Girls Trip 2010!!

That glorious time of year has arrived yet again - the 6th Annual Ladies Soiree! We are meeting up in California this year and I'm SO excited. It's been hectic the past few weeks and I am so looking forward to spending a few days in the sunshine with my besties.

We are staying in the infamous (you're not just famous, you're in famous...) pink bedroom at Kate's grandparents house. We will read mags by the pool, eat on the pier, spend time on the beach, shop at fashion island and laugh until we cry. And BOY will this trip be documented! So, so many pictures...I fly out in just a few hours, so I must dash. California, here I come!

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Lucrecia said...

Fashion Island?? I be jealous!! Oh, you must eat at Pacific Whey Cafe for breakfast. The heavenly hot cakes with Berries is the best thing in the universe! No joke sista :)