Sister, Sister

TODAY! Today is my sister's Birthday. Ahhh, Andrea - the best sister ever. We were chatting and giggling on the phone the other day, one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon. I love when she comes up to visit or when I get so spend time with her down in Vegas. We always have so much fun together and usually end up laughing until we cry.
She can also talk me into just about anything, like running myself into the ground (literally) by joining her Ragnar team last Summer. Not an easy fete.

She is my inspiration, my sounding board, my creative idol and fashion icon. She is my BEST friend and I love her so, so much!

Happy Birthday, Sis!


Andrea said...

Aww... Thanks, Jewelsy! xoxoxox!

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Happy Birthday AndREA...you guys are the funniest family I know, so it's no surprise that you laugh until you cry.

Hope it was awesome!