What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving?

This dress form from Urban Outfitters.
I have wanted a dress form forever! Do I sew? Yeah, not really. I can a little, but nothing uber-fancy. However, when I was changing the sleeves on a dress last fall I thought, "Hmmm, this would be much easier on a dress form". Plus I could dress it up for Halloween! A draped, dark figure in the corner...which would freak me right out, so maybe not. Anyway, me wanty! And I love that color! It's $300. Aaaaaand there goes my dream.

I'm also loving that Spring may have FINALLY sprung. I dare not hope to much, the weather here is anything but predictable. We have woken up to snowy mornings more than once the past few weeks. The upside? We still get to use our woodburning stove, so I'm good with that.
Cody and I have been anxious for the ground to thaw so we can start working on our yard! We want to rip a lot of stuff out and then get to work on planting our flower beds and perhaps adding a few trees. I'm no gardner by any means, but I am excited to get our yard in ship shape! The weather was cooperating a few days ago, so I went up to my parents house and split some of their day lilies to transplant here (I had permission, don't worry). This little guy was making a quick escape...
When I got home I looked at our railroad ties. Do you know what those are? Huge, square 'pegs' of wood that can be used to line planters and the like. I am not a fan, never have been...ok, unless they are used like this.
But ours weren't dark or framed cool stairs. Ours were rotted out and nappy. Ugh, so over it. So I grabbed a shovel and in 20 minutes we were tie free! I ripped them out! Good riddance!

...not that the hollowed edges are that much better, but I'm working on it.
I have some dirt distribution to do, but anything is better than that wooden mess. I have been weeding off and on for the past three days, I'm about to head out there now - it rained last night so the ground should be nice and soft. I'll keep you posted on my green thumbery! If only I had a nice dress form to keep me company.


Tayva said...

You hauled out railroad ties?? You go, girl! (Did you leave the worm at our house? We need more worms!) XOXO

Jewels said...

Haha, I did - I scooped him up and placed him in some dirt. Goodness knows we have PLENTY over here! Cole wants to keep all of them as pets. Lucky me.

Bringing Lady Back said...

My friend adopted a mannequin form (just the bodice) from a store that was closing. It was FREEEEEE!!!

She named it Beth. No relation.

I'm excited for your newest house-beautificational venture!

And I love you. And miss you. Deh.

Kim said...

You are amazing! I love you zeal for projects. You are always an inspiration. By the way,I have something I want to give you. We need to get together for lunch. Call me!

Heather "Rita" said...

you go girl! Did you have fun in vegas?? a visit to h&m perhaps?