Sunny Afternoon

Snow cones are the best. After running some errands yesterday I took the boys to get a slushy helping of Tigers Blood and as usual, it was super tasty. Cache loved it, and how could he not? They are so delish!

Cole was a bit more interested in the actual shack...Mmm, I love Summer. After we got home it clouded over and we had a great Thunderstorm! I love Summer storms, we always go outside and watch the rain. The rain stopped for a bit and when I finally came in to make dinner, the two of them stayed outside and played with their water guns for another hour.

Tonight I have Thrillionaires show, the theme is '1950's Sci-fi'. It's gonna be outta sight!! I have 5 shows this month which is wicked awesome. Next week I am doing two dinner theater shows at the Covey. Tickets are only $15.00 and we're putting on a Western Melodrama. At least we won't have a shortage in costumes, I did marry a cowboy after all. So come and see! I mean, Dinner and a show? Can life get better? Maybe if we served snow cones...


kateastrophe said...

Please, please, pretty please have someone record the show! I am dying to see it!!!

Also, now I need a snow cone. I haven't had one ALL summer! Probably in years, if I'm being honest!

Jenglamgirl said...

I would love love love to see one of your shows. I will never forget seeing your mom perform she was great.

YOUR POWEL(L) trip looked like a blast, way to go up on the board! p.s. Tiger's blood is my very fav. since a was a young jr. higher!