More Than Meets the Eye

Cache's Birthday Party was a raging success! Friday we baked some cookies for Cache to take to Preschool and afterwards we joined my family for lunch. A dark cloud was looming overhead on the drive home because you see, I was faced with the daunting task of baking and decorating Cache's Birthday cake before his party. Like most little boys, my son is loving anything that transforms from a car into a ginormous robot. Therefore, he requested a Transformer party. And cake. While the cake was in the oven I googled some images of cake ideas. I do not recommend this. I instantly felt so bad that I didn't have this radical cake for my son's party. I didn't have a three-tier, Optimus Prime-topped shining masterpiece bedecked with candles...but I did have some cookie dough and I got to work. I cut out some pieces, baked them, frosted them and bam - the finished product.

It turned out ok, and you know what? Cache was thrilled. I think he even said it was 'awesome'. I'll take it!

We picked up Cody from the station, picked up some balloons and headed over to Chuck E Cheese for the big shebang. The boys were getting so impatient waiting for the party to start...

When all the kids arrives, we handed them their very own cup o' tokens and sent them off to play games. Our good friend Jon even got into the spirit of things. My Dad bought his own little cup and took my Mom around and they played some games together. It's like a date at the Circus!

My Dad, Cache and Cody. Look at the little man's form! Such concentration.

Cole was stealing little bites of Cache's cake as we sang 'Happy Birthday'.
Cache opened presents, we cleaned up and invited Cache's best friend Drew to a sleep over.
They didn't really sleep, however. At 11:30 I had to threaten them with taking away their transformers if they didn't go to sleep.
I'm so glad Cache had a fun 5th Birthday! I, however, need a year to recover.


Rosey said...

I cannot believe the little Cache Man is 5 years old! What? Not ok. He is so dang cute! Love him!

kateastrophe said...

What a fun party! And bravo on the Transformer cake! I love that even when you write in frosting your handwriting is so discernable! Reminds me of high school notes . . .

Happy Birthday Cache Man!

Mindi said...

So cute. The cake...perf. I'm sa proud!! I love their little bed on the floor, so presh. What a great party for the little man, you did an awesome job, as always!

Pedersen Family said...

Looks like fun. The cake is awesome! Good job mom!