Ready or Not

So...it's late. Past midnight, I believe. And here I sit at the computer thinking I might go into labor tonight. Not because of any contractions or legit labor signs, no - but because I just have this feeling that I might. Because of said feeling I have cleaned up the house, started laundry and taken a (thorough) shower so that if this little dude decides to make an entrance in a few hours, I'll be ready. Sort of.

Today I spent the afternoon with my Mom and we went shopping for baby things. We had a delightful convo over lunch at SMASHBURGER (which should be everyone's last meal) and then headed to Target to get started. I have talked a lot about how I'm soooo ready for this baby to come out, but true story? I'm not ready at all. I'm ready not to be pregnant and uncomfortable and constantly popping TUMS, but as for bringing a baby home? Not. Ready.
We walked the aisles and suddenly I was flooded with the reality that within two weeks I'm going to have this wee little human to take care of. Fortunately my Mom was with me to be a sounding board and say things like, "Well, we'll get these now so that he has a little something, and don't forget you'll need some of these...". I could not have done that without her. We got binkies and blankets and onesies and sleepers...and how in love am I with this little number? Normally I'm not one to love little animals on stuff, but the fact that it's a neon yellow crocodile...
While it was a bit overwhelming and a serious reality check, I feel relieved and bit more prepared. I mean, we still need a crib (not too pressing) and a bassinet (pressing, so I ordered one today), a swing...a car seat (should probably get on that STAT), but for the most part I'm feeling pretty good. Did I mention nervous? Because I'm nervous. Maybe he'll come tonight, maybe he'll come in a few weeks...ready or not? He's coming.

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