The Importance of Being Earnest

Great news, folks! Sure, there are other things I should blog about and touch upon, things that have happened since last I posted, but this simply could not wait!! I have just been cast as Gwendolyn in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. While that's awesome, the best part of all? My Mom has been cast as Lady Bracknell. I will get to share the stage with her for the first time in my life!!

Being able to do this with my Mother is the best news in the world. I love acting because of her - I grew up watching her on stage, I have vivid memories of going to see her plays and following her around costume shops. And now we get to do something together? It's about time.

I am beYOND excited. PG Players is putting on the show and I thought it would be fun to do and wanted to audition...then I realized that there was a part for my Mother. I called her immediately and told her that she had to do this show with me - we had to go for it. We went to the audition and she was flawless - of course she was, do you know who she is?? We held our breath until we got the call and found out were were cast. YAY!! Oh man, I can hardly wait. Ooh! And the guy playing Jack? My dearest Jeff who played my love interest in 'And Then There Were None'. He is so marvy, I'm thrilled.

Oh! I'm also in charge of costumes, so yeah - we're going to look 1895 fantastic. I have been looking at tons of dresses and reading up on that gorgeous era. Oh man, this is epic, you MUST come and see it! We're going to have a ball!


Rosey said...

best news EVER! Not only is this play histerical! It will be flawless with you and your mother capturing the audiance with your wit and ridiculously fabulous outfits! (please say you will be wearing that dress? SO great!)

Kim said...

AHH! I am soooo excited for you! Amannda wouldn't miss it for anything! PLEASE remember to email me when tickets go on sale!!

Tayva said...

Did you know that I get to share the stage with Julia Patch Jolley?! Surely you're heard of her!--I can't wait! XOXO to Qwenny from Mamma

Bringing Lady Back said...