What I'm Loving Wednesday

What am I loving?.....

Shopping days with my Mom. Every now and again my Mom and I will get together for a day of shopping at some local treasure troves; Tai Pan, The Gatehouse, Planted Earth, Gardner Village, etc. We recently discovered the Hobby Lobby and came home with some great finds!

We started by lunching at Rubio's. D. Lish! Mmm, it was so good and we were deep in chat before realizing we needed to get to the shopping. I should mention that we normally begin our Halloween shopping in July (just like everyone else, right?), but we found a few things during this June trip that had us longing for spooks. For example - we hit the back corner and were flipping out over the darling (and huge) doll houses and all the mini trinkets you can put inside. Then we thought, "...dude, we could make Halloween houses. Decorate them all spooky!!" There may have been squeals, I don't really remember.
We purchased this little model and have plans to cover the walls with our own wallpaper (Halloween scrapbook paper), bought some wee books and plan to thread them with wire to make them look like their floating across the room, a candleabra that is floating down the staircase...right?!!? So great! We are so totally excited. This is the beginning of a mania, I can feel it. (PS - how great if we had movie themed houses? 'Nightmare Before Christmas', 'Young Frankenstein', 'Clue'....). I will keep you posted on the progress, so exciting!!

Hobby Lobby was having a ginormous sale and I bought these fabulous black cake plates for a STEAL - two for $20.
At one point we were looking at some glass domes and my Mom said, "Ooh, those would be perfect on a table with a head underneath." I nodded in agreement..paused...then asked, "Is there something wrong with us?"

We grabbed a quick dinner and drove to The Chocolate in Orem. Have you sampled their goodness? The wee, sweet bakery is in this little restored house (so cool) and is filled with decadent desserts. Not to mention these gorgeous glass cake plates...I need one in every color.

My slice of chocolate cake was super tasty and I'm already planning on having my Birthday celebration there. Save the date!

We spent more time at Hobby Lobby than we had anticipated, so that was our only stop. Spending time with her is so much fun, it doesn't really matter where we go. A lovely day out with my Mom, it doesn't get better than that.

Whoa, wait! I need to mention that my sister and her family were in town over Memorial Day weekend and we had a ball as per the usge. My Mom, Andrea, Jess and I drove up to Tai Pan and made out like bandits! Here are some of my treasures:

Those wee little jars? With those lids?? Fantastic. We all fell in love with the square-based candle sticks. The carved one I intend to turn into a lamp. Any suggestions on what color I should paint it? Mustard yellow, perhaps?
Speaking of painting, could you DIE over this frame? We all got one. I'm in love with it. Again, planning on painting it.

Jess introduced us to the most fabulous consignment store up in SLC called Emilie Jayne (if you want to go, I will SO go with you). I am all a gush-gush about this place, it has the coolest stuff from super old light bulbs to luggage to end tables - and it's all priced so well!
I only got a few trinkets - the tin pattern box and these great little s&p shakers. Another thing? They have their store organized by color. Brilliant. I will be back! Halloween is coming up, after all.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

loving your finds. i just went to tai pan in st. george and found NOTHING. now i'm going to have to go to the SLC one! i LOVE that frame! and my friend was telling me about those black stands at hobby lobby-she got a bunch for her wedding. i had no idea they are so affordable. must go there too.

p.s. have you been to "abode" in sugarhouse? and "home again"? two more good spots.

Bringing Lady Back said...

How fun! And so many lovelies you found. I've been avoiding the Hobby Lobby because I knew it would be so tempting to just spend hours there...

you've proven me right.