Swim Swim

So much going on in this little head of mine. So much going on and coming up! Lets see, where to begin...I am finishing up the (awesome) invites for my parents Annual Lake Powell trip, I need to rebuild a website for PG Players, Cole's Birthday party is Friday and I have a Thrillionaires show on Saturday night (a John Hughes Tribute show). And that's just this weekend...

But lets not talk about that! Lets talk about the fact that it's almost Fall and I'm so, so very excited. It's my favorite season, after all. Lets talk about the fact that Halloween ideas are also swimming around in my head - ideas for our party invitations, decorating, costumes, food. I went into Michaels yesterday to pick up some things for the Powell invites and happened upon Martha Stewart's Halloween collection. It was great. All of it. Great. I immediately called my sister (because good Halloween decor demands it) and gushed about all the gloriousness thereof. I picked up a few choice pieces and exercised restraint on others.

I probably could have made my own small treat boxes, but who has the time for that? Not me, not right now. Purchase!

Along with the excitement of Halloween comes the anticipation of all the Fallidays. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year in what I hope will be a new kitchen. Turkey, apple pie, naps...all good things. Then Christmas! I am already dreaming of snow and Christmas music and using our woodburning stove. Eeee!

It's no wonder my head is swimming, I have this problem with anticipation. I get so excited! Something I'm super excited about? These.

I just bought these from my friends' business, Black Honey Vintage. Could you die?? How rad are these? Well yes, they need to be recovered. Amelia and Chelsey score vintage and retro finds, spruce them up and sell them for a smashing deal - check them out! www.blackhoneyvintage.com. I have been looking for a furniture upholstery class I could take...with no luck. Anyone have any info for me?

I better get back to my crowded mind pool, more random thoughts to come - just you wait.


Western Melodrama

Last night was my second show for the Western Melodrama Dinner Theater. Such a blast, as usual. My whole family came along with my Grandmother, Aunt, cousin and his wife and kids...no pressure. The show was sold out (120 people!) and since the run has been such a success, the Covey added an additional show for Saturday night. Giddy up, thrills!

Hailey, our beautiful 'Lady of the Night'
Lisa, our rootin' tootin' happy cowgirl! PS - Lisa was a champ, that duster she's wearing? Easily weighed 35 pounds...
Matt, always brilliant, as the Villain
Brett, our drunk Mayor
I was the Heroine, 'Polly Princess'
Maclain played the Hero, 'Bronson Gorilla'

Love these people
My next show is the 29th, we're doing an 80's theme. Good thing, too - my white jeans need to be worn again. Radical!


Weekend Thrills

The Thrillionaires show on Saturday was such a blast! They always are. We had a great audience and the show was second to none. There was some real terrifying moments in the first half when a green substance took control over the townspeople...Here are Jaclyn and I screaming as we face the inevitable!
Her scream face is so classic...
In the musical I played a girl who was in love with a rebel (Toby Flanders...the most square name ever). This lead to some fabulous songs and a fierce dance off between Brett (Toby) and David (George).
I had SO much fun, you need to come see a show! I have two this week and one next Saturday, there's still time!
Sunday we went to the baby blessing for Adam and Ann's sweet baby boy, Jude. It was so great to see everyone, it's been forever!
The evening was marvy and their yard and home looked fabulous! Big congrats to Adam and Ann, baby Jude is a wee treasure (I know...no pictures, I'm lame).

Yesterday was the much-anticipated arrival the new Fire Truck for the PGFD. Last week Cody, the Chief and other fire guys flew out to Wisconsin to pick up the new Tiller and drive it home cross country. No one else in the Department was able to see it until yesterday, isn't it a beautiful thing?

My Mom, Jess and Graham also came out to see it and it was fun to see some guys from Orem Fire that I haven't seen in a while. The truck is ginormous - 66 feet long and about 86,000 pounds. Impressive.

I have a Thrills show tonight and Thursday and this Saturday is our Housewarming Open House! So, so much to do.


Sunny Afternoon

Snow cones are the best. After running some errands yesterday I took the boys to get a slushy helping of Tigers Blood and as usual, it was super tasty. Cache loved it, and how could he not? They are so delish!

Cole was a bit more interested in the actual shack...Mmm, I love Summer. After we got home it clouded over and we had a great Thunderstorm! I love Summer storms, we always go outside and watch the rain. The rain stopped for a bit and when I finally came in to make dinner, the two of them stayed outside and played with their water guns for another hour.

Tonight I have Thrillionaires show, the theme is '1950's Sci-fi'. It's gonna be outta sight!! I have 5 shows this month which is wicked awesome. Next week I am doing two dinner theater shows at the Covey. Tickets are only $15.00 and we're putting on a Western Melodrama. At least we won't have a shortage in costumes, I did marry a cowboy after all. So come and see! I mean, Dinner and a show? Can life get better? Maybe if we served snow cones...


Patch Powell Trip 2009

How I adore Lake Powell. I love it there, it's the best place on the planet. I just got back ('just' meaning 48 hours ago) from our Annual Patch Powell Trip and I had quite the marvelous time with my family! I so look forward to this trip every Summer - just the family with our spouses. Cody and I headed out of town last Tuesday and met up with my parents that night on the boat. Wednesday the rest of the family joined us, we bought some last minute items in Paige and went out on the Lake early Thursday morning. We found a cherry spot in Labyrinth Canyon which showcased the prettiest sunsets.

It was pretty windy the first few days which prohibited any water sports. Never fear! We kept busy...we took advantage of the windiness and flew kites.
One lazy afternoon we set up obstacle courses.

Snow cones! My sister brings her snow cone machine each year and they are always so tasty. I may have to go get one of those today.
Jess and Randi, painting nails.
Wake surfing. Look! No rope!
Cody had to leave on Saturday, so when we took him to the Marina, we grabbed icy treats. Popsicle runs are a must.
Love him. And shiny sun block is the bomb.
After we dropped Cody off, we hiked up to Wahweap Windows. Have you ever done that? So, so beautiful. I took so many pictures and none of them capture how cool that place is...

Rock Band! So fun. Thanks S&A for bringing it! I'm sure my 'Livin' on a Prayer' performance would have made Jon Bon quite proud.
My Dad brought gear for us to make rockets and it was SO much fun! Here is Randi, Dad, Andrea and Rich assembling air jets on top of the boat.
Andrea with her gaggle.

On Sunday we drove up to Dangling Rope Marina for lunch. On the way, we stopped in Wetherill Canyon and swam and sunned for a few hours. That canyon was SO pretty. We haven't gone that far up the Lake in years and I forgot how beautiful it is. It's downright emotional, friends. Powell is epic. That night we made smores on the beach. To be honest, I'm not a smore fan. But toasted marshmallows? Yums.
I was sad to leave, that trip was a total blast. I love my family. These trips are so important and I couldn't have spent that week with more incredible people, I'm so lucky to have them. It's the only time Cody and I will make it to the Lake this year and that makes me sad, but when the only trip is solid gold? I can live with that.


Here's What I Know...

1 - Going to a craft store can inspire you and crush all your dreams. You get all excited planning your next project, imagining said project on display in your home causing a flood of compliments and admiration...only to slowly realize that you're not that clever and you don't have the time or skills and you're not Martha Stewart. Thanks, craft stores.

2 - Fall fashion is starting to surface. Be still my beating heart...

3 - I should probably fall in love with a new style of dining furniture, bein's that the style I want can run anywhere from $2,000 - $26,000. Yes. Twenty. Six. Grand.
4 - I was once mocked for wearing an apron whilst cooking. I don't know what it is about wearing an apron, but once I put that on I know how to make every dish on this planet. I can also keep house like Donna Reed. I don't wear an apron all the time...Heaven knows the kind of power those things contain.

5 - Using a power drill, even if just to remove a shelf from the wall, makes me feel like I can take on any home improvement project by myself. You and I both know that would never happen, thanks to the reality check I have in craft stores.


Summer Fall

Happy August! Summer is nearing an end, never a good thing. Now is the time to pack in BBQ's, days at the pool and lounging in the shade. I now have a rad deck which is perfect for Summery functions. Have I held one yet? No. I need to get on that...I have wanted to host a BBQ here ever since we bought this house. We are not totally moved in, but does that matter? Will you all come anyway? Bringing some Potato Salad, perhaps? Ooh! Maybe we could make it a 'demolish the kitchen' party, too! "Come, have some salad, knock out a wall". Whatever the theme, it must happen while the weather is warm. Executive Decision: Jolley House Warming BBQ! Saturday, August 22nd. Invites to follow.

Speaking of savoring the Summer, I went Halloween shopping yesterday. I know! I called my Mom yesterday and we decided to hit some stores to scout out their spooky wares. I was extremely impressed with our control, we could have blown many dollars on furry spiders and haunted houses. Our first stop was The Gatehouse in Orem - their Holiday stuff is always SO great. We lunched at 5 Guys Burger (again, SO great) and my Dad joined us for a spell. Afterwards we hit Michaels where I found a few treasures. This glittery skull stand is great to put by a bathroom sink (what, you don't decorate your bathrooms around the Holidays?). I loved these busts of Frankenstein and his Bride. The bag of bones was super cheap and perfect for covering in glitter!

A' la Martha...

We grabbed some treats on our way out the door, there's something so fancy about gold foil-wrapped chocolate. We ended the afternoon at DownEast Home where they don't have any Halloween stuff, but they did have a cute teal dress that my Mom and I both bought.

It was a lovely, fall obsessed afternoon. I even got to drive our orange Scout around. That felt pretty Summery.