Mean People Suck

I know, right? Nice title after standing on my "Bringing Lady Back" soap box post. But lets be serious - mean people are mean. Everyone has had somebody be mean to them. Everyone has been yelled at or teased or chewed out by a meanie. Someone who is determined to make you look and feel smaller by any means possible.

I am always shocked by the actions of meanies. The things they can say and the things that they do to tear you down. Honestly, where is the gain in that? Do they feel that much better after talking bad about you? Do they really feel like they are the better person after making you cry? Do they care??

I am not unblemished - I am both guilty and a victim of the meanies. I would like to think that the majority of my meanie days are in the past (mostly because I have lost a legitimate amount of spine and confrontations are not my forte'), but I know I have been a meanie. Not really too proud of that. I'm sorry about that.

Maybe the meanies don't realize the pain they're causing. Or maybe they intend the pain because you somehow caused pain for them, so they feel their meanness is justified. I know I've been mean in retaliation, mean has been my defense mechanism sometimes.

Now, not all meanie encounters are an all out brawl where veins are bulging and eyes are wide. I had my heart broken by a meanie and he never raised his voice. My ex-fiance' (another post) literally shattered my world in under 30 minutes and he never looked angry...he didn't even cry. He did this mean, mean thing and drove out of my life. Meanie.

My amazing sister has been dealt a large load of drama over the past year or so and has handled it with incredible grace. I know at times she feels like she can't take anymore, she can't do 'grace' anymore, she's tired and she breaks down. All because someone has chosen to tear her down. Meanie.

My dear cousin has been dealing with a nasty, nasty divorce from a complete tool box. During this difficult ordeal, she has been getting mean messages and public postings of how horrible she is. How she ruined a family and that she's deeply hated. Meanie.

I've recently been dealt some meanness that was unexpected. It hurt. I tried to find reason in it and couldn't. Of course, not sure I've ever found a pile of reason tied with a bow in a haystack of mean. I had no warning - it was a silent, stealthy blow. I think those are the meanest of all.

Perhaps we can't blame the meanies for being so mean. They must feel some sort of satisfaction by being mean to others because they can't find enjoyment in anything else. They can't be the bigger person and simply let something go or move on because they don't have the depth to do that. So let them spit out insults and harsh comments from their mean, little corner while the rest of us shrug our shoulders and spend time with the niceys. Oh, did I mention that another defense mechanism of mine is wit?
Take that, meanies.


kateastrophe said...

Yes, the meanies suck. Which, as you said, means that sometimes we ALL suck. Which sucks to think about. And 'round and 'round it goes.

I think back to high school days and pretty much EVERYONE was mean. I don't know if it's some psychological right of passage or something, but teenagers are HORRIBLE! And then I think we all think we'll grow out of it when we mature. Then, in some cases, as we get older the mean just gets more devious and more hurtful because now we're smarter and we know just how to stick that knife in. Either that or the mean is a major misunderstanding. I spend a lot of time hoping meanness around me was simply a misunderstanding and people aren't really intentionally mean . . . but I think I go a little too easy on meanies sometimes.

It's been a constant prayer of mine that I can learn to be kind instead of mean and to accept rather than to judge and to build up rather than tear down. I'm not sure I'm exactly good at it, but I hope I get points for trying.

I'm sorry for all the people who are victims of the meanies. I hope we can all learn just to be nice already!

Tayva said...

Who did this to you? Let's go beat them up. Love, Mom

kateastrophe said...

PS - I love your mom forever.

sue-donym said...

Nobody puts baby in the corner. Can I join your mom at the rumble?

Here's a hug from me. I love you!


Jenglamgirl said...

meanies can also be JEALOSIES!!! don't even let those meanies get in your way, you look right over them and keep trucken mama! HUGS, LUVS, JGG

Bringing Lady Back said...

Holy moley, I already had today's post up on BLB before I came to catch up on your blog. It was in the "future posts" folder for a while.

Love you.