Ahhh, Easter! I love Easter Sunday. Getting everything ready for my kids is so much fun. We got them a few small pressies and LOADS of candy. Too much. I stayed up late the night before filling eggs.

Our Ward is at 9:00 and I told the kids that the Easter Bunny would come while we were gone. Cody worked that day, so after I got the kids settled in Primary I rushed home and Cody met me there. We hid the eggs and I made little paw prints out of brownie mix, placed carrot ends and tootsie rolls around. I need to come up with a better 'stamp' for the prints, I just used my fingers and you can tell. I want them to look better. Yep. More authentic bunny prints. Maybe a sponge? The brownie mix worked well but it was a pain to clean up. I need to do some fine tuning.

When we got home the boys were SOOO excited! Cole loves his new little trumpet. Me? I'm not loving it so much.
Bunny mess.

Cache thought the messes around the house were hilarious and took this picture right before I cleaned this one up. My smile is forced, that brownie mix was sticky.
Their little bags were filled to the brim and they took their sugary treasure down to the play room while I watched 'Easter Parade'. I had never seen it and I LOVED it! Oh, so much.
We had a yummy dinner and just spent the day together as a family. Love my boys, best Easter ever. Until next year, that is.


Kim said...

You look GORGEOUS in your pink dress- very you! And I love the bunny prints and "mess". You are so creative. I am just lucky that I got the decorations up this year!

kateastrophe said...

Um, WHERE did you get that dress? I NEED ONE!

You're such a fun Mom. Someday I'm going to have you teach me how.

Love you!

Jewels said...

Right? It was a total score at Decades - didn't need any altering, fits like a glove. A shiny, pink glove.

Andrea said...

I agree on the dress. Very beautiful! And the bunny idea from our past is cute to see revived in your family. My only big sister complaint is you did this during church?! I think that is why your brownie mix was a pain to clean up. :)

Rosey said...

What? I can't believe you had never seen the Easter Parade.. I failed. But so happy you loved it! I also watched it this Easter, Judy is the cutest! And by the way... LOVE the Easter dress! You are a total smash hit (again)!