands to run today and he's going to work on the Jeep this afternoon.  Tonight Adam and Ann are coming over so we can play our Powell trip!  We are heading out on Sunday afternoon and will spend a few days on the lake.  I am SO excited!  

Last night I was able to hang out with my dear friend Katie - she and her family are in town for a few days and we met up for some wontons and girl talk.  I love her so much!  I haven't talked to her forever and it was nice to just spend time with her.  Guess Cody and I will have to plan a trip to California to go see them in a few weeks...

And lastly, I MUST tell you how fantastic Thrillionaires was on Tuesday!  Well, it's always fantastic, but our last show was especially grand.  We usually do an improv musical for the second half of our shows, but we didn't have a piano player.  Never fear!  Maclain, Jeff and I knew a few songs we could pound out on the piano, so we accompanied the musical!  It was so fun!  I loved it.  I was pretty nervous, but between the 3 of us we  had some great songs!  Oh, how I love the Thrillionaires.  I am sad that I'll miss it next week while I'm in Powell...but hey, it's Powell.



I don't know about you, but I have had a fabulous couple of days!  Wednesday night Cody and I went up to Park City with Chase, Natalie, Jake and Brylee.  I haven't been to Park City FOREVER and we had a total blast!  We road the Roller Coaster and the Alpine Slide and I provided most of the screaming.  Lucky for you, Natalie brought her camera and was able to take a picture of Cody and I before our first run on the Roller Coaster.

Note the terror, the fear in my eyes.  I am such a pansy.  It's sad, really, but I've come to live with it.  Cody was very forgiving at my screaming in his ears for 3 straight minutes.  But I LOVED it and can't wait to try it again!  Want to go?  Lets go.

Chase, Jake and Brylee
Natalie and Chase before the coaster!
Natalie and I finishing our run on the slides.  Pretty sure I screamed enough for both of us.
The evening ended with dinner and eating some ice cream at our house.  Good times, my friends - good times. 

On Thursday I was able to go to lunch with my beautiful Mother and sis-in-law, Jess.  It was great to see my little nephew Graham and catch up!  Afterwards...we did some Halloween shopping.  Mock not!  If you know me at all, Halloween is sacred to my family.  We live for it, we breathe it - it consumes our very souls.  We go shopping together every year and pour over every detail and examine every angle of a tempting item before it is carefully placed in the cart (ok...that may not always be true.  Sometimes it's just, 'Wow that's great and it's Halloween and I must have it!').  The shelves are freshly stocked with spooky items and we were there to pounce on the goodies that were so new they still smelled of wet paint.  My Mom and I left with some real treasures and I can't WAIT to get them on display! 

Thursday was just a warm up, you see.  Andrea came into town and the 4 of us met up Friday morning to do more Holiday shopping.  This was the first year Jess could join us for our Halloween shopping trip and she was a natural!  We started at Gardner Village and did some serious stocking up.  We then did some damage at the fabric store and the bakery (donuts were involved).  We wrapped up the day at Tai Pan where I found a plethora of trivial items to sprinkle around my home.  It was a great shopping trip...and I'm sure it's not the last before Halloween!  I better get to designing my invitations, and planning my party, and figuring out what Cody and I are going to be this year!  Goodness me, I only have 3 months!  


5 Years

July 19th, 2003


Thrills on the Cheap!

Thrillionaires, how I adore thee.  I have kept up with my obsession for performing in Thrillionaires shows - we do one every Tuesday and Saturday night, 8:00pm at the Covey.  I have had no photographic proof of said shows...until now!  Thanks to Hannah I was able to steal these pics of a show we did a few weeks ago - 

Hannah and I reacting to some audience suggestions before the show.  At least...I think that's what we're doing...
Brett explaining how we don't have any scripts or storylines - we just make everything up as we go along!  (And you can't really tell, but I was wearing my fabulous gold glitter flats that night...they're good luck).
I am having the best time doing this!  The people are so great and our shows are fantastic.  You must come and see!  Tuesdays are Cheap Thrills and tickets are only $5.00!  Hello?  A deal, ladies and gentlemen.   Saturdays involve costumes and a set and tickets are just $10.00 (I may be able to snag you some discount tickets - let me know!).  Do yourself a favor and get down here to see our shows - you will get hooked.  


Never Ending Battle

Lets talk for a second about weight, shall we?  Not one of my favorite topics, but seeing that we're in the thick of bathing suit season, I thought maybe we could chat about it.

When I was on my Girls Trip last month, we talked a lot about how women in general are so hard on themselves about body image.  We all have our own issues with our bodies - most of which we can't change (I hate my freckles and those aren't going anywhere anytime soon), and others that are not as bad as we think.  A dear friend of mine has the cutest body I have ever seen and she is horrified to wear a bikini because it will show her stretch marks.  She let me take a peak at said stretch marks and I could not beLIEVE that she wasn't wearing a bikini 24/7!  Let me tell you something, if I looked like that I would be wearing nothing but body glitter every day.  

I have the mentality where I want to be smart about what I eat, but who doesn't love a greasy indulgence now and then? And my body is so far from perfect, but it is mine and it's getting healthier every day.  I am also married to Mr. Iron Man/Personal Trainer and if that's not immense pressure to be fit, I don't know what is.  I can't always get to his CrossFit Gym, so I do little things at home every day to get a mini work out.  Not sure it's doing much, but I certainly feel better after I break a sweat!   

So tell me - What do you do?  How do you keep in shape?  Do you eat whatever you want and then work for hours at the gym?  Do you weigh everything you eat and never eat treats?  Or are you of the mentality where as long as you're happy who cares what you look like?  Because I don't know about you, but I'm pretty fed up with women who have super hot bodies and say, "Oh, I don't have time to work out - running after a toddler all day keeps me trim!"  What the - I've got a toddler, sister and while he is active, I don't recall the last time I had to chase him 10 laps around the track or keep taking the 25lb weights out of his hands ("Cache, if you can't listen to Mommy we can't keep the barbells in your room anymore").  While you ponder about your problem areas and get up the guts to post them in comments for the world wide web to see, I've got to clear my table for the pizza I ordered...


The long and short of it...

To cut or not to cut?  This is my current question.  I recently have been tempted to snip my locks into a (hopefully) cool, edgy, sexy bob.  In February I cut 7 inches off my hair and have loved it!  I have recently gone Platinum (again) and am seriously considering going all 'Marilyn' on my hair.  Well, Marilyn with a modern twist.  

But you can understand my hesitation, right?  There is such a comfort and a security tied to long hair - it's feminine and beautiful, basically fool proof.  There are moments when I think, "Whatever man - just cut it!".  And then instantly counter with, "Oh dear...what if I look horrific?  What if I hate it?".  

I'm thinking something A-line, a bit higher in the back and longer in the front.  I think I want it to stay Platinum and I want it to be modern and edgy, but still be able to make it pretty and girly.  Oh rapture, is there such a cut?  

Lets be honest, I've been talking about doing this to my hair for years.  I am obsessed with old movies - all of which showcase a glamorous starlet with short hair.  If I don't do it now, my hair will just get longer and it will be harder for me to cut it off.  So I should just do it...right?  


What I'm Wanting Wednesday

When was my last WIWW installment?  Too long ago, says me.  I used to call it "What I'm Loving Wednesday", but I tend to want what I love, thus the title has been changed.

Is there anything more refreshing on a Summer day than a snowie?  My sister has her own snow cone machine and uses it ALL the time during the sunny season.  So chilly and refreshing - not to mention the plethora of flavors and fun little cone cups.  How fabulous to have one at your fingertips?  I wanty - I must have.

I also want a cotton candy machine - SO badly.  After we rented one for our Halloween party last year I decided it was sort of a 'must' for parties.  Birthdays, 4th of July, Boxing Day...

I already have an ice cream machine (Cody gave me a pink one, he knows me so well), so I figure that if I get a snow cone and cotton candy machine I will have the trifecta of party treat makers!  Don't you agree?  Donations welcome.


Happy Birthday, Cody!!

31.  My old man is 31. Cody's Birthday was yesterday and he (I would like to think) had a great day!  He went to the gym in the morning and taught some classes, went to lunch and the Harley store with Adam, got to relax all afternoon and had our friends over last night for a BBQ.  It was SO much fun!  The food was delish and we got to hang out in the back yard - something I didn't anticipate, I thought it would be too hot.  It was a great Summer evening...

Yes, I know I have a problem with posting loads of pictures, but there are so many to see!  The lovelies (Heather and Brit) with their babies!  The kids certainly out-numbered the adults...

Cody overlooking his domain
Adam and Stella
Jon, Shari, Jim and Adam playing with Stella
Cache, Ava and Morgan playing 'Ring Around the Rosies' - I love this picture.
Turns out that 31 candles don't burn so well when there's a slight breeze outside, so Cody 'posed' for this picture.  But never fear, he looks like that anyway when he's blowing candles out.  No, really.
The kids with their cones!  Cache and Cole were the only boys amongst a throng of girls - great odds!
Cole begging for sugar.  Not his first time, I'm seeing a pattern here...
After cake and ice cream we played some Guitar Hero (it's been FOREVER).
Cache has his own little guitar and feels it necessary to help the guys out when they play.  Check out his star power!
Once things died down, this is what I found.  First - how about we address the fact that my son is passed out on the couch after a night of partying.  Second - this is Cody and Adam...just surfing on their lap tops...not talking to each other...just hanging out.  Clickity...clickity...
Thank you to everyone who came!  We love you guys, we need to hang out again soon.  And to my sweet Husband who I love more than words can express - Happy Birthday!  You are my everything and I am so lucky you're mine.


Summer Holiday

Happy 4th!  Great weekend - jam packed with frivolous festivities.  On the 4th I made a few apple pies and we headed over to the annual Jolley Picnic at Cody's Great-Grandmother's house.  It's such a fun tradition - I love it!  There was loads of food and I got to hang out with Cody's Mom and sisters. 

Cole cozying up to Cody's sister, Jen for some ice cream
Cache and his lunch
That night we left Cole with my parents and took Cache to see the fireworks in PG.  They were FABULOUS!  It was the perfect Summer evening - warm and breezy.  We got to hang out with our 'fire family' and watch the kids run around.  

When the fireworks started, Cache covered his ears and stayed that way until they were done, but at least he watched them!  Last year he was curled up in protest in my Mom's lap the entire time.  
The show was radical and I'm not sure I will ever go to Stadium of Fire again - too insane!  We showed up 15 minutes before the fireworks started, got a sweet parking spot, a lovely spread on the lawn (with plenty of room between our neighbors), and we got out of there toute suite - no crazy traffic or instant disappearance of patriotic pride caused by lame drivers.  Now, if Bon Jovi ever performs for Stadium of Fire?  Oh yeah, I'll be there.  I'll admit it.  

We gave Chief Marc a pat on the back after the show, the Fire Department did a sweet job this year - I was so proud!

Saturday we headed out to a Birthday party for Hadlie (Cody's cousin's daughter...I don't even know what to call her.  Cousin-niece?  Nousin?).  They had this great little pool and waterslide set up for the kids.  Now, Cache isn't a water baby - never has been.  He loves baths and will play in the sprinklers sometimes, but he's not a fan of swimming no matter how enticing I try to make it.  He did get in at one point, but was pretty quick to hop right back out.  Cole on the other hand loved playing in the water!  It was fun to see them splash around together and cool off (not to mention the glorious snippets when the splashing would hit me and cool me off a bit - it was SO hot).  

Cole enjoying some refreshment after his swim
We came home for a spell before heading up to my parents house to hang out with the Patch family.  Andrea and her family have been in town all week but I feel like I haven't even seen them!  Cache ran around with his cousins all evening and it was so fun to just kick back and relax.  We got Burger Supreme for dinner and enjoyed it on the deck.  

Cody taking the kids for a spin in the wagon.  It was cute, they were calling him Mr. Incredible.
I love my family.  We talked and laughed and planned our family Powell trip (I am stoked), a perfect way to wrap up the Holiday weekend.
And now we have a day of rest - but only one day!  Monday is Cody's Birthday and I have some plans in the works.  Poor guy - he's so laid back and mellow, it can't be easy being married to a girl who loves to throw parties at the slightest encouragement.  Hope you had a great weekend!