What I'm Loving Wednesday

Is it too soon to talk about what I want for Valentines Day? I didn't think so. What am I loving?

Ultra Gold Bake Ware.

In truth, this may be one of the most trivial wants I have ever posted on WILW. Gold bake ware? Really? Really. So glam! So chic! So Vegas in my oven! I wanty. The pans come in a plethora of sizes and I know that I will be baking like Martha with these dreams.

Well, baking like Martha were she dipped in gold.

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{lizzythebotanist} said...

is this want based solely on form? meaning, do you know if they are good functioning pans, too? i'm so sick of the dark non-stick pans i got for my wedding (everything burns or sticks). i have a few good "fat daddy" cake pans that i've bought here and there for parties, but i'd love to get a good set of pans sometime soon. and since i live in vegas...