Western Melodrama

Last night was my second show for the Western Melodrama Dinner Theater. Such a blast, as usual. My whole family came along with my Grandmother, Aunt, cousin and his wife and kids...no pressure. The show was sold out (120 people!) and since the run has been such a success, the Covey added an additional show for Saturday night. Giddy up, thrills!

Hailey, our beautiful 'Lady of the Night'
Lisa, our rootin' tootin' happy cowgirl! PS - Lisa was a champ, that duster she's wearing? Easily weighed 35 pounds...
Matt, always brilliant, as the Villain
Brett, our drunk Mayor
I was the Heroine, 'Polly Princess'
Maclain played the Hero, 'Bronson Gorilla'

Love these people
My next show is the 29th, we're doing an 80's theme. Good thing, too - my white jeans need to be worn again. Radical!


Jessica said...

You were an awesome Polly! I thought the night was so much fun! Love you!

Jenglamgirl said...

you look adorable, and AGAIN I would just love to see you perform. I am sure it runs in the family blood and you are amazing. thanks for the comment love you too cutie! Hugs, Jenn

Shawn said...

You guys are SOOOOOO awesome!! Thanks for the pics!