Spring Weekend

The weather this weekend? Downright balmy! Well, as balmy as it can get in March. We had a blast doing family things this weekend, starting with getting Cache ready for school on Friday. They are learning about the letter 'U' in preschool and Friday was 'Ugly Bug' day (stay with me). Cache had to dress up in ugly clothes and look like an ugly bug. U.B. and I have never met, so I had to improvise. He looked hilarious...and he loved his outfit.

Look at his cravat! Ahh, Sir Percival Blakeney would be so proud, what? It was tough getting him to put on some normal clothes after school, he only agreed to pants. So his fancy shirt combo and mis-matched socks stayed. Awesome. Now you know how to dress your kid if they have 'Ugly Bug' day. You're welcome.

That afternoon we hit some thrift stores in search of a cool, old rocking chair. We came up empty-handed, but it's always fun to peruse random trinkets.

Rhonda was in town this weekend and on Saturday we went to lunch at Los! A tradition of ours. We chatted and laughed for hours. Oh, how I love her. We are planning a trip to Vegas next month for Sara's Birthday - can't wait!

After lunch I headed home to find this in the backyard.

We loaded up the boys and we went to see 'How to Train Your Dragon'. It was SO good! The boys really liked it...I may not mind seeing it again. Gerard Butler was the voice for one of the vikings. Bonus!

Saturday's show was great - Rhonda and my parents came! Always a bit more nervous when you know people in the audience. My mom hugged me after the show and just wept, bless her little tender heart. My sister might fly in to see the show this week (because I'm that awesome), my ward is coming to see it on Thursday night and Cody and the fire crew might come this week, too. Yeah, no pressure.

Yesterday was so relaxing, how I adore Sunday evenings at home with my family. I can't wait until it's warm enough to have dinner outside on our deck. Hopefully the weather continues to warm up, those days may not be too far off...I think we're going to start remodeling our kitchen this week! If you have a sledgehammer, feel free to stop by.


Bringing Lady Back said...

The cravat's a picture. I swear you been takin' lessons!


Tayva said...

Okay, FIRST---Bethany your comment made me laugh out loud! (Well, a lady-like guffah) I'm happy every time I think of it. Next, the boys on the 4-wheeler are too handsome for words, but I do love the ugly bug outfit. I think I need an 8 x 10. I loved the show and loved you in it. Hugs and kisses, Mom

Bringing Lady Back said...

Tayva, you're in luck!

Laughing out loud is not only allowed, it's encouraged. ;)