Space Robot Party

Cache had a swell Birthday on Friday. I woke him up by blaring 'Birthday' by The Beatles. My parents did that for us growing up, such a fun tradition. I was dancing in the kitchen making french toast when I saw him at the top of the stairs looking at me funny. "Happy Birthday!!" I said with a huge smile. His response? "This song is giving me a headache". Kids. Don't worry, he'll learn to love it...I'm sure by his 12th Birthday he'll love it. After I dropped him off at school I ran to the store to pick up a few things and then stopped by his school with treats for his class. SO much fun! I gave Cache some balloons and passed out the treats to everyone...look at the little dears: (See that little blonde girl in the front? In the purple shirt? Cache LOVES her, her name is Megan. "She's the prettiest girl in my world.")
They all gave me a huge hug before I left, which makes me want to bring treats to his class every week. After school we went to lunch as a family and spent time together that afternoon before taking Cache to his BFF's house for a sleepover.

The next day was Cache's Birthday party and it was outta sight!! So much fun...and so exhausting. Cache wanted a Space Robot theme (love me some robots). Here's the invite:
We started off by having a robot dance off. Hilarious. What song did they dance to? 'Birthday' by The Beatles, of course. Hmpf. Doesn't look like it gave anyone a headache that time.

Oh man, their little poses, I was dying.
After we got our groove on it was time to construct Space Robots! Our materials? A box of nerds covered in tin foil for the body, tooth picks, marshmallows, starburst, candy eyes, silver pipe cleaners, smarties, space stickers and blue frosting for 'glue'.

The Italian Space Cadet. My friend Celine made this...love his name tag.
Cache's robot - I LOVE it.
This is Celine's son, Jack. Look at that face. I want to keep him.

Opening presents at a Birthday party for any child under the age of 10 is always a nightmare. It's all quiet and calm....and just as you see the first glimpse of what's inside...
...that's when they swarm.

Grandpa setting up the Hex Bug game which was a smash hit.

The party was so much fun and Cache is still talking about it. He already knows what kind of party he wants next year. Is he my kid or what?


Randi Patch said...

Julia, you are a super cool mom! You and your amazing invites, cool robots, and fun dance party! I can't believe Cache is 6! They grow up too fast!

Jen said...

That is the coolest party, ever! Love the robots!

Bringing Lady Back said...

I love the whole party theme and craft ideas! So faboo.

But mostly, I love Cache's eyes in that last photo. Heart? Melted.

Andrea said...

So cute! I LOVE the candy robots! They are uber cool. And, um, where did you get this candy stripe background on the blog? Me wanty.