Ahhh, Prom.  I went out to dinner with Hannah and Tanya last night only to realize that it was, in fact, Prom Night.  So many dresses!  So many flowers!  So many beads!  The air was thick with perfume, hairspray and Clearasil.  All the girls sizing each other up, the boys slapping fives looking a bit uncomfortable in their tuxes.

It's crazy to think that my Junior Prom was 11 years ago!  What the...so crazy.  I had been looking forward to Prom since I found out what it was.  And luckily my Prom was fantastic - it was perfect.  The boy of my dreams asked me and I was SO ecstatic!  I'd had a crush on Greg forever and we had recently become pals.  He asked me with a dozen roses and I could not wait for the dance.  I had a dress made and it had to be red - who didn't want to dance to "Lady In Red" whilst wearing a red dress?  Hello?  Just me?  He took me 4-wheeling during the day at the sand dunes.  It was SO much fun - I had never been and it was such a blast.  When he dropped me off I got all gussied and glam (well...glam for 1997 anyway).  Greg showed up looking quite dapper in his tux.  His bow tie and vest matched my dress - not to mention the red convertible in the driveway!  We went to dinner and then finally made our appearance at the dance.  It was at the County Courthouse and once you arrive, you sort of line up and they read off your names.  You then proceed to walk down the steps of the courthouse arm in arm.  Families show up and take pictures - it's kind of a big deal.  Greg and I danced all evening and then just before we were about to leave, he dedicated "Lady In Red" for me.  Could you die??  I almost did.  We got ice cream with our friends before he dropped me off.  I remember going to sleep that night knowing that I'd just had the best night ever.

Greg and I continued to hang out and we eventually became best friends - there was a big group of us that always hung out during High School.  I have many fond memories of riding around in Clint's jeep and swimming at Amy's almost every day during the Summer.  Nothing really romantic ever happened with Greg and I until after High School, but even then we realized we were just too good of friends.  Greg and I are still friends to this day - we are trying to get together for a BBQ, hopefully that will happen soon!

So tell me, BC fans - who was your Prom Date?  Spill...



Cody and I had our first BBQ of the season last night!  A few friends joined us and we had a great time.  Ahhh, nothing spells Summer like a backyard BBQ, am I right?  Cody made some delicious steaks, we had steamed veggies and watermelon, and I made some guacamole from scratch!  I am a super genius.  I have never made quac before, so I got some basic ingredient ides from  my sister and went to work.  It turned out SO yummy!  Here's what I did....I think:

3 Avocados, mashed
Juice from 1 lime
1 tomato, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, mashed
Salt and Pepper 

Now all you savvy dip makes out there are probably snickering at my simple recipe, but hey - simple is good.  Give it a try!
We had such a great time last night that I think we're going to have some of our fire friends over tonight for yet another round of grilling!  We've got to take advantage of the warmish weather as long as we can!  Hmm....perhaps I'll bake and apple pie for dessert...

ps - I updated my fitness blog!...I know.  Go looky - www.readysteadyfit.blogspot.com


Paper faces on parade

Masquerade!  The most glamorous and mysterious of evenings, wouldn't you say?  I have been to one Masquerade Ball in my day...and it wasn't great.  It was alright, but it had such potential to be phenomenal and it was lacking.  It was even a Halloween Masquerade Ball - my most favorite Holiday of the entire year - and it just didn't deliver.

What is a party-loving hostess to do?


Rock My World

Can we talk?  I have a confession to make - I have been following 'Rock of Love' religiously.  'Pray, what is this 'Rock of Love' infatuation?' you ask.  It's the glorious reality show starring Bret Michaels from Poison who is on a quest to find true love.  What better way to find true love than to fill a mansion with dicey chicks and tube dresses?  Not to mention truck loads of eye liner, itsy bikini's and liquor.  Cody and I have watched week after week as Bret would award his favorite ladies with a backstage pass. thereby crushing the hearts of the other less-fortunate ones who would leave in tears with their cheeks streaked with mascara.  It recently wrapped up, Bret made his choice (a good one, in my mind) and I am looking forward to the reunion show this weekend more than I would like to admit.  Adam and Ann came over last night for a finale' recap and we had a wonderful time watching the train wreck that was happening before our very eyes.  I simply can't get enough!  Ahh, mock if you must (and I know some of you will), but I have had some great times with that show.

Which has made me think - have you ever thought about the difference between 80's hotness and the hotness of today?  The Rocker's of the metal era, all frizzy haired and pouty-mouthed, with their tight leather pants and studded boots.  What is it?  Is it their dreamy monster ballads?  Their bad boy appeal?  For example, lets take a look at the heartbreakers of the metal bands -

No, this is not your sister and a bunch of her friends headed out to go dancing.  This would be 'Poison' back in the day.  I think I see some remnants of smoke coming from those 'do's...
Kip Winger.  aka - ManWolf.  "Did anyone order a full moon?"
Whitesnake...lovely lionesses, aren't they?
Firehouse, the genius behind "Love of a Lifetime".  Is...wait, is that - is that a 'thumbs up' with leather, fingerless gloves??
Now lets take a look at some current heartthrobs -

Justin Timberlake.  Love or hate him, that boy can day-yance.  And me likey.

Brandon Flowers from The Killers.  Hi there.

Landon Pigg.  Poor dude was probably teased relentlessly as a kid, which made him a musical genius.

And, of course, my favorite - Cody from 'Jolley Roger'.

Anyone else dying to get a backstage pass?  So tell me - what rock stars 'do it' for you?  


Tangerine Dream

At last!  It is finished!  Cody and I finally finished painting our bedroom.  And it was a bear, let me tell you.  As I mentioned before, the first time we painted our room, we got the brilliant idea to paint our trim.  I do not recommend this.  Can it look great?  Of course!  It's just a ginormous pain to do it.  But as you will see, if it's done in the right color - it is simply radical.

Before - our sad, dreary green room.

After - Tangerine Dream!

I am SO happy with it!  The dark, glossy trim is so fantastic, we both love how it turned out.  Cody is finishing up our bedroom furniture and headboard, we have a some things to add to the walls and such so it won't look so bare.  Soon our room will be complete!...just in time for us to move.

Speaking of, we have been crazy busy the past two days.  Now stay with me, this may get confusing - On Tuesday we got a call from Adam saying that someone wanted to come see the house on Wednesday morning.  I think it went well, the house looked good.  Wednesday afternoon we heard that the very first couple that came through our house a few weeks ago wanted to come through again Thursday afternoon.  Sweet!  We made some more improvements on the house and finished up the painting Wednesday night.  That same night we got yet another call from Adam saying that someone wanted to come through Thursday morning...wow!  Two showings in one day!  The house really look amazing, so you can imagine how awesome it felt when we found out that ANOTHER Realtor wanted to show our house Thursday evening.  Yes, friends - 4 showings in two days.  Not bad, right?  I am so hopeful - I hope we get an offer soon...

*Update - just got another call and someone is coming to look at it tomorrow afternoon.  Sweet!



"Cough", *sniff sniff* "Cough'.  Those are the sounds one would hear a lot of around the Jolley household this weekend.  The sickies finally caught up with me and I was out for the count yesterday.  I don't think I had the Flu, but it certainly feels more than a Cold.  Ugh, I SO hate being sick - I'm not a good sick person.  I get so frustrated at the Health Gods for leaving me to fend of the Virus Demons.  Not to mention that yesterday was the most beautiful day of the season thus far - I heard the temp was around 70 (hey, that's good for us this time of year), it was clear and gorgeous ALL day.  Where was I?  Sprawled on my couch trying to survive on snippets of oxygen that were struggling to get through my swollen nostrils.  "Snifitughitifiiffffffff".  Misery, I tell you.

Luckily I'm feeling a bit better today, and the weather is supposed to be most agreeable - how shall I spend my day?  Weed my flower beds?  Buy a hanging plant for my front porch?  Lounge in the sun?  Take Cache to the park?  It's funny what a promise of a Sunny Day will do to you.  It's like, "Quick!!  Get outside!  Get something done!!  Hurry!  Who knows when we'll see the Sun again!!"

With that, I am now off to get ready for the day - lets see where this Sunshine will take me!


Vacation Blues

I had a fab time with Kate last weekend!  We ate at some delicious venues, talked like adults and delved into such conversation topics like politics and religion, lounged poolside and stayed up late laughing our heads off!  The mornings?  Ah, the mornings were rough.  Nothing like a soda hangover to make you regret your decisions from the night before.  She was the greatest hostess ever and her new home is simply beautiful!!  Did I mention it was 85 degrees there?  Here are some pictures from my toasty trip -

First, I have to mention how beautiful Phoenix is this time of year - I totally get why my sister LOVES the desert.  All the cactus were in bloom and these gorgeous bougainvillea are everywhere - my favorite!
"Reunited and it feels so good..."
Ahhh, enjoying the warmth of the Sun.  Kate was enthralled in the 'Sex Q&A' Cosmo had to offer (kidding, can't get mad)
We went shopping Saturday afternoon and Kate was bound and determined to find some great jeans.  Our dressing room resembled a denim outfit Dolly Parton would wear.  It was all worth it - we both found some sassy pants.
See?  Shopping damage.  We shouldn't be allowed out together.  Kate hit the holy trinity of shopping - shirts, jeans and shoes.
The tools of the trade
Before going out on Saturday night
Entirely too much food...which is obvious since I look like a walrus in this picture.  But so delish!
This picture pretty much sums up what we did all weekend!  And I should send this picture to my dentist, he would be proud.

It's sad that we can no longer party like it's 1999.  We're getting a bit old, we're at that age where naps are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  We did try - we did stay up late and we tried really hard to keep our hyper winds going as long as possible.  Turns out that no matter how convincing I am at acting like I'm 17, my body isn't cool with it.   It has taken me days to recover from that trip - that whole exhausted, downer feeling you get when you come home from vacation.  

This weekend has taught me something - something that I am going to try to start doing for my own personal health.  I need to go to bed earlier.  Honestly, why in the world do I stay up so late?  I don't sleep well when Cody is working, but I still need to get to bed before 1:00am or 2:00am.  Case in point - because of my recent late nights, I am getting sick - puffy throat, runny nose, your typical lame-a cold.  When I woke up this morning with chalk-mouth (due to sleeping with my mouth open.  Hot, right?), stuffy nose and the feeling of glass shards in my throat when I swallow, I realized that something needed to change.  I'm sure it's the same feeling an addict gets waking up naked in a random hotel room.  No?  Too far?  Well anyway, it's time that I get some more sleepies.  

Before I sign off, the painting in my room is nearly done!  Normally I would post some "during" photos of the project, but lemme esplain - our walls were painted this...kind of...moss/mint green with avocado trim.  And to answer your question, no - I have no idea what we were thinking when we painted it.  We are now painting a lovely, warm tan with dark brown trim and an orange accent wall (just trust me on this, it will look good...Oh dear, I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me).  I have only finished the main walls, so the trim remains all fiesta dippy.  In case you were wondering, tan and mint don't look great together.  I will hopefully finish this evening, but we can't have a project interfering with my bedtime now, can we?  



I have much to blog about - my trip to Phoenix was a blast and I have every intention of telling you about it.  However, I am currently taking a breaking from painting my bedroom.  Perhaps the fumes were getting to me?  Hmm, I guess that will explain any unnecessary information spilled here and horrible grammatical errors.  I had really hoped to have it all done before Cody came home (he's still in Phoenix at a CrossFit convention, he gets home tomorrow - I mean, today.  See!  Fumes!), but I just couldn't get to it.  Despite my exhaustion, I'm very excited to see it all done.  I'll post pictures of our room - and pictures of my trip to Phoenix.  But for now, I must attend to a soaked paint brush upstairs who is wondering where I am...stupid fumes.



Darin Ronald Patch died on March 31, 2008 from lung cancer. Darin was born August 15, 1977 to Robert Allen Patch and Marilynn Blackhurst, and grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He accomplished a great deal in his short time here including service as an LDS missionary to England-Birmingham, pursuing his education to a Masters of Engineering from the University of Utah, marrying his best friend, and for a brief time, being a great father. Darin, his wife, Lisa Weaver, and son Conlin resided in Salt Lake City.
Although Darin insisted he not be portrayed as "perfect", we will remember Darin for his humility, quiet strength and willingness to lend help where needed. Darin found great enjoyment in his work for L-3 Communications Systems West. He spent his free time backpacking and hiking with his family and updating his old house. Darin is survived by his parents; his wife and son, and siblings. Darin was adored by his brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews.

Today I went to a funeral for my cousin, Darin Patch.  Darin was diagnosed with lung cancer not too long ago, it's been a rough road for his family this past year.  Listening to his family members today, it sounds like he was positive through it all - patient, loving and understanding until the end.  

The service was really beautiful.  Tons of people came to show support for Darin and his young family.   The words spoken were so comforting and the hymns were incredibly powerful.  I don't think there was a dry eye when his siblings (all 6 of them) sang "How Great Thou Art".  I usually don't speak much about my religion on here, but the Spirit was so strong - what an incredible comfort the Gospel is.  I just ache when I think of his brothers and sisters and the loss they must feel, but I also feel such joy when I think that they will only be separated for a time.  This parting is not permanent.  Families are forever - and I am so grateful that Darin was able to be in our family during his short time here.  


Flight to the Phoenix

Happy April, everyone!  Not much to post about, as of late.  I did have a great weekend with my sister!  Saturday the whole family went to see "Horton Hears A Who" - the kids loved it.  It's a pretty funny show, I think I'll have to see it again.  Although - I may have to go alone since Cody counted the movie as a "Chick Flick".  What?  Sunday night we met up at my parents house for some yummy dinner and even yummier cupcakes!  My sister has talked about these delish coconut cupcakes on her blog - the recipe comes from Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa fame) and they were SO good.  Yesterday the girls went up to Ikea, did some shopping and had lunch.  A great couple of days!  Andrea goes back to Vegas today, I will miss her.

Last night I went to an audition for a commercial Marty is doing.  I got to audition with my friends Tom and Mark, naturally we had a blast.  My part required me stuffing my face with popcorn, soda and treats.  I could get paid to eat?  Where has this option been my entire life!  We had a great time, it was fun.  I'll let you know if I get the part!  

Today, my agenda consists of many an errand to run and some cleaning up of my house.  But the best part of this week?  I get to go to Phoenix for the weekend!  Cody is headed down there with some friends for a CrossFit Convention (I'll be posting more about that later), and two weeks ago I was telling Kate about it.  Her idea? "Why don't you come visit me while he's down here?"  Brilliant.  I won't be there very long, just Friday - Sunday, but it's warm there and there's a pool there and I am so ready for some sunshine!  Especially since it snowed 4" here on Sunday...ugh.  Kate has planned some fun stuff for us to do and I also get to meet up with one of her friends who wants to purchase lots of my onesies!  So it's a quasi-business trip, if you will.  I have a lot of things to do before I leave town, but I can't wait!  Tan lines and palm trees, here I come...