Final Curtain

I have been performing with the Thrillionaires for about two years and have LOVED every minute of it. I have learned so much and have met some of the greatest people on this planet. I always looked forward to every show, always amazed at the genius that was created on stage. If you've ever been to one of our performances, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

At a meeting last week, the founders told us that we would no longer be performing weekly shows. They needed to put things on hold for a while to get some business things in order and sort of re-assess what they want the Thrillionaires to be. I had mixed feelings about their decision - I was sad to see the weekly shows go. Sad that we wouldn't get to perform together as often.

From my understanding, what they've envisioned for the Thrillionaires is true improvised theater - an actual play or musical that is made up on a whim. A big show every few months that runs 3 or 4 nights. A big show that has an amazing set, costumes, props. We would have weeks to really study and sink our teeth into a genre so we can put on a fantastic show. If the weekly shows were that successful and that brilliant, can you imagine what will happen when we can really work and polish and put on a grand show that will blow the roof off?

After all, the most important aspect is more than taken care of - the cast. The group that makes up the Thrillionaires is second to none. The actors that create these stories and songs out of thin air are the best in the business! They never, ever cease to amaze me.

So tonight is my final weekly show with Thrillionaires. It's bittersweet! Thank you to everyone who supported me and my fellow players by coming to our shows and spreading the word. I feel so fortunate to be included in this amazing group. Bigger and better shows (is that possible? Is that physically possible?) are on the horizon, so keep your eyes open for upcoming Thrillionaires theater! And if I'm lucky enough to perform with these golden peeps, I have nothing to worry about. Encore!


Sister, Sister

TODAY! Today is my sister's Birthday. Ahhh, Andrea - the best sister ever. We were chatting and giggling on the phone the other day, one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. I love when she comes up to visit or when I get so spend time with her down in Vegas. We always have so much fun together and usually end up laughing until we cry.
She can also talk me into just about anything, like running myself into the ground (literally) by joining her Ragnar team last Summer. Not an easy fete.

She is my inspiration, my sounding board, my creative idol and fashion icon. She is my BEST friend and I love her so, so much!

Happy Birthday, Sis!


More Than Meets the Eye

Cache's Birthday Party was a raging success! Friday we baked some cookies for Cache to take to Preschool and afterwards we joined my family for lunch. A dark cloud was looming overhead on the drive home because you see, I was faced with the daunting task of baking and decorating Cache's Birthday cake before his party. Like most little boys, my son is loving anything that transforms from a car into a ginormous robot. Therefore, he requested a Transformer party. And cake. While the cake was in the oven I googled some images of cake ideas. I do not recommend this. I instantly felt so bad that I didn't have this radical cake for my son's party. I didn't have a three-tier, Optimus Prime-topped shining masterpiece bedecked with candles...but I did have some cookie dough and I got to work. I cut out some pieces, baked them, frosted them and bam - the finished product.

It turned out ok, and you know what? Cache was thrilled. I think he even said it was 'awesome'. I'll take it!

We picked up Cody from the station, picked up some balloons and headed over to Chuck E Cheese for the big shebang. The boys were getting so impatient waiting for the party to start...

When all the kids arrives, we handed them their very own cup o' tokens and sent them off to play games. Our good friend Jon even got into the spirit of things. My Dad bought his own little cup and took my Mom around and they played some games together. It's like a date at the Circus!

My Dad, Cache and Cody. Look at the little man's form! Such concentration.

Cole was stealing little bites of Cache's cake as we sang 'Happy Birthday'.
Cache opened presents, we cleaned up and invited Cache's best friend Drew to a sleep over.
They didn't really sleep, however. At 11:30 I had to threaten them with taking away their transformers if they didn't go to sleep.
I'm so glad Cache had a fun 5th Birthday! I, however, need a year to recover.


Cache Money Millionaire

Today my son turns 5. FIVE! My brilliant, little boy! This is such a fun age - I love spending time with him and having little conversations with him...
"Mom? I know what we should do today."
"Ok, what would you like to do?"
"I think we should build Rocket Powered Bat Wings."
"...I see."
He filled out this little chart to take to Preschool - he was so excited to write and draw in all his favorite things.

He loves to read and draw pictures - I absolutely love to see how he interprets images on paper. He loves to draw our family...so cute. He's so good at figuring things out, he works and works at something until he gets it. He also dresses better than I do and he already out-wits me.

Last Summer we went to Costco and Cache saw a Buzz Lightyear costume that he really wanted. We told him that he could use his own money to buy it if he wanted it that badly. Genius plan, Mom and Dad! We drove home, he ran to his piggy bank and enlisted me to help him count the coins. After discarding some random tiny toys and chocolate coins, he had more than enough to pay for his costume. He proudly put all this money ($20.00 in change) in a bag and we drove back to Costco to make his purchase.
The girls at the Check Out were so nice when he handed over his bag and they made a big deal of counting it out and gave him his own little receipt.

He put on his space outfit as soon as we got home and insisted wearing it until dinner. I was so proud of him!

Cache also loves to watch musicals with me and I LOVE that. Some favorites are The Music Man, Phantom of the Opera and Oklahoma. Never fear, he also loves Transformers and Iron Man, so Cody's happy.
Cache took soccer this past year and LOVED it. He didn't need all that gear (shin guards, cleats, etc.), but he looked so cute I couldn't stand it.
Two peas in a pod, these boys. They are inseparable.
Cache with his best friend, Drew!
We have lots of fun things planned today and are excited for his Birthday Party tomorrow! Happy, Happy Birthday to my amazing son! We love you so much - thanks for being such a great kid and great older brother to little Cole. We love having you in our family! Love, Mom and Dad.


I Pledge My Allegiance

Tappy Tapperton

I have always been under the impression that I can't dance. Why have I felt this way? Because I can't dance. Oh, I took some dance classes growing up and had a few recitals, but my twinkling toes have been dormant for quite some time.

Thursday night we had our first tap rehearsal for the show. At one point I jump out of a cake (how cool is that) and then tap a little number with some other girls while singing, "All I do is dream of you the whole night through!" etc. That afternoon, Mindi went with me to the Dance Works so I could purchase some tap shoes - the first pair I've ever owned. I found these snappy little numbers and thought they would be perfect for the show! Two-tone wing tips? 70% off? Yes please.

Before we get to work on the choreography, the other experienced dancing girls are stretching like gumby dolls and twirling around the room. Me? What am I doing? Breaking a sweat just lacing my shoes. I am placed front and center and we get to work. To my surprise, I'm actually getting it! I'm dancing! I can even wink and smile while my feet are fancy. We worked and worked and finally called it a night at 10:00. It was the best work out ever and it was so much fun!

I left feeling pretty confident, like I could take any dance on because I knew I could learn it - Cut to this morning where I joined some girls for a tap class at the theater. Whoa, what happened? I thought I could do this! No? I was awkward and felt uncoordinated and slow...and I still can't stretch like gumby. I've been humbled. I have a long way to go, but I know I can do this. And believe you me, my toes will twinkle.


Happy Birthday, Marty!

My older brother is celebrating a Birthday today!
Ahh, Marty, the solid gold sibling of the Patch clan. I LOVE Marty - love love love. He is such a genuine, radical person. We love to quote movies and talk movies and try to top each other's wit which usually ends in us laughing so hard we're crying and shaking silently for several minutes.
I called him this morning to wish him Happy Birthday only to have him tell me that he's spending the weekend in Puerto Vallarta with his gorgeous wife, Jess. Birthday celebration: win.
Happy Birthday, Marty! Thank you for everything you bring to our family, I love you so much!



Health has returned to the Jolley household, my friends! After a long absence, we welcomed back clear nasal passages and cough-free nights with open arms. Viva la health!

It's amazing what a little 'feeling good' can do for you after weeks of feeling awful.

That revived feeling paired with the freshness of a new year can only mean many accomplishments, starting with my home. Ever since moving in I have felt that things are very 'temporary'. Since we have such grand plans (remodeling and all), we have neglected to really allow ourselves to move in. I mean, if we're going to rip out that closet and raise that ceiling and open up that wall, we probably shouldn't settle in too much, right? Fail. I can't take it anymore. I'm sick of maneuvering around boxes, enough is too much! I plan on going through this home room by room and cleaning it and organizing it so it's a pleasure to be in every space.

D.I. will no doubt see many a contribution from me over the next few days, a purge is in the works! And see? Once I have a place for everything and everything has it's place, then we can rip out the kitchen.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving?

Mindi Brimhall.

She just might be the greatest friend in the world. Why, you ask? This darling girl CLEANED AND ORGANIZED my art room last night! Yes, she rules. My poor art room has been a catch-all for loads of stuff since we moved in. I somehow still create projects in here, but the clutter was becoming a bit impossible to ignore. I attempted to spend an hour or two in here on Monday and clean everything out, but I was too sick to couldn't accomplish much.

Enter Mighty Mindi and her organizing ways! She stored items and cleaned off my desk and even vacuumed the floor. The best part might be my new Wallpaper on my computer...
Oh yes, the Hoff stays.

Look at my little shelf!
Pretty little books, all in a row.

I'm obsessed with this view.
This was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I don't know how I can ever repay her for doing this for me - now I feel like I can paint and decorate and get my art room all fancy. Thanks, Mindi! (and Kevin, for the Hoff).

In other news, we are still sick (look at two of my boys tuckered out. Yeah, that's Cody's leopard print snuggie. True story). We are on antibiotics and we see a glimmer of health in our future. Until I feel 100%, I'm going to sit in my clean, organized room and dream of upcoming projects...


Happy New Year!

Here it is! 2010! I hope you all had a marvelous Holiday, I sure did. In my blogging hiatus I've enjoyed some much needed R&R and family time. Sadly, we've all been really sick for the past two weeks, but that's another story...on to Holiday frivolity!

Christmas was awesome, isn't it always? We had Christmas Eve dinner with Cody's family and spent the evening there. Cache was pretty excited about Santa coming the next morning, so getting him to go to bed was easy. We have tons of deer that walk through our neighborhood (our front yard is covered in tracks), so I would tell Cache, "Whoa! I just saw one of Santa's reindeer! Get into bed, don't let them see you! This is not a drill!". Cody and I were up until 1:00 wrapping and setting things up, I even draped a blanket over the doorway to our living room so the boys couldn't see in when they woke up - my parents always did that when we were growing up, I loved it.

Cody had to run down to the station early Christmas morning, but he came home around 7:30 and started a fire. He crawled back into bed and whispered, "Merry Christmas". Cutie. The boys were pretty chill, they woke up around 8:30 and we all ate breakfast before opening presents. The biggest hit was probably a train table my parents bought the boys. They played with that thing all day...
Cole opening his rocking horse. What's that? Do I see some Merry Pants??

We spent all day napping and wearing pajamas - I even tried out my fancy new snuggie! Oh yes, I own a snuggie (thanks Jolley parents!). It was so nice to just spend the day with our little family. Merry merries.

We were sort of laying low because all of us were fighting off a nasty cold. Coughing and blowing noses. We were able to go to Ruby River with the Brimhall's and laugh until we hurt. My sister and her family came to town and I got to lunch with her and my Mom! Sadly I didn't get to see her kids since my boys now had pink eye (awesome) and Cody and I were still sick. One afternoon we all went to see 'Avatar' in 3D and my mind was blown - it was SO good!

It snowed liked crazy just before New Year's and the boys and I took advantage by sledding in the back yard. It was so fun hearing them laugh their heads off as they took off down our little slope.

To ring in the New Year, we invited the fire crew over for a mellow evening. Cody made some cookies before everyone arrived and Cole helped himself to the dough. He's my son!
Oh, and don't mind that he's topless - he's a total nudist, I'm surprised he even has pants on in this picture.

Before we put the kids to bed, we lit some fireworks in the driveway. Oooh, ahhhh....
Mindi, Natalie and I enjoying some tasty lil' smokies!
We snacked and played 'Apples to Apples' for a few hours. That game is so hilarious, I was laughing so hard. At midnight we had a toast and listed some resolutions. They are good people, that crew. After everyone left Cody and I spent a few silent minutes on the porch. It was SO bright outside! So pretty, all snowy and white and quiet.
2009 was a busy year for the Jolley family! We sold our house, moved into a fabulous neighborhood and have I mentioned that our ward is rad? We got to go to Hawaii, I turned 30 (what the), Cache started school and we obtained a Scout. We have been so taken care of during this adjustment, truly blessed. It's becomes more and more apparent to me that the Lord is very aware of our family. I'm so thankful that we have such good, solid friends that make our lives rich, I love them all so much. My sweet boys that are my world. I will admit, spending all day with them can make me crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm addicted to those little faces. My husband...solid gold, that man. We are happy and (not 100%) healthy and ready to face the new year. Bring on 2010!