Family Parties

The Patch Family Christmas party was a total smash hit! My family is so much fun, it's always great to see everybody. Our family is also ginormous, so we hold the party at a Church. We had yummy food and really fun games (turns out it's not how well you play, but how well you cheat.) My Grandmother gathered all the kids together and handed out little gift bags.

Cole tore right into his bag the second he got it. Many thanks to my Aunt Melissa to organizes this party every year! Ahh, how I love my family.

Saturday was the Jolley Family Party and it's held at Grandma Kae's every year. I have no idea how she fits all of us in her home, but somehow we all manage to find a place to sit and each and catch up with each other. Grandma Kae has so many toys for the kids to play with and Cache loved this old helmet. She wraps a myriad of gifts and never forgets anybody...I have no idea how she does it. She's a Christmas miracle!

After the party I had a Thrillionaires show and we were sold out! Huge crowd, so much fun. Some of my friends from HS were there and the show was a blast, as usual. I have another show at UVU this week and I can't wait!

Tonight is the City party for PG and I'm looking forward to having dinner with our fire friends. This week is full of festivities, I hope I can fit some shopping in...


Shawn said...

How strange to have extended family around.... I can't relate as we have always lived away from family---but I don't miss it that much---I guess I'm a bit of a loner.

Jen said...

One of my favorite things about the holidays are the family parties!

I love the water bottles! What a wonderful idea! I must steal that idea... :)

Have fun at the rest of your parties and good luck shopping!

Tim and Angie said...

We don't have a family party to go to. Tim's doesn't do anything and mine is all far away. It looks like you guys all have great times!! I'm a little jealous. The water bottles turned out fabulous. I hope the rest of your season is wonderful!!