Health has returned to the Jolley household, my friends! After a long absence, we welcomed back clear nasal passages and cough-free nights with open arms. Viva la health!

It's amazing what a little 'feeling good' can do for you after weeks of feeling awful.

That revived feeling paired with the freshness of a new year can only mean many accomplishments, starting with my home. Ever since moving in I have felt that things are very 'temporary'. Since we have such grand plans (remodeling and all), we have neglected to really allow ourselves to move in. I mean, if we're going to rip out that closet and raise that ceiling and open up that wall, we probably shouldn't settle in too much, right? Fail. I can't take it anymore. I'm sick of maneuvering around boxes, enough is too much! I plan on going through this home room by room and cleaning it and organizing it so it's a pleasure to be in every space.

D.I. will no doubt see many a contribution from me over the next few days, a purge is in the works! And see? Once I have a place for everything and everything has it's place, then we can rip out the kitchen.


Tayva said...

You go, girl!!! Just F.Y.I.: in the all the 'remodeling' and 're-doing' that I still pine for, I tend to put off the order and beauty of the 'right now.' (So, maybe you got that from me?! Yikes!) I commit to doing whatever it is you do---let's go to D.I. together!! XO

Jen said...

Oh you know how I feel about organization and purging!!! I actually got "the tinglees" (sp?) when I first laid eyes on that picture. I don't get out much.

Enjoy the organizing, my friend! You will feel more at peace.

Lucrecia said...

Aaaah, the new year! I just love cleaning up basically my whole life every January! Enjoy! :)

kateastrophe said...

I want so badly to clean and organize everything. I chose instead to get the plague.

I am jealous.