Two weeks ago I drove down to Vegas for the weekend. I go every year to visit Sara with Kate and Rhonda. Sara and Rhonda have Birthdays in April, so we spend a weekend together just shopping and eating - sort of a mini Girls Trip. Sadly Kate couldn't come this year and we missed her like crazy. Even though the trip is really only about 36 hours, we love every minute of it!

After some errands on Friday morning I headed out on the drive. You know I don't mind driving alone? I'm sure if I had to do it for 12 hours I might lose my mind, but driving to Vegas by myself isn't so bad. Before going to Sara's I stopped at my sister's so I could spend some time with her. We only had an hour (she was leaving town, too!), but it was so great to see her and spend some time with her and her kids. Love her. No pictures of course, because we're ultra secretive of our visits.

I met up with the girls at Sara's house and we went to dinner at Swish. Such a fun little place, they bring you your meal raw and you cook it in a wok right in front of you. Swish was delish!

Afterwards we went to see 'Arthur'. Have you seen this yet? I was pleasantly surprised, Russell Brand is hilarious.

Saturday the weather was gorgeous! Ahhh, so balmy, just beautiful. We grabbed some breakfast, sat in the sun and then had lunch at Brio. I love Brio. I have to eat there every time I go to Vegas.
We shopped at the Town Center shops for a few hours and scored some finds, then drove over to Fashion Show Mall to shop some more...never enough!
'Forever21' was freaking ginormous. A bit overwhelming.
I did love their pink dressing rooms doors, though.
Waiting for our shoes...
Waiting some more.
Strangely - none of us bought any.

Dinner at PF Changs.
We went to the store to grab some treats and bevs and then back to Sara's house.
The next morning we sat on the bed and talked before packing up. Rhonda and I had lunch and then hit the road. WONDERFUL weekend! Love those girls so much, I can't wait for next year! Good thing the Girls Trip is only two months away!

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kateastrophe said...

You guys look like you had a TERRIBLE time without me.


SO sad I missed it but I cannot WAIT to see you in just two short months! You're my favorite. And Sara. And Rhonda. And Sheila.