Happy New Year!

Here it is! 2010! I hope you all had a marvelous Holiday, I sure did. In my blogging hiatus I've enjoyed some much needed R&R and family time. Sadly, we've all been really sick for the past two weeks, but that's another story...on to Holiday frivolity!

Christmas was awesome, isn't it always? We had Christmas Eve dinner with Cody's family and spent the evening there. Cache was pretty excited about Santa coming the next morning, so getting him to go to bed was easy. We have tons of deer that walk through our neighborhood (our front yard is covered in tracks), so I would tell Cache, "Whoa! I just saw one of Santa's reindeer! Get into bed, don't let them see you! This is not a drill!". Cody and I were up until 1:00 wrapping and setting things up, I even draped a blanket over the doorway to our living room so the boys couldn't see in when they woke up - my parents always did that when we were growing up, I loved it.

Cody had to run down to the station early Christmas morning, but he came home around 7:30 and started a fire. He crawled back into bed and whispered, "Merry Christmas". Cutie. The boys were pretty chill, they woke up around 8:30 and we all ate breakfast before opening presents. The biggest hit was probably a train table my parents bought the boys. They played with that thing all day...
Cole opening his rocking horse. What's that? Do I see some Merry Pants??

We spent all day napping and wearing pajamas - I even tried out my fancy new snuggie! Oh yes, I own a snuggie (thanks Jolley parents!). It was so nice to just spend the day with our little family. Merry merries.

We were sort of laying low because all of us were fighting off a nasty cold. Coughing and blowing noses. We were able to go to Ruby River with the Brimhall's and laugh until we hurt. My sister and her family came to town and I got to lunch with her and my Mom! Sadly I didn't get to see her kids since my boys now had pink eye (awesome) and Cody and I were still sick. One afternoon we all went to see 'Avatar' in 3D and my mind was blown - it was SO good!

It snowed liked crazy just before New Year's and the boys and I took advantage by sledding in the back yard. It was so fun hearing them laugh their heads off as they took off down our little slope.

To ring in the New Year, we invited the fire crew over for a mellow evening. Cody made some cookies before everyone arrived and Cole helped himself to the dough. He's my son!
Oh, and don't mind that he's topless - he's a total nudist, I'm surprised he even has pants on in this picture.

Before we put the kids to bed, we lit some fireworks in the driveway. Oooh, ahhhh....
Mindi, Natalie and I enjoying some tasty lil' smokies!
We snacked and played 'Apples to Apples' for a few hours. That game is so hilarious, I was laughing so hard. At midnight we had a toast and listed some resolutions. They are good people, that crew. After everyone left Cody and I spent a few silent minutes on the porch. It was SO bright outside! So pretty, all snowy and white and quiet.
2009 was a busy year for the Jolley family! We sold our house, moved into a fabulous neighborhood and have I mentioned that our ward is rad? We got to go to Hawaii, I turned 30 (what the), Cache started school and we obtained a Scout. We have been so taken care of during this adjustment, truly blessed. It's becomes more and more apparent to me that the Lord is very aware of our family. I'm so thankful that we have such good, solid friends that make our lives rich, I love them all so much. My sweet boys that are my world. I will admit, spending all day with them can make me crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm addicted to those little faces. My husband...solid gold, that man. We are happy and (not 100%) healthy and ready to face the new year. Bring on 2010!


Jenglamgirl said...

Happy New Year My Dear~
Love all the pictures, and that your hunny woke you up christmas morning saying "Merry Christmas Cutie" Ohhh' sighh' how cute is that! Love that you mentioned your Merry Pants you crack my up. Love your little boys backs to the camera at their train station table. I cracked up at the "lil Smokies" eating pic. seriously my sister nick named Ryker Lil lil smokies because he has the fattest chubbiest dimpled hands, and his fingers look like little "lil" smokies. Hugs, JENN

kateastrophe said...

Happiest New Year! It looks like you guys had such a blast over the holidays. Makes me a mite homesick!

Love you so much and can't wait to see you in APRIL! (It needs to come sooner!)

Mindi said...

um I simply MUST have, my nakey baby with the cookie dough picture. What a handsome little fella. I love it. I love hims stripey jammies too. Cute little family pics... I'm gonna go ahead and erase the lil' smokies pic outta ma memory.. I look like Quazzy Moto's long lost sister.