For the Birds

Happy March! True to fashion, March Madness is alive and in full force. Our days are full and busy and fantastic. We have LOVED the slightly warmer days and even spent an afternoon outside planning our yard and garden. With spring just around the corner, I decided it was time for a little addition.

I went up to my parents house on Saturday afternoon to discover that they added a new feathered friend to their bird family. Allow me to introduce their new canary, Elvis:

Look at that color! He's like a creamsicle with legs! And he's a CANARY! His song is so pretty and I just can't get past that he's orange. I have entertained the idea of getting a bird for years and I really wanted a canary, but I never did anything about it. After meeting Elvis, however? The time is now! My Dad picked up a few canaries today and will let me choose which one I want - orange or yellow. Thoughts?

Then there's this little guy I fell in love with - a Gloster Canary.
Um...a bird with bangs? How high fash! He's so 'now'. I just might have to get him next.

My Dad is going to keep my canary until we can find a cool little cage to house him in. I'm so excited to bring him home, "Jolley want a cracker?"


kateastrophe said...

ohmagosh get the creamsicle NOWNOWNOW!

We had birds growing up and I LOVE them! They are so great!

glenda said...

I have had 6 of them,they are both beatiful, and they make beautiful music,huumm you really need a pair

Bringing Lady Back said...

I want you to own that chubby little tub with bangs.

~j. said...

A bird with bangs.

This made my day.

Andrea said...

OH man..... Thank you so much for the laugh. A canary with bangs?! So high fash.