December is here...

How I love December! This month always goes by way too fast, I never feel like I get everything in. I hope to fill each day with Holiday goodness, I don't want to miss any of it!

Cody and I broke in the Christmas month with much bustle yesterday. First I made our Christmas lists and hung them on the fridge with care, then we ran some shopping errands and stealthily hid presents for the boys in our shopping cart.

Last night we bundled up to go get our Christmas tree. Staying true to Jolley tradition, we drove up to Grandview Hill to the 'Baum's' Christmas Tree Lot. It took a while to find our flocked tree, but once we made our choice we loaded it up. We also got a smaller tree for the boys to decorate along with some fresh pine bows.
We grabbed some In-N-Out for dinner (we were only in the Drive Thru for about 5 minutes! Awesome!) and made our way home.

I started the lights on or main tree while Cody helped light Cache and Cole's tree. Cache was very adamant about decorating his tree by himself. When the lights were done Cache went right to work and even let Cole help a little.

We're still decorating and have other merry things to do this weekend. I'm looking forward to it more than you know! Happy December!


Shawn said...

Oh----love the little tree! So cutie! I love this time of year the best, also----its so festive and beautiful!

Sorry I have been absent for a bit----I am trying to get on track and come visiting more often!

Love ya, girl....

Bethany said...

Baums' Christmas Trees!

My family used to drive by and us kids would dream of buying trees from them.

But may parent's refused to purchase flocked trees.