What I'm Loving Wednesday

Welcome to the 'Christmas Edition' WILW! So...what am I loving?


It's not much, but it's snow. It's been really temperate and not too chilly, but nobody wants temperate in December!! I want frosted windowpanes and snowmen and icicles. Hopefully it sticks around until Christmas!

My new sink and faucet!!

The Jolley family has a kitchen sink, disposal and running water, friends. We don't have to get water from the well anymore! We no longer need to fill our buckets at the canal!...that never happened, but living without a kitchen sink for 7 months is not the best idea, I don't recommend it. Cody is a master genius and put it all together...the moment he turned the faucet on and we heard running water? It was like Mozart's greatest symphony.

You may have noticed our messy window in the background...that small surface is the one place we have not cleaned ONCE since we started this remodel. I'm not sure why it was so neglected, but it's covered with outlet plates and sheet rock dust and probably a myriad of missed screws. It's like Dante's Peak up there...
AND you may have noticed some gorgeous countertops as well, yes? That's right! The countertops are IN! My brother and his wife came down last weekend and helped us install cabinets and doors ALL DAY. They are troopers and we got so, so much done.
Ohmygoodness, the boxes.

Thank you forever, R&R! I can't show you our progress...I think I'm going to wait until our kitchen it totally done, but that's right around the corner! We're talking just a matter of days...and it will blow your mind.

Finally? I'm loving the Christmas season. I love the week before Christmas! There's all those cheesy Holiday specials on TV (they are ridiculous, but I sort of have to have them on), there's Christmas music on everywhere you go, it's crazy and hectic and I love it. Speaking of, I have some serious shopping that needs to get done. Maybe I'll run into you!


kateastrophe said...

You get a mean ticket for teasing me with only a teensy bit of countertop. And I'm jeal of the sink and faucet. Me likey!

Bringing Lady Back said...

Ack! I cannot wait to see the big unveiling!

I love you so much and wish you days filled with jingle bells and cookies.

Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

the kitchen is looking great! i really do love the sink! cant wait to see all done....all that work is paying off!