3rd Annual Ladies Soiree!

I had SUCH a blast this weekend! Lots of food, shopping, laughing...a good time was had by all. The first day we spent hours at the pool. That night we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (Los Hermanos, yummy) and then to "Hairspray". Have you seen that yet? We loved it! We laughed through the whole movie and even shimmied to the music - you must go see it, it was great.

Getting ready to go to dinner
Such a great show!
Friday we went to The Gateway and shopped until we could hardly move. Here we are boosting our sugar levels with some delish caramel apples - yummy!

I scored the best fashion find EVER. I bought this beautiful pink dress that was originally $70. It was on sale. 'For how much?' you ask? $4.97. Yeah. I don't even know why they charged me, they should have just given it to me.

Saturday we did some more shopping...did most of our damage in the shoe department.

We ended the day getting sassy and going to dinner at PF Changs. We ate entirely too much!

We went back to the house and chatted until the wee hours...like we did every night. This trip was a bit more low-key than the past trips have been, but it was still so much fun and we already decided by the end of the first night that this trip has been the best girls weekend so far! Hopefully I'll get some more pictures from some of the girls in the next few days - I'll post them when I get 'em. I know...you're on the edge of your seat. Just a few months of rest and then I'll start working on the Diva Packets for next year...

In other news, Cody starts working full-time for the PG Fire Dept. tomorrow. He is still working full-time in Orem which means that I won't really see him until the baby is born (one more month!!). He'll work 24hours at Orem, then go straight to PG and work 14 or 15 hours there. He'll leave at 7:00am tomorrow morning and won't be home until about 9:30 Tuesday night. While the extra money will be nice, it will be hard having him gone so much. After the baby is born he'll quit Orem and only be at PG, but for now he is working all the time. Hopefully I don't lose my mind!


{lizzythebotanist} said...

can i buy in to these diva extravaganzas? they just sound like too much fun!

um...i'm sorry but i don't know how cody can do that!?!?!? he gets to sleep on the clock, right? and it's pretty low-key if there isn't a fire or other emergency, right? can you tell i'm worried, here?

Kelly said...

Sounds like so much fun. I wish my friends did that sort of thing.
Oh well. Anyway. I feel for ya having your husband gone so much. Mine works a TON and I HATE it.
But poor you being pregnant and all. That's when their absence is the hardest. Just blog more. That's what I do! ;)

Kateastrophe said...

"I am delighted and scared to be here."

Ah! Miss you already! I'll send my pictures over toute suite!

Brillig said...

Oh my gosh, it was so great to see you this week!!! I know, we live about ten minutes away from each other. Still, it takes a huge event to get us together! hahaha. And YIKES about Cody's work schedule! I would die! So... yeah. Good luck with that!