Closing Night

"Earnest" closed last week - SUCH a great show! Easily one of my favorites, this was an incredible experience. We never had an 'off' night, we always felt so great about our performances and had the biggest blast every night. It was such a delight! I don't know how else to describe it, truly a delight. Such a light spot!

I have only a few pictures of the show, more to come! More to come! Here is the scene where Jack has just proposed to Gwendolyn...even though I basically talked him into it, every girl must act surprised when she's proposed to, no?
"The simplicity of your character makes you exquisitely incomprehensible to me!!"
The carnival of corsets.
Charlie doing her hair - every night she had thousands of curls to make...and she always made that face.
Tom and Tanya came to see the show closing night! My love for her is as big as my sleeves.
Me and my Mom flanking Jeff.
Me, Luone, Jeff and my Mom.
...I'm sorry.
My favorite leading man of all time, Jeff. Truly the most stellar gent around!
Me with Bert and Charlie! These two crazy kids, I love them like family.
And of course, working with my Mom was the biggest blessing of all. How can I even put that into words? I know we'll work together again, but doing this play together was amazing. She is amazing. I love, love, LOVE her. After our final bow, we hugged.
I will miss laughing with the girls in the dressing room before the show, lacing ourselves into our corsets, I will miss my garden scene with Charlie that I loved so much, I will miss (terribly) wearing the beautiful costumes, and I will definitely miss spending so much time with all those wonderful people. I love them all so much...
I'm done with shows for a while, but I'm so grateful to have ended my run with a high note!
"I am always smart...am I not, Mr. Worthing?"


Jen said...

How fun! I love the costumes and all of your fun pics. Maybe someday, I will make a trek down south to see one of your plays!

Muzikal Mama said...

You did NOT! And after I helped you get the other pictures? What do you have against me? (Said in a very whiny tone)

I may, or may not, have a disk of pictures for you soon...

Kim said...

Yes, you were perfection!! The show was AMAZING as I told you the nigh we came. We enjoyed it so much and I am soooo glad you had such a wonderful time with it. I know you will miss it--especially the people and the costumes. It is always hard to say goodbye. Can you believe it has been a whole year since our show together? How the time flies by! (LOVE the black and white picture!!)

Tayva said...

I think you are quite perfect, Miss Julia. XOXOXOXOXOX

Bringing Lady Back said...

So, so wonderful. I loved every bit of it.

You were marvelous, dahling.

Heather "Rita" said...

I'm so sad I missed it...but so glad you shared photos!

I LOVE that last photo of you...gorgeous!