What I'm Loving Wednesday

I didn't do WILW last week, so I'm posting two things that I'm loving right now.

Bronzing Oil!

I enjoy a nice shimmer lotion, especially in the Summer - it makes my skin look all golden and dreamy, I just love it! However, it's almost impossible to find a lotion that has some sheen to it without it containing any self-tanner. This little jar has the best of both - It's like this glittery oil you can put on your arms, legs and chest and it will give you a hint of color and some shimmer. I only put it on my legs because it is kinda slickery and you have to let it absorb before getting dressed so it doesn't get on your clothes, etc. It's from Victoria's Secret, gives me an instant glow and it washes right off in the shower. So great! Oh, and it smells like coconuts and Summertime.

What else am I loving? Fall Fashion!

Yes, yes - it's July, but so many stores and mags are starting to advertise Fall lines and I am SO excited! Fall is my favorite time of year and it just so happens that I love Fall fashion more than any other season. Love it! I'm getting so excited to wear boots and tweed and sweaters...even though it's over 100 right now and I'm thinking about taking an ice bath.

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Kateastrophe said...

I love this feature on your blog! It makes me haaaapy