What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving? A myriad of things, all from Modcloth.com

I was told about this site forever ago and I LOVE it. A little too much, I'm afraid. They have such cool, different things. I always find something I adore. Like these curtains for example:
I just may hang them in my living room...I so love olive and turquoise together.

Do not mock. I love this. He just might be on his way to my house right now.
And these shoes? With the gold? I might as well be a TWA Flight Attendant. Love them.
I have a laptop, but I rarely take it anywhere. However, with this little tote I just may cart it everywhere. Whether I actually use the laptop or not, who cares? I look like a business buff on the go with juuuuuust a touch of whimsy.
To my dismay, these vases are out of stock. Blast! I'm obsessed, they are so fantastic. I am anxiously waiting for a notice of when they are available...
I'm telling you - this site is marvy. Go! Shop!
You're welcome.

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Bringing Lady Back said...

I can't even tell you how many hours I've spent staring googly-eyed at that site.