I'm a Pepper

I. Love. Dr. Pepper. Not a simple love, no...a deep, everlasting love. I love Dr. Pepper like other people love puppies or Christmas.

Do I have an addiction? Possibly. Sometimes it's just the comfort of having a frosty glass near me. When we go out to eat I'll order my trusty soda and I'll sip it occassionally...but soon we're getting our check and my glass is only 1/4 down. I don't drink the whole thing, but just knowing it's there is enough. Other times, like when I have a plethora of errands to run, my first stop is to grab a frosty bev to accompany me. Somedays just having a soda will instantly make my day better. It's the best therapy.

While I love it so, so much, the fact of the matter is I have to quit. Not forever, but for a while. I need to get in shape and my love for soda is a major road block. I have started back at Viking CrossFit and I'm loving it, but CrossFit and soda don't really mix.

So I'll raise a glass of water and say, "Farewell, old friend. Until we meet again".


Jake Nicole Burton said...

So this is where Rich gets it from :) He had a DP up at Randi's parents house (my husband is Randi's brother Jake) and it took all of mine and Jake's strength not to steal it form him. We love it too but have tried not to drink it... Rich almost corrupted us!

Bringing Lady Back said...

After 6 weeks, all of the taste buds on your tongue will have regrown and it won't even taste good anymore.

Just so, you know... you know. In case you don't want to start it up again. ;)