Cache Money Millionaire

Today my son turns 5. FIVE! My brilliant, little boy! This is such a fun age - I love spending time with him and having little conversations with him...
"Mom? I know what we should do today."
"Ok, what would you like to do?"
"I think we should build Rocket Powered Bat Wings."
"...I see."
He filled out this little chart to take to Preschool - he was so excited to write and draw in all his favorite things.

He loves to read and draw pictures - I absolutely love to see how he interprets images on paper. He loves to draw our family...so cute. He's so good at figuring things out, he works and works at something until he gets it. He also dresses better than I do and he already out-wits me.

Last Summer we went to Costco and Cache saw a Buzz Lightyear costume that he really wanted. We told him that he could use his own money to buy it if he wanted it that badly. Genius plan, Mom and Dad! We drove home, he ran to his piggy bank and enlisted me to help him count the coins. After discarding some random tiny toys and chocolate coins, he had more than enough to pay for his costume. He proudly put all this money ($20.00 in change) in a bag and we drove back to Costco to make his purchase.
The girls at the Check Out were so nice when he handed over his bag and they made a big deal of counting it out and gave him his own little receipt.

He put on his space outfit as soon as we got home and insisted wearing it until dinner. I was so proud of him!

Cache also loves to watch musicals with me and I LOVE that. Some favorites are The Music Man, Phantom of the Opera and Oklahoma. Never fear, he also loves Transformers and Iron Man, so Cody's happy.
Cache took soccer this past year and LOVED it. He didn't need all that gear (shin guards, cleats, etc.), but he looked so cute I couldn't stand it.
Two peas in a pod, these boys. They are inseparable.
Cache with his best friend, Drew!
We have lots of fun things planned today and are excited for his Birthday Party tomorrow! Happy, Happy Birthday to my amazing son! We love you so much - thanks for being such a great kid and great older brother to little Cole. We love having you in our family! Love, Mom and Dad.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

happy birthday, cache! he's such a cutie. i'm so jealous that he has a brother. nash needs one of those...

kateastrophe said...

It makes me tear up a little reading this because a) he's awesome and b) it's because of you, my best friend, that he is so awesome.

I love him and I love you!

Tayva said...

He out-thinks you?! Uh-oh! [Do you know how much smarter than ME that makes him??] Happy Birthday to a GRAND son. We'll see him tomorrow at the party!!! XOXOXO to him and to you, too.

Shawn said...

Oh----what a little cutie! My son's birthday is tomorrow----and he is ten! Oh----where do the years go?

Bringing Lady Back said...

What a little stallion!

Happy Birthday, Cache!

Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

happy birhtday Cache! we totally love that little guy!

Jenglamgirl said...

Happy Be-lates.. to darling CACHE! love his hair!!! your boys look just like you toe heads and all! LOVE IT!

hope you are kicking but with tap, and learning your lines! ;)