Weekend Thrills

The Thrillionaires show on Saturday was such a blast! They always are. We had a great audience and the show was second to none. There was some real terrifying moments in the first half when a green substance took control over the townspeople...Here are Jaclyn and I screaming as we face the inevitable!
Her scream face is so classic...
In the musical I played a girl who was in love with a rebel (Toby Flanders...the most square name ever). This lead to some fabulous songs and a fierce dance off between Brett (Toby) and David (George).
I had SO much fun, you need to come see a show! I have two this week and one next Saturday, there's still time!
Sunday we went to the baby blessing for Adam and Ann's sweet baby boy, Jude. It was so great to see everyone, it's been forever!
The evening was marvy and their yard and home looked fabulous! Big congrats to Adam and Ann, baby Jude is a wee treasure (I know...no pictures, I'm lame).

Yesterday was the much-anticipated arrival the new Fire Truck for the PGFD. Last week Cody, the Chief and other fire guys flew out to Wisconsin to pick up the new Tiller and drive it home cross country. No one else in the Department was able to see it until yesterday, isn't it a beautiful thing?

My Mom, Jess and Graham also came out to see it and it was fun to see some guys from Orem Fire that I haven't seen in a while. The truck is ginormous - 66 feet long and about 86,000 pounds. Impressive.

I have a Thrills show tonight and Thursday and this Saturday is our Housewarming Open House! So, so much to do.


Shaunee said...

What a fun weekend. I've heard all about that fire truck. It's quite the sight!

Kateastrophe said...

HI hot dress. LOVE it.

Jen said...

Your shows look like they are so fun! I was imagining the "dance off" between the Toby character and the other dude... it was mahhhvelous!

Cool fire truck. My father -in- law was a big, bad fireman. He would be so jealous!