Singin' in the Rain!

I've just been cast in...
What part, you ask? KATHY SELDEN! Yes, friends. Don't worry, I'm just as surprised as you are.

To be honest, I thought I was a complete fit to play Lina Lamont. On my audition sheet (when asked what part I wanted to be considered for) I even wrote 'Lina. (Kathy? Maybe?)'. I can't really dance and I've never really thought about being Kathy, plus I've wanted to play Lina forever...but as the call back went on they kept cutting other girls and had me read and sing and read and sing. The Director nearly let me choose which part I wanted to play, but he thought that Kathy would be more of a challenge for me (and he's right, I can't dance, remember?).

We had a cast meeting tonight and I really feel that the show is going to be GREAT! Such incredible people, I made an instant bestie with Bethany (of 'Bringing Lady Back') and feel like I'm going to create some amazing friendships. I'm so excited to get to work and bring it all together, it's going to be epic. You must come and see it, won't you? "What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!"

'Twas the week before Christmas...

and BOY have I been busy. Lets be honest, I'm so relieved to have last week over with. Every day was packed with plans and errands and we had something almost every night. This week should be a bit more mellow, but we'll see how that goes... There's a lot to read, but stay with me!

Last Tuesday was the PG City Christmas Party. We sat with Cody's crew and laughed our heads off the entire time. Love those people.
Fire 'Wives'!
Buck, Cecily, Me, Natalie and Kevin.

The best part of the evening was when we all went to Chase and Natalie's for some Beatles Rock Band. I think my overwhelming love of the Beatles was a little overwhelming. I totally got into it, friends. Singing songs and guitar solos (oh yeah), it was SO much fun! Now I want that game more than ever. Thanks, Gustmans!

Wednesday we went to dinner with Kevin and Mindi at Texas Roadhouse which is always a good idea. We had planned on going up to Temple Square to look at the lights, but we opted to go Christmas shopping instead. We hit Target and got 90% of our shopping done! Score. We bought shakes on the way home and Cody and I did our best to hide all the presents. I have a daunting wrapping task ahead of me.

Thursday I did some more shopping for Cody and the boys were total sports driving all over the State with me. I had designed flyers and the program for our Ward Christmas Breakfast (I'm on the Activities Committee), got them all printed out and took them up to my Mom's to use her paper cutter. It was great catching up with her, I love my Mom.

Friday! Goodness, Friday was total chaos. I cleaned all morning before Tom and Tanya came over at 1:30. Tom and I had a Thrills gig and Tanya was willing to babysit for me! Tom and I met up with Scott and Brigham at UVU to put on a show for a Christmas Party. We performed in the Ballroom and the show was great! Away shows are always a blast to do.
Don't we look festive? Tom, Me, Scott and Brigham.

Once Tom dropped me off, I had an hour or so to get ready before I had to pick up Cody and drive up to Salt Lake for a wedding reception. Mindi and Kevin came to watch the boys and I was out the door! The reception was for my dear friend, Chris. I've known Chris for about 25 years and I just love him! His new wife Amy is a total gem, I adore her.

There was a big group of us that hung out all the time in high school, we were all really tight. Luckily most of the group was there and we go to catch up a little! Man, I love these guys so much. There's a lot of memories with these boys. Love them.

Reo, Karl, Me, Chris, Greg and Josh.
We promised to get together after the Holidays and then Cody and I had to dash. We grabbed some quick dinner on the way home and I dropped Cody off at the Station. I came home to pick up Mindi (Kevin stayed with the boys) and we raced over to an audition she had told me about. The audition went really well and I was invited to a call back the next morning! OH wait, that's when the Ward Christmas Party is...

After the audition I dropped off Mindi (at my house because I had to leave AGAIN) and picked up some boxes of Christmas decorations to take over to the Church. There was a myriad of ladies bedecking the Church halls to get it ready for the party. We had so much fun! We were listening to Christmas music and covering everything with tinsel. The ladies were so understanding about me missing the party for the call back. They are golden girls!

We finally finished around 11:30 and I drove home completely exhausted. I collapsed into bed knowing that I had to get up at 6:30 Saturday morning because someone very special was coming to our house...

Santa! See, how cool is this; our ward has a tradition that before the Christmas Breakfast, Santa comes around the neighborhood on a Fire Truck and waves to all the kids! The Truck has it's lights and sirens on (I know...at 7:30am on a Saturday - but they love it!) and kids come out on their porches or run after the truck a little to wave to Santa. Now that we're in this ward and Cody is a Fireman, pretty sure he'll be the one driving Santa around each year - and we're so excited about that! Telling Cache that Santa would be coming to our house was the best 'get to bed' bribe ever!

Santa was going to be at our house by 7:15 that morning, so the night before Cache made a list to give to Santa and insisted on taking it to bed with him. When I went to wake him up he asked, "Is Santa here??". He hurried and got dressed and I kept a eye out front for the arrival of the Fire Truck (Cody was driving it up from the Station). It looked so cool when the truck was in front of our house! The lower lights lit up the snow and it seriously looked totally...magical (so cheesy, I just can't think of a better word).

I got a quick picture of Cache with his list before the big man arrived.
Santa! Cache was so happy that Santa came! Santa was a great sport, taking Cache's list and promising to keep it safe. Cache got to ride in the engine with Cody and Father Christmas and had a marvelous time.

I followed the truck around for a few blocks and it was so cool to see all these kids running outside or sitting on the porch with their parents...such a fun tradition. Just another reason why I love our new neighborhood!


Family Parties

The Patch Family Christmas party was a total smash hit! My family is so much fun, it's always great to see everybody. Our family is also ginormous, so we hold the party at a Church. We had yummy food and really fun games (turns out it's not how well you play, but how well you cheat.) My Grandmother gathered all the kids together and handed out little gift bags.

Cole tore right into his bag the second he got it. Many thanks to my Aunt Melissa to organizes this party every year! Ahh, how I love my family.

Saturday was the Jolley Family Party and it's held at Grandma Kae's every year. I have no idea how she fits all of us in her home, but somehow we all manage to find a place to sit and each and catch up with each other. Grandma Kae has so many toys for the kids to play with and Cache loved this old helmet. She wraps a myriad of gifts and never forgets anybody...I have no idea how she does it. She's a Christmas miracle!

After the party I had a Thrillionaires show and we were sold out! Huge crowd, so much fun. Some of my friends from HS were there and the show was a blast, as usual. I have another show at UVU this week and I can't wait!

Tonight is the City party for PG and I'm looking forward to having dinner with our fire friends. This week is full of festivities, I hope I can fit some shopping in...



It's happening again. This month is flying by. It's already December 10th and I haven't done 1/10th of what I want to do! What's been keeping me busy? A myriad of important and trivial things. One of them is this:

A custom invite for Kate!
Her Birthday is on New Year's Eve and we went with a carnival/circus theme. This was so fun to make (the feathers took a while to draw) and Kate is so happy with it. Never fear, I can create something just as radical for your soiree! Just ask!

Last weekend we had the Viking CrossFit Christmas Party and it was such a blast! Lots of yummy things to eat and a hilarious game of White Elephant. Such great people, it was fun to spend the evening with them.

Then on Saturday went up to Salt Lake to make candy with Cody's family. They get together every year and make caramel and fudge and chocolate-dipped treats. Everyone got there very own apron and Cache didn't waste any time getting right down to business.
Cole was less enchanted and joined some of the other kids out back in the snow.

Tomorrow is the Patch Family Christmas Party and I am helping my Aunt put that together. I designed some water bottle labels - didn't they turn out nice?
(These are available on my RSVP site!)

I also need to bring some decor and music to help set up before the party starts. Saturday is the Jolley Family Christmas Party and I have a Thrillionaires Show that night (come see!).

Next week? Lets see...PG City Party, Date night with the Brimhalls, Thrillionaires hired gig, Wedding Reception that I'm singing at, Ward Christmas Party that I'm involved in and also singing at and the PGFD Kids Party with Santa. Somewhere in there I have to fit in Christmas shopping, mailing our Christmas cards and making our famous caramel. I need a nice, long Winter's nap.


Christmas Music

I listen to Christmas music all year long. I mean, not all the time, but every once in a while I'll play my Holiday playlist and I'm instantly in a better mood. Truly! What is it about festive tunes that can 'up' your spirits?

It's no secret that I totally saturate myself in every Holiday and Christmas is no exception. Actually, it's probably the Holiday I saturate myself most in (well, and Halloween - lets not get stupid). Cody always warns me that I'll get sick of my Christmas music and movies because I play them all the time. "Rubbish!" I say, "It's Christmas!"

The fun thing is, my boys are getting old enough to sing with me around the piano. My family did this all the time growing up, it's one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to play - so I could do that with my family. There was a book we sang songs out of called "My Picture Book of Songs" that has a few simple tunes for every season. Naturally, the Halloween and Christmas songs were our favorites and sung the most often. One Christmas song in particular was called, "My Christmas Stocking".

"I just hung up my stocking, the biggest I could find.
I had to use my Mom-my's, I hope that she won't mind (oh yeah, my Mom looooved that part).
I left a note for San-ta so he'd be sure to know,
I want it filled with lots of toys and candy in the toe."
It was so fun to sing and we loved singing it, but with only one verse? That didn't seem right. I don't remember how old I was, but one year my brother Marty wrote a second verse for us to sing that was totally perfect.

"Early on Christmas morning when I am fast asleep,
Santa will fill my stocking with toys and candy sweet!
He'll find the note I left him and laugh aloud with glee,
for what he brought is what I want
beneath the Christmas tree!"

Not to be outdone, my Dad also wrote a final verse to complete the song.

"After the gifts are open and Santa's on his way,
our home is filled with music
and treats and laughter gay.
It's always fun at Christmas
with trees and toys and snow,
to sneak a kiss from those we love
beneath the mistletoe! Ho ho!"

I just found the lyrics to those verses this year and the first time I sang through them I cried. Yes, cried. I was so flooded with memories from our warm little house on Center street. Singing this song reminded me what our home felt like on Christmas - the sounds, the smells. I so desperately want to create that for my kids. A warm, festive house that is filled with music. A few years ago my parents gave me my own copy of that old music book and this year I plan on writing in those extra verses!


December is here...

How I love December! This month always goes by way too fast, I never feel like I get everything in. I hope to fill each day with Holiday goodness, I don't want to miss any of it!

Cody and I broke in the Christmas month with much bustle yesterday. First I made our Christmas lists and hung them on the fridge with care, then we ran some shopping errands and stealthily hid presents for the boys in our shopping cart.

Last night we bundled up to go get our Christmas tree. Staying true to Jolley tradition, we drove up to Grandview Hill to the 'Baum's' Christmas Tree Lot. It took a while to find our flocked tree, but once we made our choice we loaded it up. We also got a smaller tree for the boys to decorate along with some fresh pine bows.
We grabbed some In-N-Out for dinner (we were only in the Drive Thru for about 5 minutes! Awesome!) and made our way home.

I started the lights on or main tree while Cody helped light Cache and Cole's tree. Cache was very adamant about decorating his tree by himself. When the lights were done Cache went right to work and even let Cole help a little.

We're still decorating and have other merry things to do this weekend. I'm looking forward to it more than you know! Happy December!

Holy Wrap!

As we hauled in our Christmas boxes from the garage, Cody informed me that I'm not allowed to buy any wrapping paper this year. "Pish....pah...wha...ugh...bah...." sounded something like my response. Until I took the rolls out.


Turns out I have quite the collection, who knew? Shiny, striped, festive, metallic and 3 rolls of printed wood grain (so rad). There's over 20 rolls, people. Is that a lot? It took up my entire counter, it looks like a lot. I have no will power when it comes to wrapping paper (or paper napkins, but that's another post). As soon as I see cool printed paper, my mind is instantly filled with a plethora of reasons why I need it. To be honest, I don't have that many functions where I must show up with gift in hand, but does that stop me? Of course not, why would it. And with the Christmas season upon us and all that fun paper out there? Be still my wrapping fingers.

I will do my best not to buy any more this season...we'll see how long that lasts.