Love is in the Air...

Obviously no baby. Blast! However, I feel that I have found my new night routine - I go around and make sure that the house is in order and things are clean and everything is ready. I should probably make that my night routine every night, but uh...yeah, it's not. I have washed all the baby clothes and we're making progress in getting all the necessities. Oooh! I'm getting excited!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, any lovey plans? I've been working on some festive crafts for weeks and believe or not I've actually finished some of them. My sister was in town during her Birthday the last weekend in January, so the sisters gathered and we crafted one evening. It was SO fun just sitting around the table talking...I started on a wreath for my front door, which I finally finished a week ago.

Then I made this one for my back door. Love it! The red yard is so super bright, it looks awesome with that bubblegum pink bow.
Oooh, and my chandy! I found that sparkly, fringy yarn on clearance and it's in this bright fuchsia color I'm obsessed with. Then I just attached some plastic heart boxes to the bottom.
Since my art room isn't done (but will be soon...insert maniacal laugh here) I work on stuff at my dining room table. Which looks like this:
Lots of pink and red and glitter. You see those heart playing cards? I attached some to a glittery red ribbon for a banner...and I have no idea where to put it. Nice.
I have started on making some ribbons, though. And I plan on doing something with the "C" and "J" hearts. You know...something.
Between my crafting sessions I made Valentines for the boys' classes. Cole's favorite color right now is dark blue, it seemed only natural to find a blue treat. Sharks! Perfect!
I saw this saying on Pinterest and Cache was all kinds of on board. He loves Pop Rocks, he's not too excited about giving them away.
Have I made a Valentine for Cody? No...hmmm, I should probably do that. What do you do for your love? We're just planning on spending time together tomorrow, having a nice dinner at home and taking it easy. Are we boring? I hope not, I'm rather looking forward to it. A day with an ultra-attractive fireman? Sign me up.

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Hailey said...

You are amazing and adorable. The fact that you do all this while 9 months pregnant makes me feel lame about my non-pregnant, pj-clad, TV-watching self. Those Valentines are the cutest I've ever seen!