Craziness, friends - where have I been? Where does the time go? Forgive my absence, I've been having too much going on and entirely too much fun. Not to mention that the longer I wait to blog, the harder it is to blog! Bah.

A few weekends ago my dearest Bethany came to visit me for the weekend! Oh my, I love her. You may recall that we met during 'Singin' in the Rain' and became instant besties.
She moved to California last Summer and we have seen each other on quick trips since, but this is the first time we had some full days to spend together. I picked her up on Friday morning and we spent the day laughing and shopping to our hearts content. It was so fun to just sit and talk and laugh hysterically...awesome. That night she met up with her 'Funny Girl' cast while I did a show. Another bonus? My sister and her family were in town that weekend as well, so they all came to the play Friday night! So wonderful - we had loads of family there that night, including my little niece Elliet. (Psst! Andrea...send me pics!).

The next day Bethany and I joined my Mom and Andrea for lunch at Texas Roadhouse (always, ALWAYS a good idea) and a bit of shopping at Planted Earth in Orem. I found a few little treasures...
Then Bethany and I headed up to our favorite haunt: Decades. We both LOVE this store and for good reason - we both totally scored. I sadly have no pics of Bethany's finds, but she got some beautiful jewelry, a great shirt and some fabulous scarves. I walked away with 3 dresses. THREE!
Oh my, they are marvelous. The gold and the blue one need to be altered, can't wait until they fit like a glove.

Saturday night Bethany came to the show and sat front row with my dear friend Heather! It was so fun having them there... Our mutual friend Kim, who we also met during 'Singin', came with her husband. She is SO great and is always so supportive of my shows! Love her. Here we are after the show! Fanny, Kathy and Anna (don't worry, it makes sense to us).
Sunday we had dinner with my family and Monday (sadly) we had to say farewell. It was SO marvelous having her here, the trip was not long enough. Hopefully we'll get to see each other again soon! We can't let Decades and their delicious butterscotch candies sit for too long without a visit from us...


Bringing Lady Back said...

Oh my , Jewels. Seriously.

The Perfect Girl's Weekend.

Everything was awesome! Thank you again for having me, and entertaining me endlessly.

psst... you DO have a picture of my fabulous scarves. We're modeling them hilariously in the top pic. ;)

Kim said...

Love you guys too!!!! Can't believe it has been a whole year since we all met. We have all had a GREAT year in the theater I must say! :)