Crazy Fourth!

I ask you, does anyone put on a better 4th of July celebration than Provo? I LOVE how festive this Holiday is. It's always jam-packed with celebratory goodness and my family dives right in every year.

Andrea and her family came up from Vegas and it's always so fun when they're here. Our first item of business? 'Toy Story 3'. How awesome was that movie, loved it. And I cried, so what? Afterwards we grabbed a quick dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and then drove up the canyon for some smores. We found a cherry spot near the river, we all had false hopes that our kids would stay dry...

We enjoyed the PGFD Fireworks - we live really close to the field so we took the boys down on 4-wheelers. Perfect for parking! Since Cody was working, we got to sit right next to the action! And I mean...rightnext to the action. We were super close and it was pretty loud, but the show was amazing!
All the excitement was a bit too much for Cole, who crashed half way through. Bless him.
On a sadder note, we have sold our beloved orange Scout. I know, I know...I didn't want to see it go, either. But Cody needs a more reliable vehicle and never fear! We shall obtain another Scout in the future. One reason I was so sad to see it go is because every year my family piles in our Scouts and drives the parade route downtown. It's cah-razy, peeps. It's an all night party! It's the place to be - it's so fun.
We retired to my parents house for ice cream sundaes, followed by my Dad chasing and hiding from my kids.

Cody drove the fancy PGFD fire truck and we got to ride with him for some of the parade route. SO fun! I'm all about doing that every year. We saw some friends along the way and the boys thought it was the coolest thing ever. I even got to sit up front with Cody and wear the headset. I'm big time. We jumped out when we reached where my family was sitting and enjoyed the rest of the parade.

Here we come!

We had our own small Fireworks show that night and you'd be surprised how impressive a $10 finale can be! It was so fun doing that with my little family...the night was so warm and clear.
I doubt we will ever go anywhere else for the 4th. It's so much fun here! Great weekend, loved every minute of it.


Tayva said...

So did we! Wasn't that great? XO

Tim and Angie said...

Looks like a great 4th! We were on the beach at the Oregon Coast. So perfect. I think Independence Day is fast becoming my favorite holiday.

Rosey said...

Agreed there is no place like Provo to celebrate Indepence Day... Alas San Diego was not as celebratory but Sea World did put on quite the firework show! Miss you! Love you!

Jen said...

I'm envious of your 4th of July festivities! This was the first time we stayed home, since I have been married! (14 years!!!) We always go to my home back in 'ol Wyoming, where the buffalo roam and all kinds of fireworks are legal! There's just something about a small town 4th of July.
This year the hubs had to work and was busy arresting the evil scum (mostly drunk) that roams the earth. It was a very quiet, subdued 4th this year.

Kim said...

How fun! you have a lot of fun traditions that will be so great for your kids as they grow older. We were in Rocklin California and I miss how Utah celebrates the 4th.