Closing Night

"Earnest" closed last week - SUCH a great show! Easily one of my favorites, this was an incredible experience. We never had an 'off' night, we always felt so great about our performances and had the biggest blast every night. It was such a delight! I don't know how else to describe it, truly a delight. Such a light spot!

I have only a few pictures of the show, more to come! More to come! Here is the scene where Jack has just proposed to Gwendolyn...even though I basically talked him into it, every girl must act surprised when she's proposed to, no?
"The simplicity of your character makes you exquisitely incomprehensible to me!!"
The carnival of corsets.
Charlie doing her hair - every night she had thousands of curls to make...and she always made that face.
Tom and Tanya came to see the show closing night! My love for her is as big as my sleeves.
Me and my Mom flanking Jeff.
Me, Luone, Jeff and my Mom.
...I'm sorry.
My favorite leading man of all time, Jeff. Truly the most stellar gent around!
Me with Bert and Charlie! These two crazy kids, I love them like family.
And of course, working with my Mom was the biggest blessing of all. How can I even put that into words? I know we'll work together again, but doing this play together was amazing. She is amazing. I love, love, LOVE her. After our final bow, we hugged.
I will miss laughing with the girls in the dressing room before the show, lacing ourselves into our corsets, I will miss my garden scene with Charlie that I loved so much, I will miss (terribly) wearing the beautiful costumes, and I will definitely miss spending so much time with all those wonderful people. I love them all so much...
I'm done with shows for a while, but I'm so grateful to have ended my run with a high note!
"I am always smart...am I not, Mr. Worthing?"



Craziness, friends - where have I been? Where does the time go? Forgive my absence, I've been having too much going on and entirely too much fun. Not to mention that the longer I wait to blog, the harder it is to blog! Bah.

A few weekends ago my dearest Bethany came to visit me for the weekend! Oh my, I love her. You may recall that we met during 'Singin' in the Rain' and became instant besties.
She moved to California last Summer and we have seen each other on quick trips since, but this is the first time we had some full days to spend together. I picked her up on Friday morning and we spent the day laughing and shopping to our hearts content. It was so fun to just sit and talk and laugh hysterically...awesome. That night she met up with her 'Funny Girl' cast while I did a show. Another bonus? My sister and her family were in town that weekend as well, so they all came to the play Friday night! So wonderful - we had loads of family there that night, including my little niece Elliet. (Psst! Andrea...send me pics!).

The next day Bethany and I joined my Mom and Andrea for lunch at Texas Roadhouse (always, ALWAYS a good idea) and a bit of shopping at Planted Earth in Orem. I found a few little treasures...
Then Bethany and I headed up to our favorite haunt: Decades. We both LOVE this store and for good reason - we both totally scored. I sadly have no pics of Bethany's finds, but she got some beautiful jewelry, a great shirt and some fabulous scarves. I walked away with 3 dresses. THREE!
Oh my, they are marvelous. The gold and the blue one need to be altered, can't wait until they fit like a glove.

Saturday night Bethany came to the show and sat front row with my dear friend Heather! It was so fun having them there... Our mutual friend Kim, who we also met during 'Singin', came with her husband. She is SO great and is always so supportive of my shows! Love her. Here we are after the show! Fanny, Kathy and Anna (don't worry, it makes sense to us).
Sunday we had dinner with my family and Monday (sadly) we had to say farewell. It was SO marvelous having her here, the trip was not long enough. Hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon! We can't let Decades and their delicious butterscotch candies sit for too long without a visit from us...


Sneak Off

I am avoiding my responsibilities. I'm avoiding chores. My insta-bestie Bethany is coming to visit me for the weekend and she arrives tomorrow morning! I'm oozing with excitement, I cannot wait for her to get here! In addition? My sister and her family are arriving today to stay for the weekend, too! This weekend hasn't even happened yet and it's already one of my favorites. The chores I speak of? That I'm dodging? Ugh, I have to clean my house. I have to do laundry and put things away and clean and dust and vacuum and scrub. Quite frankly, I have no desire to do any of it. Not that that will get me out of it - if I don't do it, who will? So until I buckle down and start polishing my floors, lemme fill you in on what's occupying my thoughts:

These little beauties.
Saucony makes the most comfortable shoes. Ever. I have owned said style of shoe twice, both times there were red. Loved them. Years ago my sister's sister-in-law (got that?) was wearing these shoes in this color combo.
Um - I instantly fell in love. White and Navy. So simple, so basic, SO cute. That was easily 7 years ago that I saw her in them and I have looked off and on for a pair like that since. Only to discover that they are NOWHERE to be found! Blast.

I'm getting desperate, BC peeps. I have found this version...
...which is close, so close in fact that I'm seriously considering painting the black stripe on the side blue. Yeah. It's ridiculous, I realize this.

On the other hand, they have some that come in sky blue.
Have I revealed my weakness for sky blue? Oh man, I love it - you could paint a smelly diaper sky blue and I would be tempted to showcase it in my living room.

So the hunt goes on, but I will own me some Saucony Originals in the extremely near future, be they painted or otherwise.


The Importance of Being Earnest!!

We opened our show this past weekend and it has been a smash hit!! We had a great turn out opening night - the audience was great and super responsive (which is always nice). Saturdays' show was even better. We're all having a ball, I'm loving every minute of this.
It was a little chaotic getting everything together for the opening, but as per usual everything came together and we have a delightful show. The COSTUMES are to die for. For reals. I can't post pictures until after my sister sees the show this weekend (I'm making her wait - the suspense is killing her, I know. Also, she's bringing her family up from Vegas to see the play, what's your excuse?). The cast is second to none - probably my favorite I've ever worked with. I'm paired with Jeff Thompson again, my (favorite ever) leading man from 'And Then There Were None'. He is such a stellar chap. Bert and Charlie (who play Cecily and Algernon) are a newly married couple and a total blast, Dennis is a PGP regular and I worked with Debra (who plays Miss Prism) a few years back and I absolutely adore her. Then of course, is Tayva Patch. My mom is timeless and SO good in this play, I'm so lucky to do this with her I could pop.

My Dad came to opening night and surprised my Mom and I with ginormous bouquets before the show. Here we are in our tiny dressing room.
I was so touched by all the texts and messages I received from friends on opening night. Thank you so much! You're all marvy. Now get your tickets and come see the show!!