Super Delicious

"Warner Bros. has announced that Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder’s franchise reboot of the ‘Man of Steel.’"
...I have no problem with this.



Modcloth.com. I love this site. They have great clothes and trinkets, really unique and vintage-y pieces. It's so great. Every now and again, however, they present a ginormous failure.

Case. in. point.
Can someone PLEASE explain how this got past the board???....no pun intended. Who approved this? WHO actually pitched this idea and more importantly, who chimed in with, "You know what I've always wanted to feel like at the pool? Wood panelling..."?!? I mean, what's the draw? "Now you can wear wood without getting a sliver!" and we're all cheering, "ahh, FINALLY!!"

Is it for people who can't swim? "The suit that helps you float!". Someone actually looked at this and said, "Hmm, it's missing something..." Not style or self-worth or anything like that, no - it was missing a red belt and plastic heart buckle. Mwah! Perfection!

Really, Modcloth? Take my advice - skip the pool and just dive into a fire.

(I have now decided that I need to create like 4 publicity posters for this atrocity...stay tuned).


What I'm Loving Wednesday

Is it too soon to talk about what I want for Valentines Day? I didn't think so. What am I loving?

Ultra Gold Bake Ware.

In truth, this may be one of the most trivial wants I have ever posted on WILW. Gold bake ware? Really? Really. So glam! So chic! So Vegas in my oven! I wanty. The pans come in a plethora of sizes and I know that I will be baking like Martha with these dreams.

Well, baking like Martha were she dipped in gold.


Cole Quotes

Me: "Open the blinds and you'll see a surprise! Look out the window!"
Cole: "*gasp* It's snowing!!!...That means it's my Birthday!!" (His Birthday is in August)
Me: "No bud, it's not your Birthday."
Cole: "Oh...that means I can go to school!!"
Me: "No bud, no school yet."
Cole: "Oh...then that means it's just snowing."


Space Robot Party

Cache had a swell Birthday on Friday. I woke him up by blaring 'Birthday' by The Beatles. My parents did that for us growing up, such a fun tradition. I was dancing in the kitchen making french toast when I saw him at the top of the stairs looking at me funny. "Happy Birthday!!" I said with a huge smile. His response? "This song is giving me a headache". Kids. Don't worry, he'll learn to love it...I'm sure by his 12th Birthday he'll love it. After I dropped him off at school I ran to the store to pick up a few things and then stopped by his school with treats for his class. SO much fun! I gave Cache some balloons and passed out the treats to everyone...look at the little dears: (See that little blonde girl in the front? In the purple shirt? Cache LOVES her, her name is Megan. "She's the prettiest girl in my world.")
They all gave me a huge hug before I left, which makes me want to bring treats to his class every week. After school we went to lunch as a family and spent time together that afternoon before taking Cache to his BFF's house for a sleepover.

The next day was Cache's Birthday party and it was outta sight!! So much fun...and so exhausting. Cache wanted a Space Robot theme (love me some robots). Here's the invite:
We started off by having a robot dance off. Hilarious. What song did they dance to? 'Birthday' by The Beatles, of course. Hmpf. Doesn't look like it gave anyone a headache that time.

Oh man, their little poses, I was dying.
After we got our groove on it was time to construct Space Robots! Our materials? A box of nerds covered in tin foil for the body, tooth picks, marshmallows, starburst, candy eyes, silver pipe cleaners, smarties, space stickers and blue frosting for 'glue'.

The Italian Space Cadet. My friend Celine made this...love his name tag.
Cache's robot - I LOVE it.
This is Celine's son, Jack. Look at that face. I want to keep him.

Opening presents at a Birthday party for any child under the age of 10 is always a nightmare. It's all quiet and calm....and just as you see the first glimpse of what's inside...
...that's when they swarm.

Grandpa setting up the Hex Bug game which was a smash hit.

The party was so much fun and Cache is still talking about it. He already knows what kind of party he wants next year. Is he my kid or what?



"When I was 1, I had just begun...
When I was 2, I was still quite new.
When I was 3, I was barely me!
When I was 4, I was a little bit more...
When I was 5, I was just alive.
And now I am 6! As clever as clever!
I hope I stay 6 forever and ever!!"
Happiest of Birthdays to my sweet, brilliant boy.


I'm a Pepper

I. Love. Dr. Pepper. Not a simple love, no...a deep, everlasting love. I love Dr. Pepper like other people love puppies or Christmas.

Do I have an addiction? Possibly. Sometimes it's just the comfort of having a frosty glass near me. When we go out to eat I'll order my trusty soda and I'll sip it occassionally...but soon we're getting our check and my glass is only 1/4 down. I don't drink the whole thing, but just knowing it's there is enough. Other times, like when I have a plethora of errands to run, my first stop is to grab a frosty bev to accompany me. Somedays just having a soda will instantly make my day better. It's the best therapy.

While I love it so, so much, the fact of the matter is I have to quit. Not forever, but for a while. I need to get in shape and my love for soda is a major road block. I have started back at Viking CrossFit and I'm loving it, but CrossFit and soda don't really mix.

So I'll raise a glass of water and say, "Farewell, old friend. Until we meet again".


The Importance of Being Earnest

Great news, folks! Sure, there are other things I should blog about and touch upon, things that have happened since last I posted, but this simply could not wait!! I have just been cast as Gwendolyn in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. While that's awesome, the best part of all? My Mom has been cast as Lady Bracknell. I will get to share the stage with her for the first time in my life!!

Being able to do this with my Mother is the best news in the world. I love acting because of her - I grew up watching her on stage, I have vivid memories of going to see her plays and following her around costume shops. And now we get to do something together? It's about time.

I am beYOND excited. PG Players is putting on the show and I thought it would be fun to do and wanted to audition...then I realized that there was a part for my Mother. I called her immediately and told her that she had to do this show with me - we had to go for it. We went to the audition and she was flawless - of course she was, do you know who she is?? We held our breath until we got the call and found out were were cast. YAY!! Oh man, I can hardly wait. Ooh! And the guy playing Jack? My dearest Jeff who played my love interest in 'And Then There Were None'. He is so marvy, I'm thrilled.

Oh! I'm also in charge of costumes, so yeah - we're going to look 1895 fantastic. I have been looking at tons of dresses and reading up on that gorgeous era. Oh man, this is epic, you MUST come and see it! We're going to have a ball!



Here we are! A brand new year! The Holidays were fantastic, we certainly celebrated in style.

Christmas day was completely perfect. Cache woke up around 8:30 and totally bypassed the living room (?!) and went down to the playroom to watch a movie. Yeah. My kids are rad. Cody came home and we had breakfast as a family before opening presents.
I created these little certs for the kids and put them by their stockings. I thought for sure it would be this cool thing, like "Hey! Look! Santa knows that you've been nice this year!".
...Apparently I'm the only one who thought so, my boys didn't even give them a second glance. They were distracted by their new wind-up robots and pringles. (What, your kids didn't ask for Pringles?).
Watching my boys open presents on Christmas is the best thing ever. I love their little faces.

Santa was very generous and Cache got the "Lego Batman" game to go with our brand new wii! That's right, we now have a wii. And it's RED!! Oh my, I love it so much. Cache would play games all day if we let him and it's fun to watch he and Cody play together.

Cody went back to the station that afternoon and we got to just relax and enjoy the day. My family was coming over for dinner, so I got to cooking. I made a turkey, cranberry sauce and vegetables and a delicious vat of apple cider. I asked everyone in my family to bring some bubbly. We like to be a little fizzy on Christmas.
LOOK at these flowers! My dear friend Mark (who owns a floral business and is super marvy) made this for me specifically for my family party. Now I don't know how I'll be able to throw a party without him creating some floral masterpieces. (You can't tell in this pic, but the sticks were covered in glitter..it was so, so pretty).
I'm telling you - apple cider is the bomb. It's practically fail-proof and it's always SO delish! Now that I think about it, I should make another batch.
It was so wonderful having my family over! We ate and talked and settled in to watch 'Despicable Me' by the fire. That movie is solid gold, so hilarious.

The next night we went to my parents house for dinner and to watch Albert Finney's 'Scrooge' (the best version, as far as I'm concerned). Cole and Graham love to play together and couldn't get enough of this little train...love their cute little heads.

On New Year's Eve I went to the station and spent it with Cody and the fire crew (because Cody was also working on that holiday). We played some hilarious games and ended the night playing "Killer Bunnies". Have you heard of this? Or played it? So fun, we need a rematch.

I always get a little debbie downer after the Holidays. I am always so sure that I'll miss them so much and I'm not looking forward to Summer or a house with no colorful lights. But then somthing magical happens. And for some reason on January 2nd, something clicks inside me and I'm ready for the Holidays to be over and to take everything down and get ready for Spring. Anyone else? Alas, my house is still decorated...I have yet to take down our tree and other things, but it is only the 5th. Our house still has lights on it and much to Cody's dismay, I keep turning them on each night. If they're up they might as well be on, right?

I'm really looking forward to this new year. 2010 will be hard to beat, I must admit. We have been so blessed. We are so grateful for so many things, last year was the tops...and I'm certain this year will be even better.

Bring it on, 2011.