Trip Packets

Before we get into the goodness that is the Girls Trip, we must cover the invites. As usual, I had so much fun putting them together! The only downer? Well, when one's house is torn up and being remodeled, one has little time to be a supa genius and make packets better than last year. They didn't contain as many trinkets or gifties, but the sweatshirts this year were fun and the soundtracks were probably the greatest to date. (And ps - sorry about some of the random placing...the layouts were sort of weird).

The pic above and below were both covers...I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I used them both!
Letter from me...

The silly packing list...loved the graphics on this one, though.
Our sweatshirts! Neon pink pinstripes? Yes, please.
CD covers and inserts.

I think this might be my favorite packet ever...until I create something better next year!

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Kim said...

You are WAY to talented! I need you email still. fillmores5@msn.com