Can we talk about how gorgeous these roses are from Cody? Happy Anniversary indeed! Pictures don't even do them justice, they were like neon coral, SO pretty. They are called 'Cayenne Roses'.
Our anniversary was so great. My dear friend Tanya offered to watch the boys that day and night so Cody and I could just spend some time together (after he worked for 5 days straight? Yeah, I was ready for some Cody time). We had lunch at JCW's and then went shopping for Motorhomes. Yes. We're looking into getting a Motorhome. Probably won't happen this year, but we really want one. That afternoon there was a huge thunderstorm in true Jolley anniversary fashion (it rained on our wedding day and has rained on our anniversary every year...I sort of love it). We came home, got ready and went to dinner. Did some shopping, came home, ate ice cream and watched some of our shows before going to bed. Simple? Yes. Perfect? Yes. It was just so nice to be together! I will admit, it seems like every other year I get super uptight about our anniversary and I want a huge production and fuss. This was a simple year...hopefully next year I don't go crazy.

We did finally sample a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand that we pass all the time...and boy was it delish. Half coconut/half pineapple for me! I took the boys there a few days later. The cup was a little difficult for Cole to maneuver, but he's clever.

Andrea and her kids came to town again for a few days, so we spent some time with them. Cache and Luke are always so great to watch together...
Saturday I spent all day up at my parents house and we planned some stuff for our family Powell trip which we leave for TOMORROW!! Oh man, I'm so stoked. I'm so looking forward to having a nice, relaxing vacation. The aforementioned Tanya is watching my boys while we're gone because she is dipped in gold. Leaving town is always stressful, am I right? I have to get the house clean and go grocery shopping and get me and Cody ready since he just got done working for 3 straight days, trained all day today and teaches tomorrow. My word.

And you know what else is on my mind? PLENTY. I'm sort of over having every one of my posts an overview of my week. How lame is that? I mean, I want to update since this is a quasi-journal, but every time I read one of my posts I get super bored. And it's my life!! Changes are a-coming. I need to blog more often and of more interesting things. I will still update, forshizzle, but trust me. Changes. Are. A-coming. Along with a fun new development! Oooh, I will make you wait until I get back from my vacation. Til then? I'm out. Powell bound!

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