Fox 13 News Spot

Yesterday morning, when it was still dark outside and the majority of the world was still asleep, I drove to the theater to film a segment for 'Good Day Utah' on Fox 13. Big Buddha came down and interviewed us for 'Singin' in the Rain'! We are so famous, it's ridiculous. Kris, Jared and I got in full costume and make up (well, make up for me) and danced and sang for the camera. This was my first spot, singing 'Good Morning':

Whoa. My voice is super deep and I look so very sleepy. Bygones! After we filmed that I got gussied up with the gorgeous girls of the Coconut Grove and we sang and danced 'All I Do'. We snapped a shot with Buddha just after the song.
Taylar, Amannda, Kim and Me.

Next they filmed a tiny interview with me, Jared and Kris:
I better get a percentage of the poncho sales. It was really fun and the hot chocolate and donuts certainly sweetened the experience. Thanks for coming down, Fox 13!


Spring Weekend

The weather this weekend? Downright balmy! Well, as balmy as it can get in March. We had a blast doing family things this weekend, starting with getting Cache ready for school on Friday. They are learning about the letter 'U' in preschool and Friday was 'Ugly Bug' day (stay with me). Cache had to dress up in ugly clothes and look like an ugly bug. U.B. and I have never met, so I had to improvise. He looked hilarious...and he loved his outfit.

Look at his cravat! Ahh, Sir Percival Blakeney would be so proud, what? It was tough getting him to put on some normal clothes after school, he only agreed to pants. So his fancy shirt combo and mis-matched socks stayed. Awesome. Now you know how to dress your kid if they have 'Ugly Bug' day. You're welcome.

That afternoon we hit some thrift stores in search of a cool, old rocking chair. We came up empty-handed, but it's always fun to peruse random trinkets.

Rhonda was in town this weekend and on Saturday we went to lunch at Los! A tradition of ours. We chatted and laughed for hours. Oh, how I love her. We are planning a trip to Vegas next month for Sara's Birthday - can't wait!

After lunch I headed home to find this in the backyard.

We loaded up the boys and we went to see 'How to Train Your Dragon'. It was SO good! The boys really liked it...I may not mind seeing it again. Gerard Butler was the voice for one of the vikings. Bonus!

Saturday's show was great - Rhonda and my parents came! Always a bit more nervous when you know people in the audience. My mom hugged me after the show and just wept, bless her little tender heart. My sister might fly in to see the show this week (because I'm that awesome), my ward is coming to see it on Thursday night and Cody and the fire crew might come this week, too. Yeah, no pressure.

Yesterday was so relaxing, how I adore Sunday evenings at home with my family. I can't wait until it's warm enough to have dinner outside on our deck. Hopefully the weather continues to warm up, those days may not be too far off...I think we're going to start remodeling our kitchen this week! If you have a sledgehammer, feel free to stop by.


Opening Night!

'Singin' in the Rain' opened last night and it was a smashing success! All of our hard work paid off and the show was great. Everything ran smoothly, we felt good about our performance, the audience was awesome - it was great. I'm SO glad to have the first show over with!

I have met some rad people during this production, Bethany was an instant bestie and I will love her forever. She does almost everyone's hair for the show - she is brilliant! She plays Dora Bailey - here we are in our dressing room before the show. Love her.
I love that dress. I'm going to have to take pictures of all my costumes, they are fantastic.

I brought roses for all the girls because nothing says, "Opening Night" better than roses, am I right?
My other bestie Mindi knows this, because she brought me roses just before the show. The fattest, reddest roses ever.
Our show runs until April 10th with performances on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. You can get tickets at the door or at www.lehicityarts.org. (PS - the address for the theater is 310 N. 850 E. in Lehi, right next to Wingers). Come and see it! If for nothing else, just to see how fantastic my costumes are...


Booked as a Brunette

My lack of posting? Due to being booked solid. Rehearsals for 'Singin' in the Rain' have been constant and long, I haven't made dinner in weeks and my poor house is neglected. I have only a few minutes before I run off to a final dress rehearsal, but I wanted to show you the newest development:

I'm a brunette!
They asked if I would be willing to dye my hair for the show...why not? I'm surprised by how much I like it. I think I look so much like my Mom. It will fade a smidge since my hair is so light, but I LOVE the color. PS - my hair isn't done in this picture...and me apologies for my weird face. When one takes a picture of oneself, one has to make it as un-cheesy as possible. Pretty sure I failed.

So! Platinum? Chestnut? Thoughts? Oh, and did I mention that I lopped off about six inches? Surprise!


Spring Break '99

Dear Neutrogena,

I have been a fan of your self-tanning products for years. An instant tan in a bottle? Sign me up! It's so easy to just rub the lotion in, but then - I've been applying lotion for 30 years. What would happen, say, if a 2 year old wanted a sun-kissed glow? I mean, Summer is coming up and no one (not even a wee toddler) wants to expose fair skin to the sun's harsh rays.

I am happy to report that even when applied by a little terror, the results are just as convincing! Hardly any streaking, a nice even color, he looks like he just got back from the tropics! Spring Break in Cancun! Now he walks with a little more confidence. He can wink at the ladies in nursery, knowing that all the girls love a globe-trotting rogue. He looks years younger and so healthy!
Even with no exfoliation, the color on his knees and ankles looks flawless. All I can hope is that his golden hue will take several days to fade. Nobody wants a pale baby, am I right? What would people think?

A very happy customer and even happier Mom,


Season Positive

I am not one to complain about the seasons. I may raise an eyebrow when it snows 3 inches in April, or when it's too hot by 9:00am in July, but I love living in a place where every season has it's showcase.

While I love Spring (blossom trees are my world), I'm longing a bit for Summer. It snowed this weekend, today is sunny and clear, I'm sure we have many rainstorms and perhaps another snowfall or two, but it will all be worth it when I am driving with the windows down on my way to get a snow cone with my boys

I long for 8:45 sunsets and the sound of lawn mowers. We can eat breakfast outside! Popsicles, BBQ's, swimming, fireworks, Lake Powell...

I'm a little bit closer thanks to daylight savings. SO much whining about one little hour! Take a nap and bring on the Summer. I'm ready.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving? A myriad of things, all from Modcloth.com

I was told about this site forever ago and I LOVE it. A little too much, I'm afraid. They have such cool, different things. I always find something I adore. Like these curtains for example:
I just may hang them in my living room...I so love olive and turquoise together.

Do not mock. I love this. He just might be on his way to my house right now.
And these shoes? With the gold? I might as well be a TWA Flight Attendant. Love them.
I have a laptop, but I rarely take it anywhere. However, with this little tote I just may cart it everywhere. Whether I actually use the laptop or not, who cares? I look like a business buff on the go with juuuuuust a touch of whimsy.
To my dismay, these vases are out of stock. Blast! I'm obsessed, they are so fantastic. I am anxiously waiting for a notice of when they are available...
I'm telling you - this site is marvy. Go! Shop!
You're welcome.


Mean People Suck

I know, right? Nice title after standing on my "Bringing Lady Back" soap box post. But lets be serious - mean people are mean. Everyone has had somebody be mean to them. Everyone has been yelled at or teased or chewed out by a meanie. Someone who is determined to make you look and feel smaller by any means possible.

I am always shocked by the actions of meanies. The things they can say and the things that they do to tear you down. Honestly, where is the gain in that? Do they feel that much better after talking bad about you? Do they really feel like they are the better person after making you cry? Do they care??

I am not unblemished - I am both guilty and a victim of the meanies. I would like to think that the majority of my meanie days are in the past (mostly because I have lost a legitimate amount of spine and confrontations are not my forte'), but I know I have been a meanie. Not really too proud of that. I'm sorry about that.

Maybe the meanies don't realize the pain they're causing. Or maybe they intend the pain because you somehow caused pain for them, so they feel their meanness is justified. I know I've been mean in retaliation, mean has been my defense mechanism sometimes.

Now, not all meanie encounters are an all out brawl where veins are bulging and eyes are wide. I had my heart broken by a meanie and he never raised his voice. My ex-fiance' (another post) literally shattered my world in under 30 minutes and he never looked angry...he didn't even cry. He did this mean, mean thing and drove out of my life. Meanie.

My amazing sister has been dealt a large load of drama over the past year or so and has handled it with incredible grace. I know at times she feels like she can't take anymore, she can't do 'grace' anymore, she's tired and she breaks down. All because someone has chosen to tear her down. Meanie.

My dear cousin has been dealing with a nasty, nasty divorce from a complete tool box. During this difficult ordeal, she has been getting mean messages and public postings of how horrible she is. How she ruined a family and that she's deeply hated. Meanie.

I've recently been dealt some meanness that was unexpected. It hurt. I tried to find reason in it and couldn't. Of course, not sure I've ever found a pile of reason tied with a bow in a haystack of mean. I had no warning - it was a silent, stealthy blow. I think those are the meanest of all.

Perhaps we can't blame the meanies for being so mean. They must feel some sort of satisfaction by being mean to others because they can't find enjoyment in anything else. They can't be the bigger person and simply let something go or move on because they don't have the depth to do that. So let them spit out insults and harsh comments from their mean, little corner while the rest of us shrug our shoulders and spend time with the niceys. Oh, did I mention that another defense mechanism of mine is wit?
Take that, meanies.


Bringing Lady Back

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled 'Bringing Classy Back'. I attempted to convey my idea of bringing some glam back to every day life. Reading over it now, I realize that I didn't do a great job. My lovely Amelia, however? Worded it perfectly.

After watching 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' one night, Amelia, Tanya and I gushed over the classiness of another era. When you could wear gowns to dinner and dance on the balcony. When you had a dress, a coat, a hat, a bag and shoes that all matched perfectly with your earrings. When wearing a pencil skirt and gloves to make a deposit at the bank (actually walking into the bank) was commonplace.

Fashion aside, just the overall acting like a lady. Being a lady. Enter Bethany of 'Bringing Lady Back'. This woman has captured what I have tried so hard to express! She has a blog where she posts a quote or rule every day on how to be more ladylike in this world of murky waters. I LOVE her blog. It's delightful! She addresses bedazzled jeans ("Like the kids menu at your favorite restaurant, bedazzled jeans are for girls 12 and under"), being gracious to your waiter and believing in the color pink.

So make a note of it! Go to BLB every day for a charming, witty tip on how to become more of a lady. I still may be in jeans and a t-shirt, but my pencil skirts are always pressed and ready to go.

**Bethany is hosting a giveaway! Run over and enter...**


For the Birds

Happy March! True to fashion, March Madness is alive and in full force. Our days are full and busy and fantastic. We have LOVED the slightly warmer days and even spent an afternoon outside planning our yard and garden. With spring just around the corner, I decided it was time for a little addition.

I went up to my parents house on Saturday afternoon to discover that they added a new feathered friend to their bird family. Allow me to introduce their new canary, Elvis:

Look at that color! He's like a creamsicle with legs! And he's a CANARY! His song is so pretty and I just can't get past that he's orange. I have entertained the idea of getting a bird for years and I really wanted a canary, but I never did anything about it. After meeting Elvis, however? The time is now! My Dad picked up a few canaries today and will let me choose which one I want - orange or yellow. Thoughts?

Then there's this little guy I fell in love with - a Gloster Canary.
Um...a bird with bangs? How high fash! He's so 'now'. I just might have to get him next.

My Dad is going to keep my canary until we can find a cool little cage to house him in. I'm so excited to bring him home, "Jolley want a cracker?"