How is it...

We spent the majority of last year remodeling our kitchen. It was a JOB. 7 months using nothing but a microwave, a grill and our smarts to make meals. Dust covered everything, wires were exposed, we had sheet rock mud all over the floor...messy.

So, how is it that when I see pictures of my brother's attic remodel, I get an urge to rip out walls again?

My fingers start to itch. I need to tear things out. This isn't good, friends. I mean, it's not that we have a shortage of projects to do around here, but our kitchen isn't 100% done. And how do we choose which project to do next? The bathrooms? Combining the two room downstairs to make a big room for our boys? Or do we spend the Summer focusing on our yard?

I'm not sure I can supress these demo feelings much longer. Stay tuned...

PS - The reason they are remodeling their attic? To make room for my new, beautiful little neice!

Penelope Kay Patch, born March 27th, 7 lbs 1 oz, 19.75 inches.

Welcome baby Penny!!


Jessica said...

Jewels! Don't do it! Finish your kitchen, clean your house and wait a month and then decide. Because at this point I cant wait to have my house back!

If you do decide to start a project I vote the yard... that was easier because it was outside!

Erin said...

Baby Penny is so beautiful! Please tell Marty a most sincere congratulations! And how is Jessica? Is she having the same problems as last time? I sure hope not.

Love you!

Mark said...

Congratulations to Marty and Jessica for baby Penelope! That's awesome! Julia, how are you?