My Shop is Open!

At long last, my Etsy shop is up and running!  Click on the link below to check it out!

PS - I much to blog about (the reunion, etc.), but alas - no time at present!  Soon, my dears, soon.



What a fabulous day!  As you all know, my HS reunion is this weekend.  This morning Kate, Hannah and I went down to Magelby's Fresh to meet up with some girls from High School.  I had the best time!  I'm lame and forgot to take a picture, but there will plenty of pictures tomorrow, I swear.  We ate French Toast outside and talked about our lives and old times, it was so much fun.  It was the perfect way to start off the Reunion weekend - thanks for setting that up, Sarah!

Afterwards we ran a few errands and then met Angie at Los for lunch!  I haven't seen Angie in ages and it was so fun for all of us to be together - we were inseparable back in the day, so we had a great time laughing over old boyfriends and bad fashion - the bad fashion being more abundant in our past than the boyfriends.  

Kate and I spent the afternoon catching up and shopping.  Told you it was a fabulous day!  I'm really looking forward to the reunion tomorrow and seeing old commrades!  Until then...


10 Years

Ten years ago I graduated from High School and this Saturday is our Reunion!  I can't believe it's already been 10 years...I am helping with the Reunion which adds to the craziness that is my week.  So instead of attending to the many projects at hand, I am taking a breather and blogging.  My friend Britt had this on her blog a few weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to play!

1. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?
Hmm...maybe to be a little more responsible.  My teenage years were fantastic, but I was pretty flighty when it came to a lot of things.  Surprised?  Didn't think so.
2. Did you do any extra-curricular activities in High School?
I was in Drama and the Orchestra (hot, right?).  Because of those two things I did a lot of competitions and traveling.  
3. What did you do with your free time?
I hung out with my friends whenever possible - we had hundreds of sleepovers and made lots of silly movies.  When I got my license we spent many a Friday night Cruising the "8" for boys!  Ahh, youth.
4. Coolest thing you did as a Teenager?
I don't think I can pick one thing in particular - waking up early to drive up to the State Football Game, planning date dances, being in the school talent shows, plays - I had a blast back then, so I thought everything I did was the coolest.
5. Did you have a boyfriend in High School?
Aye, I did.  I never dated anyone from my school, both of my 'High School Sweethearts' were graduated and had gone to different schools.  
6. Any favorite songs come to mind?
I was really into Oldies when I was in High School - I listened to them all the time.  Whenever I listen to the Oldies station now I always think of being a teenager.  I actually made a CD of songs that were popular back then for our reunion and those totally took me back!  'Tubthumping', 'How Bizarre', 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'...
7. If you could change one thing, what would it be?
I would have paid more attention in school - I was a little too social for my own good!  That and I would have been nicer to people...
8. What did you think you would be when you grew up?
I was interested in becoming an Egyptologist, an actress and a Mother.  My Ancient World History Teacher (Ms. Schoonmaker!!) had us study ancient Egypt and I was fascinated - I was sure I would go into that field.  Obviously that never happened, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad!
9. Picture of self?
Oh dear.  Haha, no lie - I really thought I had it going on in High School!  Just like most people, I look back at old pictures and have NO idea what I was thinking.  I didn't have any style and I didn't know how to do my hair (which is why it was always really long and really straight), braces were present and I was awkward.  Luckily, I didn't realize most of this at the time and had a pretty high self-esteem.  
10. Craziest thing you did in High School?
This will seem weak to other 'crazy' confessions, but here we go - My Senior year, all the Senior girls had a sleepover in the Commons on the Thursday night before Senior Sluff Day (you with me so far?).  Me and some of my pals (sadly, I don't really remember who was in on it with me) organized a water balloon raid!  We had some of our guy friends sneak into the school, run through the commons and launch water balloons at all the girls.  I have never confessed to that until recently - I'm sure I was a suspect because I didn't get wet!  I'm sure to get some hate mail over this...

Go ahead, give it a whirl!  Everyone who reads this is invited to play...



What a weekend!  Busy, busy - lets get started.  There will be loads of pictures, so settle in...On Friday we headed back up to the Carnival - Cache was so excited to ride the Carousel again.  Cody was on shift, but was able to take some time and hang out with us at the Fair.

Cole and his toothy grin.
Saturday was the parade!  Cache rode on top of the Fire Engine with the other fire kids...I didn't get his picture, however, because he was covering his ears the whole time (guess the siren and the horn were a bit too loud for him!).  

Cole messing around while we waited for the parade to start.
Cody and the rest of the Honor Guard opened the parade - don't they look dapper?  (Cody is second from the left....the handsome devil).
After the parade we headed over to the Gym for the Grand Opening!  It was a total success!  There was a huge crowd and we had lots of trainers come down from other Gyms to support us - it was awesome.  As promised, Cody and some other guys did 'Firefighter Fran' - a workout in full Fire gear.
What is Fran?  Here's the breakdown:
21 reps: 95# Thrusters, Pull Ups
15 reps: 95# Thrusters, Pull Ups    
9 reps: 95# Thruster, Pull Ups

All for time.  Brutal.

Cody, Jason and Damon (who is not a firefighter) did SO well!  Damon wasn't used to all the equipment and he did such a good job, I was very impressed.  Here he is getting some assistance from Dave.
This is Nolan who trains at another CrossFit Gym.  He was great and keeping the guys motivated during their workout!  He isn't a Firefighter, either, but he donned the gear and did the work out as well.  He and Damon both said they appreciate what Firefighters do now more than ever after wearing all that gear!  Natalie and Jason (the other owners of VCF) are in the background.  
Cody doing a thruster
The gear was certainly hindering - the had on their helmets, masks and tanks...about 50 lbs overall.  At one point when Cody was resting I went over and squeezed his hand.  I got a little emotional, not gonna lie.  
Cody pushed through it and finished in 17 min.  It's official - he is Mr. Incredible.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

Saturday night I was asked to be in the 'Thrillionaires' show!  This is the 3rd Saturday show (with the founding cast members) that I have been asked to do and it was SO much fun!  The theme was 'Rock Star', so I got to wear my hot pink hair!  I am loving these shows so much - and we had a full house!  You MUST come down and see us perform, the shows are fabulous.  I have another show tomorrow night, so be sure to stop by if you can!  8:00pm at the Covey.  See you there!

I wish we could rest up from such a crazy weekend, but no!  I have many projects this week, not to mention my 10 year High School Reunion on Saturday!  Lots to do, lots to do.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a BBQ with friends this week...it's still Summer, after all.


Carnival Ride

Strawberries and Cream can only mean one thing - Strawberry Days in PG!  This weekend will be full of parades, rodeos, corndogs and carnival rides.  Stuff like this is so "Summer" to me - I just can't get enough of it.  This afternoon I took the boys up to see Cody at the Station and we had lunch at the Carnival at the park.  Cache had a blast!  He kept asking to ride the Ferris Wheel and was so brave when he went on a small roller coaster.  It was so fun watching him on the rides, and he was so patient while he waited for the operators to come over and lift him in the seat and buckle his seat belt.  I think one of my favorite things was when an operator came over to him and said, "You ready, sugar?"  I love it.

Here we are on the Carousel
He was all business on the Motorcycle.  Is it just me, or does anyone else think he resembles a young Steve McQueen in this picture?
I was so surprised that Cache wanted to ride this little coaster!  You can tell he was a bit spooked, but the girl he was sitting next to was really nice to him.  Hmmm, I may have to watch out for that when he gets older...

Cache was heartbroken when we had to leave, but I promised that we would be back before too long.  Cody is helping out all weekend, so we'll be up there a lot!  If you're able, definitely take the kids up there - lots to do, so much fun. 

And now!  Some announcements - here we go:

1st - My dear friend Hannah is having her Grand Opening for her business tomorrow!  She is opening a Hot Dog truck aptly named "Frank's", which also happens to be her husband's name.  They have worked so hard to get this business up and running and I know they will be successful.  Good luck, guys!

2nd - Speaking of Grand Openings, Viking Cross Fit (Cody's Gym) is having their Grand Opening on Saturday!  Cody and two of his good friends from Orem Fire started the gym a few months ago and they have been working so hard.  It's sort of an open house from 10:00am - 4:00pm.  If you're in PG, you should definitely be stopping by to check out the action - they will be doing a few work outs in full Firefighter Gear!  Go to their link on my sidebar for more info...

3rd - And finally, I am joining the Etsy wagon.  Hopefully I will have my shop up and running by Monday, but that depends on how much I can get done this weekend (this crazy, jam-packed weekend).  Stay tuned!


By The Beautiful Sea!

To add to my Dad's radical status, I must tell you about his recent hobby.  Lemme esplain - my Father has mania's - a plethora of them.  Something will peak his interest and it sort of consumes him for...who knows how long.  Sometimes a few months, sometimes a few years.  His longest running mania has been birds - mostly from the finch family.  In every house we have lived in, my Dad has built an Aviary to house his prized feathered friends.

Now?  His new mania is boats.  I mean, we've always been a boating family, but he has starting collecting sweet old boats from the 50's and 60, aka 'Gidget Boats' (that's what I call them, anyway).  A few weeks ago he towed a shiny new boat down to the lake to participate in a 'show and tell' of sorts.  A 'retro boat show', if you will.  My Mom stayed up late the night before making a poster full of information about the boat my Dad brought down - and here she is!

A 1957 Avalon - the anchor flag is one of my favorite things!

These water skiis were included in the purchase - I think they are as old as the boat is!

The interior is original and in mint condition - so very 'Some Like It Hot'

The boat has only had 2 previous owners.  The original owner housed it for almost 50 years, hardly using it if I remember correctly.  The second owner only had it for a couple of years before my Dad was able to snag it!  I'll have to make sure he comments and lists all the cool stuff about this boat - including the sweet 'Little Dude' trailer it rides on!  I can't wait to go for a spin on the water in this little gem - now where is my sun hat...



My Dad.  Where to begin?  I honestly have been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of the perfect way to express how amazing he is.  How much I adore and admire him.  How much I depend on him.  How much I love him.

He always taught us to work hard - he made an entire day of cleaning the house or the garage.  One of his most famous phrases is, "Go do this, then report back to me".  Report back to me!  Ahh, good times.  He planned fabulous family vacations, family nights of launching rockets and he always ate cake batter with me.  He taught us how to live and love the Gospel.  He taught us to be good people - which meant shoveling the walk for the  grumpy old ladies who lived next door every Winter.  I have fond memories of going to the BYU track as a family and singing 'Music Man' around the piano.  I can't help but cry in gratitude for the incredible parents I have.  My dad constructed our frame, my Mom furnished the interior.  To my strong, brilliant, honest, solid, wonderful Father - I love you.  

And now we move to Gary, Cody's Dad.  Gary is phenomenal.  He is so humble, that is why I love to blog about him because he can't blush and shake his head when I talk about him.  He is like my Dad in so many ways, which is probably why I care so much for him.  He's also radical by association because he is married to my fabulous mother-in-law, Kathy (whom I love tremendously).  Cody is an amazing husband and father because of Gary's example.  Gary is so thoughtful and kind and genuine.  He helped us work on our house, is always stopping by to hang out for a bit and was my knight in shining armor when I needed a spider the size of Canada killed in my family room (true story).  I love him so much!

And at last, sweet Cody.  I think we all know what a Prince he is.  Cody is the greatest father to our kids.  They idolize him in every way - Cache loves to talk to Cody on the phone and say, "I look like you!".  He is a handsome devil, I can't deny it.  I love Cody so much.   Parenting isn't scary because I get to do it with him.  He is so good with our kids and works so hard to provide for our family.  He can fix and build anything.  And today just happens to be the 7 year anniversary of our first date!  He is so understanding and supportive of everything I do.  I love that we are building our family - it's such a cool thing to create a family of your very own with someone who is your entire world.  Dearest Cody, I love you with all my heart - thank you for being the best Dad to our boys!  With any luck, they will grow up to be just like you. 


Milk, eggs, madness...

You know those days where you are out and about and your little children are super well-behaved?  They are quiet and clean and they hold your hand as you walk around the store?  Yes well, today was not one of those days for me.

I don't mind going to the grocery store.  Do I love it?  No, but there are worse things (there has to be).  I didn't have much to get today, so I wasn't too worried when I loaded up the kids to brave the madness.  We headed in and Cache actually wanted to sit in the cart - awesome!  No little dude running around!  Cole is strong enough to sit up in the shopping cart without his car seat which has it's good and bad points.  Good because I don't have to haul a car seat inside and awkwardly maneuver the blasted thing into that little section - mine always seems to be the wrong size so I'm scrutinized by other shoppers as I'm shoving the thing in there with all my might.  Bad because he's wily and could easily get out of the cart if I'm taking too long making up my mind about an item.  We start in the produce section and I'm carefully planning a meal in my head to make for Cody for Father's Day.  "Corn on the cob...beans...watermelon...steaks...".  Of course my thoughts keep getting interrupted as Cole is constantly chewing on the disease-ridden metal bars on the cart and Cache picking up everything he sees (squash, peppers, zucchini...oh wait, I need zucchini - good job, son).   I then go pick out some steaks and Cole seems to think that if he could just get to the floor, he could crawl away and be free!   I keep giving Cole toys from my purse and little snacks to keep him happy and distracted while I shop.  I also have the mental test of organizing my groceries around Cache in the cart.  Cole starts yelling.   Cache decides he wants to jump ship and leave the cart.  I oblige, and to my surprise he stays pretty close to me while we finish up the list...mostly because he hangs on the side of the cart while I push.

Now, this is all very handle..a..ble.  Handleable.  That is...until we get to the check out line.  Now, I'm a fan of the self-checkout because it seems to go faster.  Cache promptly starts scanning and dropping things in the bags so fast the machine can't keep up, so someone has to keep coming over and typing in their secret code so I can continue purchasing.  Cole is being quiet...too quiet.  He is having a super time chewing on rubbery headbands that were hanging on the magazine rack.  When I take them away, he screams.  And cries.  Loud.  I'm frantically running things over the scanner and start notice little beads of sweat gathering at my forehead.  Cache is tired of waiting and throws his gum package I just bought for him on the floor.  Cole somehow found more headbands and is cutting his new teeth on them.  I finally load the bags in the cart, take the headbands away which is followed by louder screams, Cache is crying because I told him to pick up his gum, I pick up Cole to soothe him and NOW the machine wants my credit card.  "You mean I have to pay for this kind of experience?!"  I shuffle my wallet out of my purse, still sweating, prevent Cole from grabbing my card and run it through the machine and snag the receipt while it's ink is still wet as I rush out of the store.

Both boys are in their seats sobbing and I'm loading groceries at light speed.  I have a brief minute of solace as I take the cart to the cart return and the cries are muffled in the confines of my Durango.  I hop in the car, turn it on, resume "Mary Poppins" on the DVD, wipe my brow, and pull out of the parking lot.  This.  This is when my kids decide to turn into Angels and are silent like little church mice.

I forgot lightbulbs.  Perfect.


Dorothy's Got Nothin' On Me

Remember how a year and a half ago I fell in love with some delicious gold glitter flats?  But I did not purchase said flats at the time because they were $130?  Then my Birthday came around about 6 months later and my sweet friends decided to purchase the sparkly shoes for me...but when they arrived, there was only 1 shoe in the box.  And it was the wrong size.

Although I searched and searched I couldn't find a pair anywhere, I was sure they were lost and gone forever.  Ahhh, not so!  For I found the beautiful flats in all their glittery glory on eBay for a mere $36.00.  Guess what arrived today?

My quest has finally come to an end.  Dorothy and her ruby slippers?  No thanks, I'm truly walking on sunshine.


Rock and Roll!

Fallen Angel Rocks!  Just got back last night from the Girls Trip and I must say - it was the BEST ONE EVER!  I had the best time!  The weather was gorgeous and spending 4 days with my friends was a complete blast.  It's amazing what these trips do for my soul - staying up late and sleeping in late, swooning while watching 'Pride and Predjudice', being able to just sit and talk for hours with the girls and eating way, way too much.  No, really.  The best part?  I don't feel like any time was wasted - we got the most out of every second together!   We had glamorous nights out, simple nights in and got all rocked out for our last night on the town!  

Pictures speak louder than words - so here is a sampling (a sampling, mind you...I'm pretty sure over 400 pictures were taken during this trip by all of us - no lie) of what went day-yown...

Our first night!  We were starved, so we went to Logan's Roadhouse and gorged ourselves.  We also made lifelong friends with our waitress, Tina.  She just might have to come on the trip next Summer...
Our traditional late night shopping at Wal-Mart.  I didn't even ask them to pose for this shot, it's crazy.
Cooling off at the Pool!
Mmmm, crepes for breakfast
Mmm, second helping of crepes for breakfast
Shoe shopping at Nordstrom - doing what we do best!
Hannah and I taking a quick break while the rest of the girls tried on some of the latest fashions
The damage
Gussied up for dinner!  Oooh - check out our colorful shoes!
Probably the funniest car ride I've ever had in my life.  I know it doesn't seem like it from this pictures, but take my word for it - tears and snorting were involved.
Sleeping in...
Carla and her rocked out 'do!  She resembled a famous soap star from the 80's
Singing 'Livin' on a Prayer" at the top of our lungs!
Um...I think we were singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" in this one
Our private booth at PF Changs - how famous are we?  All the girls kept telling me I should make the pink hair extensions a permanent thing.  Thoughts?
So sad, Kate saying goodbye to Hannah and I at the Airport.

It makes me a little sad to see all these pictures - I don't want the trip to be over!  It was the best ever.  Now?  Back to reality.  And planning for the trip next year which takes place in Vegas!  I already have a theme picked out, I just hope it tops this year.  Thanks again, ladies - rock on, Fallen Angel!