The night before...

I'm having a baby tomorrow. No big deal, right? I'm a little surprised by how nervous I am. Well, maybe I'm not that surprised, it is childbirth afterall. The boys are staying with Cody's parents tonight, the hospital bag is packed, my house is even clean (wha??), so I'm feeling sort of ready. We've had loads of friends offer to help with the boys and anything else we need which is a big comfort. Still, I can't shake that roller coaster feeling...I'm going to feel all kinds of nervous when we're driving to the hospital and I'm getting situated. Eeesh.

I know it will be fine and I'm SO excited to meet our new little boy. Once he gets here it will all be worth it. Wish me luck, here we go!


Love is in the Air...

Obviously no baby. Blast! However, I feel that I have found my new night routine - I go around and make sure that the house is in order and things are clean and everything is ready. I should probably make that my night routine every night, but uh...yeah, it's not. I have washed all the baby clothes and we're making progress in getting all the necessities. Oooh! I'm getting excited!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, any lovey plans? I've been working on some festive crafts for weeks and believe or not I've actually finished some of them. My sister was in town during her Birthday the last weekend in January, so the sisters gathered and we crafted one evening. It was SO fun just sitting around the table talking...I started on a wreath for my front door, which I finally finished a week ago.

Then I made this one for my back door. Love it! The red yard is so super bright, it looks awesome with that bubblegum pink bow.
Oooh, and my chandy! I found that sparkly, fringy yarn on clearance and it's in this bright fuchsia color I'm obsessed with. Then I just attached some plastic heart boxes to the bottom.
Since my art room isn't done (but will be soon...insert maniacal laugh here) I work on stuff at my dining room table. Which looks like this:
Lots of pink and red and glitter. You see those heart playing cards? I attached some to a glittery red ribbon for a banner...and I have no idea where to put it. Nice.
I have started on making some ribbons, though. And I plan on doing something with the "C" and "J" hearts. You know...something.
Between my crafting sessions I made Valentines for the boys' classes. Cole's favorite color right now is dark blue, it seemed only natural to find a blue treat. Sharks! Perfect!
I saw this saying on Pinterest and Cache was all kinds of on board. He loves Pop Rocks, he's not too excited about giving them away.
Have I made a Valentine for Cody? No...hmmm, I should probably do that. What do you do for your love? We're just planning on spending time together tomorrow, having a nice dinner at home and taking it easy. Are we boring? I hope not, I'm rather looking forward to it. A day with an ultra-attractive fireman? Sign me up.


Ready or Not

So...it's late. Past midnight, I believe. And here I sit at the computer thinking I might go into labor tonight. Not because of any contractions or legit labor signs, no - but because I just have this feeling that I might. Because of said feeling I have cleaned up the house, started laundry and taken a (thorough) shower so that if this little dude decides to make an entrance in a few hours, I'll be ready. Sort of.

Today I spent the afternoon with my Mom and we went shopping for baby things. We had a delightful convo over lunch at SMASHBURGER (which should be everyone's last meal) and then headed to Target to get started. I have talked a lot about how I'm soooo ready for this baby to come out, but true story? I'm not ready at all. I'm ready not to be pregnant and uncomfortable and constantly popping TUMS, but as for bringing a baby home? Not. Ready.
We walked the aisles and suddenly I was flooded with the reality that within two weeks I'm going to have this wee little human to take care of. Fortunately my Mom was with me to be a sounding board and say things like, "Well, we'll get these now so that he has a little something, and don't forget you'll need some of these...". I could not have done that without her. We got binkies and blankets and onesies and sleepers...and how in love am I with this little number? Normally I'm not one to love little animals on stuff, but the fact that it's a neon yellow crocodile...
While it was a bit overwhelming and a serious reality check, I feel relieved and bit more prepared. I mean, we still need a crib (not too pressing) and a bassinet (pressing, so I ordered one today), a swing...a car seat (should probably get on that STAT), but for the most part I'm feeling pretty good. Did I mention nervous? Because I'm nervous. Maybe he'll come tonight, maybe he'll come in a few weeks...ready or not? He's coming.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving? That February is here! The month of lurve. And my baby arrives this month! Just because I'm not at ALL ready for his arrival doesn't mean I'm not super anxious for him to get here. I'm loving all the Valentine goodness saturating the stores. I haven't decided what to do for my kid's Valentines yet, but I'm digging this styles...
So fun - I want to hang them on my wall.

What else am I loving? Or coveting, would be more appropo. I want a Scout for my very own...

I have mentioned before how my family is sort of obsessed with these vehicles. We all own one. My Dad has a super nice one that is all glossy and fancy, while Cody has one that he wants to put a lift kit on and take to Moab. Me? What do I want? I want a Barbie scout. I want it shiny and pretty and baby blue. I see no problem with this. Well, there is a problem...several, actually. I know nothing about cars so naturally I don't really want to get one that needs work. I'd just as soon have it come to me with the keys in it ready to go. I want bench seats in the front and back, I want a big steering wheel, I want a soft top for Summer and a great stereo. Too much? I didn't think so. I mean, look how pretty this orange one is!

Sigh...so nice. Only I want it in baby blue. Bam.
(I don't even want to admit how long it took me to color that).

So there you have it - I want me my own Scout. We'll go get shakes. Now taking donations.